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  1. EDIT: I'm just going to get called an Internet Tough Guy? again.Needless to say, I didn't have very flattering things to say in response to this post. -------------------- Well I'm not an internet tough guy that is for sure . I'm what you would call a real tough guy and am willing to throw down at the drop of a hat. I do it quite often. So if I'm ever in that cesspool of a city you live in I will definitely shoot you a PM letting you know where I will be and we can see who's tough.Ok ,Pal. Wow... maybe you can come to all our towns and "throw down" with all of us! You're the coolest!!
  2. I disagree. Dislike the classic Bronco uniform? The classic Browns??? Nuts.
  3. Hey... who are the Ramns playing there? Just a weird re-color job?
  4. Unless my memory has completely gone, this uni match-up happened during the 75th year... I know I've got some old vhs tapes from that year somewhere. Can anybody dig up a pic? Wait... my fault... right Ram uni, wrong 9er uni... Oh, well.
  5. How beautiful would an updated rainbow gut with buttons and a belt be? Answer: very.
  6. Vegas gold is unique and a better looking color, in 2008, then yellow is. Again, anyone who thinks royal blue and yellow, look better then navy blue and vegas gold, is probably blind. The Rams look 100 times better now, with their scheme, then they used to. Its not even close. The reason the Rams suck, is because of the front office, coaching and players. Not the colors. And, these colors went to the Super Bowl in their first year, only to lose because Mike Martz is an idiot. Hmmm... I didn't know colors changed how good they look based on the year. Is this another of your "in" things? Navy and vegas gold was dull when it debuted... now its just totally played out. You want to talk about unique? Name one pro team in any sport that is still wearing Royal and Yellow Gold. The Rams would be smart to go back to their REAL color scheme. And than you can go on being the apparently ONLY non-blind person on this board.
  7. I'm going to post an update later this evening. I can say right now that Bubbles isn't going in, because I've been a member here since '04 (and a lurker before that) and never heard of it prior to this thread. That doesn't mean that it isn't a valid nickname, but it's not nearly on the level of some of the others. Just like the Lions themselves, Bubbles gets no respect.
  8. It has changed three times (that I know of so far) since 1979. Yeah, I guess I shouldn't have implied that its NEVER changed, but my God... everytime a Viking discussion comes up someone complains like they change the purple every year. Remember after the last uni update with all the "they went blue!!" posts?
  9. And they should continue to wear them...forever. Amen. Concur. Let me make this semi unanimous. Yes that is a spectacular uniform, no question about it. Unfortunately the throwbacks do not look all that much like these. At least the throwback they wore last year don't... it was the late 70's version... no number outlines, smaller helmet horn, etc. Plus, that classic uni design on the modern sleeveless uniform just makes me sad. What they need is an all new try... best of the old traditional elements, a few of the new changes. Look forward without jumping on the panel and pipping bandwagon. Oh, well... maybe I'm just dreaming. By the way, can we stop all the "purple has changed" nonsense, once and for all. You know what's changed? Color TV technology.
  10. The current uniforms are light years better then those old things. Royal blue and bright yellow don't compare with navy blue and vegas gold. Sorry, but those things were retired for a reason. Just out of curriousty, is there ANY of these new horrible looks you don't love?
  11. I'm interested to see how this is going to look. How are they gonna fit that horn and a TV number all on the modern mini-sleeve?
  12. Yeah, I don't know how national this is, but if you live in Detroit and say to anybody, "Bubbles", they'll know INSTANTLY what your talking about. The thought is, he's such a whimpy. un-frightening lion he looks like a kitty chasing a bubble.
  13. Monochrome sucks. It sucks when the Bills do it... it sucks when the Seahawks do it. It sucks when every podunk high school down the road does it. It sucks. It sucks.
  14. This is just one more reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys... they're the grandfathers of this nonsense.
  15. The black jerseys wont be worn by the Lions this season, they have some horrible retro uniforms. They wore them this passed weekend. The black jerseys are the horrible ones... the throwbacks from this passed weekend are much nicer than the Millenblacks.
  16. I'm not sure. By introducing white into the helmet, don't you have to introduce it elsewhere, like around the numbers? The other problem with these uniforms, and this is more of an abstract one, is that in the grand scheme of things, isn't it kind of an aesthetic mixed metaphor to wear Old-Timey Grid-Iron uniforms in an astroturfed climate-controlled state-of-the-art athletic facility like Ford Field? Yes, I know there's exposed brick, but that's not enough to change my point. It's mildly disingenuous to conjure up the images of so-called Golden Age football for a team that's on its second dome. While I advocate turning back to the Barry Sanders uniforms, that's different than trying to rekindle the 1930s Lions. We're always most nostalgic for the past we never knew. raiders have white around their logo.
  17. The biggest problem is that the white pants were not designed to go with the white jersey. The white "hip panel" is there to connect to the purple jersey's side panels. On the all-white uni it just looks really dumb. They need to wear the purple pants with the white jerseys OR have two pairs of white pants (like Denver and Atlanta)... one with a hip panel for home and one without for the road. OR, BEST OF ALL... fix the whole uniform. Get rid of the jersey side panels, eliminating the need for the ugly stripe-split on the pants. I can't see going to the throwback full time unless they fix the problems with that (gold outlines on the jersey stripes but not on the numbers, no room for the huge jersey stripes, mismatch pants stripe with the rest of the uniform, old boring helmet horn, gray facemask).
  18. Are you saying their appearence was great? Agreed, but as a rule, the Lions never 'look great". Know what's funny? The throwbacks are a huge deal here in Detroit... LOVED by a lot of fans. And, of course, the game was blacked out.
  19. I like the sleeve number much better than the shoulder number... just never got used to it.
  20. It's a great idea. But the main problem I see is with mercendising... do fans buy just the jersey? It wouldn't look like the player's. Do they have to buy both? And would they? (OK, WE would, but everyone else?)