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  1. Well, yeah but to me, that's the whole crux of the problem, even more evident on the college level. This is what happens when the vendor/client relationship gets flipped ass-backwards. Ideally, and the way it worked at one time (I guess a long long time ago), a sports team would have a design (whether it was what they traditionally had always worn, or a new design they presumably contracted out for) and they would then find a vendor to manufacture that design. And the team would pay the supplier. That way, there could be no question as to who was making the decision, and the uniform could exist solely for the benefit of the team's brand, to whatever degree the team wanted it to. But that isn't where we are now. These days, the supplier pays the client for the privilege to manufacturer their uniform (in reality, just for the privilege of attaching their logo to the uniform), and as you state, they're not doing that just for the prestige. So, obviously, Nike (or whoever) feels it's well within their rights as the entity that's shelling out all the cash, to make it well worth their investment. I'm not sure there's anything really to be done about it... obviously, we aren't going to put that particular genie back in the bottle, but I reserve the right to bitch about it. And here's a picture of me doing so...
  2. And the Vikings redesign of '06 (*shudder*). The difference is that, for whatever reason, I don't seem to remember that many people pinning those horrible designs as directly on Reebok as we do now on Nike. I think the general feeling was those ideas seemed to be largely a product of NFL Properties. That may or may not have been true, but in the decade that they were exclusive, Reebok definitely didn't put themselves out front and center on every change the way Nike does. Now when there's a new uniform, it's debuted with Nike imagery, and Nike logos, and buckets and buckets of Nike-speak. I'm sure it's true that the teams are just as much to blame/praise for new uniforms now as they were then, but the way it's presented it doesn't always feel that way.
  3. Those are feathers?
  4. I think the redesigns made during Nike's tenure have been hit and miss. Certainly no better or worse than some of the crap that came out during the Reebok era (Bengals?). But the idea that Nike is working a way to highlight the swoosh in their designs has been floated before around here. A little tin-foil-hat, to be sure, but there is some evidence. Seattle's sleeve features a bright green element that completely surrounds the swoosh, like a brightly colored frame; In fact, on the road, it would seem logical for that triangular element to stay green, but instead it goes to navy with a green swoosh, which stands out better; In the case of the Vikings, you could make the argument that the curved striping forms a "pocket" that, like Seattle, specifically frames out the logo; And then there's the Jags and the Titans; In both cases, the logo is oddly colored. With Jacksonville's road uniform, they went out of their way to drain all teal out of every part... it's all black and white. Except for the swoosh, which gets the bright teal treatment. And with the Titans, its embarrassingly obvious. There's really only one reason to make that logo red. I'm not saying these are crimes against nature or something, but when people bring up the manufacturer introducing elements that serve to mostly highlight themselves over the team, this might be some of the stuff they're referring to. Or, on the other hand...
  5. I I don't see that as especially drab. I think they just look a little more like an actual NFL team in gray pants. I do agree that the gray pants are confusingly free of green. The simple solution to color the pattern detail in the middle of the stripe green. Then burn all the other pants.
  6. I'm not really going to argue with that.... That's why it sucks.
  7. I'm not sure about these "wolf grey" pants that keep getting brought up, but the regular old grey pants they occasionally wear are the only pants they need, home or road. Switching to grey pants exclusively would take the Seahawks' uniform out of the bottom third and into the middle third IMO.
  8. I bow to nobody in my deep and abiding hatred for monochrome football uniforms. I think anybody who's spent any time on these boards has had to read my annoying rants about the plague that is NFL monochrome (for which the Seahawks will never be forgiven). However, that's just how bad the Brown's regular uniforms are. Me, of all people, I'd rather see a monochrome uniform than that shaky font, stupid stitching, and horrific name on the pants. (Wearing orange over white socks with it would help, though.)
  9. True. But, amazingly, all their other uniform choices suck even harder.
  10. That's a popular color scheme for non-existent teams...
  11. Only if the Steelers decided to wear white at home for some weird reason. Gold jerseys are home uniforms.
  12. I'll tell the only "full stop" in this discussion. Monochrome dark football uniforms suck... Full stop
  13. Kinda like this helmet from "The Middle."
  14. You must be new here.
  15. In what way, specifically, do you think it changed the league's designs? And when you say it paid off, in what way?
  16. How are the Rams part of this question?
  17. Not a uniform designed during the Nike era... I don't think they can get credit or blame for a primary to secondary switch.
  18. Oh, great, another thread in which everyone can complain about the NFL's awesome one helmet rule.
  19. This is pretty much spot on.
  20. As nice as the gold mask looks over the light blue, I think it'll look out of place with the white and navy. They should just get rid of the navy pants altogether.
  21. What I mean is that it's like the Rams in that they can make a switch to an existing jersey in their set, but if they want to change the road jersey to match, that would be considered an actual redesign.
  22. Yeah they're definitely gonna be stuck with the current road jersey... At least for the foreseeable future. The same issue the Rams have had. (However, I have no issue with the broncos... They've always had blue road numbers)