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  1. FYI the Sehawks do have navy and green pants and green jerseys. They have chose not to use them; same w/ Jags and teal pants and Ravens with both purple pants and black pants with striping.

    Really? Hmmm... hard to picture all these teams having these crazy multi-color pants and jerseys hanging in the equipment room just for fun. I guess Tampa has red, orange, and black pants, too? You know... just not wearing them.

  2. Cal's stripes provide a good argument against pants stripes in football.

    But I wish Michigan State wore green pants.

    See, that's where you've got it mixed up. What Cal has on their pants aren't STRIPES... those are GRAPHICS. And, yes... they're kinda ugly.

    What I'm seeing right now on Tennissee's pants are STRIPES... and they are fanastic.

  3. Can someone please explain to me why the current trend in football uniforms (at least on the college level) is for the jerseys to become more and more over-designed, and the pants to become under designed? When they wear those plain PLAIN white pants with those ugly pipping heavy jerseys, by contrast, it makes the jerseys look even more overdone, and the pants to look more plain.





    The template era of sport design is making me sad. :cry:

  4. i reallllyy like the all blue home jerseys. on tv its okay looking, live in seattle it looks amazing against the lights and rain. don't judge until you see it live.

    I'm sure that's true, but the NFL is a TV game... its why its so popular... the appeal of the game, the pace, the colors, its all built for TV. Baseball unis are always better in person, but baseball isn't as much a TV game.

    I don't doubt what you're saying, but in 2008, an NFL team has to think first about their TV image, fortunately, or unfortunately. ON TV that blue would look better if there weren't quite so much of it.

  5. Actually, it was Mark who asked him the question. Tony obviously got confused, which is why I used the :P face.

    Still wondering if the all-brown speculation was before or after they saw how bad those pants looked on the field.

    The way Tony said it I think it was after they wore the brown pants.

    By the way I keep hearing how most Browns players liked the brown pants.

    If it up to the players I think will see them again this year.

    Which is why, I'll say it again, that players should not be given the choice. Players have consistantly bad taste. Have you ever seen how Shaq dresses in post game interviews? Looks like a newsboy/clown.

  6. Doesn't matter what colors they use, Seahawks jerseys will remain a mockery until they enlarge the sleeve logo. What's the point of even having one if it's the same size as the stupid Reebok logo? :cursing:

    Speaking of what's the point, why have a sleeve logo that's the same as the helmet logo? The Saints and numerous other teams are guilty of that too. I wish the Saints would use the 'shield' logo on their sleeves (no state logo!)...for the Seahawks, what would be a good secondary to have on the sleeve in place of the 'hawk head?

    On the other hand, Tampa Bay would be better off having the flag in place of that too-small, too-busy pirate ship thing on their sleeves.

    I agreed with you wholehearted until the end... love that little ship on TB's sleeve.

    I don't get the multiple-same logo deal at all. How about SF and Carolina with the same logo helmet, sleeve AND hip? Umm... OK, we got it the first time.

    Eagles do it right... a helmet logo that only works on the helmet (like the Vikings, Bengals, and Chargers) and a completely different logo on rthe sleeve. (Come to think of it, that used to be true of the Vikes and Bengals, too)

  7. What happened last year buddy?

    37-0 and 20-17.Talk about pwned

    Biggest PWNAGE of all-time:


    On top of that, many Stanford fans and players still refuse to acknowledge Cal's win. "20-19!" -- STFU, losers.

    Wasn't that game about 70 or 80 years ago? I believe its a new century. (for the record, I couldn't care less about either team.)

  8. Maybe it's because we're so used to seeing the all blue look, but this just looks weird.


    Uggh. That looks terrible.

    Why does anybody think this looks worse than Denver, or Chicago, or Minnesota, or Houston, or any of the other teams that wear dark/dark/white. It's actually the most solid look for any football team. Or I should say any professional team. Mono head to toe works great if you're a fair to poor high school team, I guess.

  9. jdrolle_2.jpeg


    Eh, they're alright. I think FIU can afford to try different things and take risks because they don't have any tradition set up yet. They're still new, rarely win, and probably have not done well in merchandise sales. I say why not try different ideas out? It's when the established programs go wild that it really hits a nerve with me. Either way, FIU can do what they want but they still don't look better...or play better...than the best team in the Sun Belt Conference! :P



    OH MY GOD!! A Ucla-style shoulder loop that actually works the way it supposed to??!! That's crazy!! And it by Nike??? So why do they otherwise( see their work with LSU, Saracuse and the above mentioned Ucla) can't seem do the full wrap around shoulder loop to save their lives??

  10. motley_sm.jpg

    Marion Motley.

    *The Browns also wore White Helmets for Day Games only during their first season in the NFL in 1950. There was a rule that year where teams couldn't wear white, silver or metallic gold helmets during night games. This is where the use of the Orange Helmets started.

    First off, what's with the Browns players wearing Converse all-stars on a football field?

    second, anyone know the reason they weren't allowed to wear white during a night game?

    Frozen field.. famous story.

  11. If the Brownies have ditched the brown pants already, then this will be the fourth time in their team history that they have tried to tweak their unis in the preseason...and totally messed it up!!

    In 1954 they wore an orange jersey in preseason...the fans hated it, so they disappeared.

    In 1964, they tried the CB logo on the helmets in preseason...the fans hated it, so they disappeared.

    In 1984, they had orange numbers on the brown jerseys...the fans hated it, so they disappeared.

    Now in 2008 we get the brown pants!

    Why does this team continue to screw up uniform tweaks???

    And once again, the fans hated it.