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  1. Out of curiosity, what else would be in that top five?
  2. I know that everybody has their own opinions, and it's all subjective, and yada yada yada, but reading through this thread, I'm absolutely flabbergasted that somebody actually likes their current uniform. Honestly, I'm flabbergasted to find out that it isn't universally violently despised. I think someone even went as far as praising the number font. Astonishing. You'd think that in the last few years I'd stop being shocked by other's opinions, but I guess not. Next somebody is going to try to tell me the Titans' look isn't total garbage.
  3. But apparently it is, as here we are debating it.
  4. I like "news" and "rumors of news" as a description. Since it's 2019, can we add "fake news" too?
  5. The new logo is trash... I'm not sure how anyone could look at the side by side and not get it.
  6. I'm not sure it's worth it to design your new look around the idea that it would make it possible to wear a particular throwback.
  7. I'm just going to go ahead and call Oregon's ugly new color black, and I pretty much don't care if anyone wants to tell me otherwise. Of all teams, Oregon should know the old saying about looking like a duck and quacking like a duck. The helmet's black. No jury would convict me for having that opinion.
  8. All they really need to do is get rid of the oversized helmet logo, the chrome facemask, the shoulder yoke, the asymmetrical sleeve logos, the alarm clock numbers, and the blocky panels on the sides of the pants where the stripes should be. That should just about fix things.
  9. That helmet looks about 100 times better with the stripes removed and the gray mask. Add some mustard gold pants to match the numbers, pick a logo (either the helmet's or the Jersey's... Or split the difference with a new one) for both, and your good to go.
  10. I would agree about this; But I can't agree about this;
  11. For baseball, I'd say a dark colored top can only be worn once during any 3 or 4 game series, and both teams can never wear dark tops at the same time. Also, the pants can't end any lower than the midpoint between ankle and knee.
  12. I'm afraid I have no choice but to @ you... That sounds horrible. All three major uniform pieces a different color and none white? Bad. Then black pants with black socks? That's adding crap to your pile of crap. Ghastly.
  13. Two things; 1. I'm not sure who had gray pants first, but I know UGA was wearing gray pants back in the 70's and 80's, when the Giants were wearing white pants, and... 2. The Giants look 100% better when they wear gray pants, both home and road.
  14. Tampa Bay vs. Carolina Minnesota vs. Green Bay Seattle vs. Pittsburgh Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Arizona vs. Baltimore Buffalo vs. NY Giants LA Chargers vs. Detroit Dallas vs. Washington Jacksonville vs. Houston San Francisco vs. Cincinnati New England vs. Miami Kansas City vs. Oakland Chicago vs. Denver New Orleans vs. LA Rams Philadelphia vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. NY Jets
  15. This one is easy for the NFL. If it were up to me, every team would have to declare a primary uniform combination (pants/jersey/socks) that must be worn together for at least six home games. And that primary uniform combination must have a contrast of colors between the jersey and the pants (excepting all-white), and between the pants and the socks (no exceptions). Primary road uniforms would follow the same basic rules. Also, all game pants must have stripes or a stripe-like graphic that fills no less than two-thirds of the space between hip and knee.
  16. Welllllllll.... If by gray, you mean the middle mixture of black and white... Here's where, for one; https://education.seattlepi.com/not-list-black-white-colors-physics-3426.html "The correspondence of a color to a specific wavelength is called spectral color. White and black are excluded from this definition because they do not have specific wavelengths. White is not defined as a color because it is the sum of all possible colors. Black is not defined as a color because it is the absence of light, and therefore color."
  17. As expected, the all-black socks make the Saints all-black pants look even worse.
  18. Every time ASU shows off one of their ugly uniform combinations, they always pose them in the spot where Sparky can jab them in the ass. I like to think this will continue until the dopes realize their current uniform philosophy blows and they return Sparky to the helmet.