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  1. I wouldn't say the Broncos need to change based on the amount of success they have had or haven't had with the side panel super spreader uniform.


    I'd say the need to change because that uniform is an exhausted relic of the early 2000's and the previous color scheme is significantly more interesting.

  2. 11 hours ago, MDGP said:


    No they haven't. Besides adding second alternate and increasing the amount of games both alternates can be worn to three, there haven't been any rule changes.


    So, what you're saying is, except for the two huge rule changes that opened up the floodgates, there haven't been any changes?  Got it.


    WTH? Did you even think about that sentence when you wrote it?

  3. It's just not worth it. The only team that I'd care to see an alternate helmet throwback from would be Tampa. The Buccaneers' current uniform is superior to the Buccos, but I'd still like to see those old orange ones maybe once a season. The other teams that get brought up as needing an alt helmet for throwbacks... namely Seattle and Philly... they just need to switch back to their old helmet colors full time. Seeing the Seahawks and/or Eagles wearing their massively superior old looks twice a year would just piss me off, and make me hate their current looks even more (if that's even possible with Seattle).


    So the idea of opening the door to the possibility of even more mix-n-match chaos just to see the creamsicle Bucs every once in a while?  No thanks.

  4. Based on two things... the removal of the B logo from the jersey, and the overall "clean and simple" mandate that's obviously taking place... I wouldn't be surprised to see them go the Jaguars route, and have plain white, black, and orange pants with the B logo on the hip.  And let me say, even before it might happen... I don't like it.

  5. 8 hours ago, Gothamite said:


    But when the Chargers and Patriots introduce brand new uniforms without TV numbers, we know they’re not always required, as once they were. 


    Sure. I'm just saying that you can't really point to these two jerseys as a sign that TV numbers are going away, never to return. There have been throwback jerseys without TV numbers since the 90's.


    Also, keep in mind that TV numbers have always been optional in college FB but it's still the norm to have them.

  6. The leaked jersey is one of those longer sleeve versions that really don't come close to what the players will be wearing. If you try to picture those stripes on the tiny sleeved player version, I don't think there would be any room for TV numbers, at least not without it looking too cluttered, which I'm guessing was the team's number one request.





  7. Improvement, obviously.  It could be a bit of an over correction, in terms of trying to move away from the overly cluttered mess they've been wearing, but as I said recently about the Jags uniform, these days I'm not inclined to complain about an NFL uniform being too simple.


    I've never liked the concepts I've seen with orange stripes on black, as a general rule. Tigers are orange with black stripes. Not black with orange stripes.


    My doomed hope would be that they'd just get rid of the black pants entirely. They've shown zero ability to not use them in the worst ways possible.

  8. 1 hour ago, NicDB said:


    No complaints on the home and road. But for sone reason, the glove on the home alt and the state outline on the road alt feels more "intuitive" to me. Perhaps because I don't think Barrel Man's head makes a very good logo on its own. But maybe that's me.


    I originally went with the full body Barrel Man there (I love that logo) but all the small details got swallowed up in the pinstripes. You might be right, I should just flipflop the two logos.

  9. 3 hours ago, Magic Dynasty said:

    I really like it... but one tiny nitpick: the ny under the home collar shouldn't be red with the ny on the helmet remaining white. That would bother me every time I saw it on the field.


    I get that. I originally made it red because I was considering stripe-less jerseys at home, and that little splash would be the only red. I later added the two red sleeves stripes, but didn't change the red NY for whatever reason.

  10. 1 hour ago, coco1997 said:

    The Padres look good! I would incorporate orange into the pinstriped road set, since it shows on the other three designs. 


    1 hour ago, QCS said:

    If it were me, I'd remove the orange, since it doesn't show up anywhere but the numbers. Making them single-color brown or brown with a gold stroke would be the way to go in my opinion.


    Most of the people that have seen this aren't too sure about the orange, but I'm stubborn about it. I always liked the brown/yellow/orange color scheme for the Padres, but I lean more towards the brown/gold. My solution was to go with a LA Dodger-like front number. That's the only place red shows up on the Dodgers' uniform, and I love it there too.

  11. OK, so here are the Brewers and Padres, which finishes off the entire MLB. I actually feel like both of these teams made major upgrades when they changed last year, but both dropped the ball a bit and the same ways. The navy the Brewers went with is inferior to royal blue, for them anyway. And the Padres brown is nice, but still a little darker/duller than I would've used... it's like they're still just a bit embarrassed by the fact that they're wearing brown.



  12. So, anyway, Here's the Yankees.  It's true that the whole idea of "updating" the Yankees seems pretty dumb, but then I thought since I'd already done the Tigers, Cardinals, and Dodgers, why should the Yankees be any different. Plus it gives me the opportunity to remove the pointless white trim off the road uniform, giving them a look that literally no other team could get away with. The all-navy is just a lark... sue me.