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  1. This is a "terrible font"??? Hasn't anybody seen the God-awlful crap font they've had the last few years?
  2. As for the hem stripes dissapearing... Don't you think it has everthing to do with that new curve? I'm guessing the teams couldn't figure out how to reconcile the traditional horizontal stripe with that curve. (If you look at that white Vancouver jersey, it does look odd.) Some of the teams just ignored it, but I'll bet a lot looked at that curve and said "lose that bottom hem."
  3. Well... Oakland A's and Alabama use an elephant. Detroit Pistons used a horse. North Carolina, a ram... Georgetown a bulldog. I'm not saying I think Cleveland should use this logo, but you can't say something like it hasn't been done.
  4. Maybe they won't change because of Vick... maybe they'll change because it looks like crap.
  5. Agreed... the orange sox are the only ones they need. But the problem with the white on white uni is the way the pants stripe seperates from the hip and just floats. (This happens with the black jersey on white pants too, but it seems more noticable with the all-white.) Of course, the solution to this is obvious... just get rid of those horrible side panels on the black and orange jerseys. Then there'd be no reason to end the pants stripe short of the hip... the whole set would be helped a lot.
  6. When we first had the thread for the new uniform somebody did a version with gold pants. Looked great. What if they wore gold pants, home and road, with the bolt inside a white stripe? That would solve the biggest complaint people have with both sets of pants (too wide stripe on the road, too hard to see the bolt on the home).
  7. Hmmmm.... how odd. So many of you JUST HAPPEN to think that your favorite hometown team COINCIDENTALLY have the greatest uniform. No bias, I'm sure. That's why these topics don't work.
  8. Yeah, yeah... Bears, Canadians, Yankees, blah, blah, blah. How shocking... didn't see those answers coming. How about this? Take out any consideration of tradition, or of how long a uniform has been around. Look at it purely from a design stand point. Just pretend every uniform suddenly winked into existance TODAY. Now seriously... you'd still say the Bears? The Yankees? I don't think so.
  9. I thought the Chargers looked great... helmet, pants, "upside down" shoulder bolt *snicker*... I like it all. But maybe it just cuz I was looking at it next to the Seahawks.
  10. Ah, good... we're all friendly again. That makes me happy. I could provide some of those photos, except from desktop receintly exploded, so Im checking in on the lam... you know, friends comps, library... so on. Sucks, as some of you probably know. I was hoping someone else would help me out with my suddenly plunging credability on the vikings-pants issue. Anybody? I have a great photo of Fran Tarkenton wearing purple pants with the white/gold/white stripe (man, that makes me sound weird!), but no way to get it on here right now.
  11. """The proper response would have been: "I apologize for being so pompous in my earlier post, as I was obviously mistaken about the color combination of the pant stripes that I so expertly spoke about."""" Well, OK, if it makes you happy. I wasn't particularly shooting for "pompous" in my original post, but I do bow to any Packer fan as an absolute authourity on pompousity. <--- maybe if I had a few more of those sprinkled in, my tone would be clearer?
  12. I asked this question in a different thread, and it got swallowed up in the (real, on topic) discussion, so I'll try it again here; I was wondering if the folks that complain about gray facemasks on teams with no gray in their color scheme feel the same about black shoes? After all, most of these teams (Bears, Giants, Seahawks, Browns, etc...) have no black anywhere else. Wouldn't those of you that complain about the Browns and Colts wearing Gray facemasks apply the same arguement to the shoes? Just a question...
  13. Hmmmm... Ok, sure does. but i've also got quite a few photos of the stripe in the other configuration. A mystery, Scooby. Can anybody even more obsesive than most of us clear this up?
  14. Hey, that's what this board is all about, right? Nitpicking over tiny insignificant things. Did you miss the major debate about the differences in the block fonts worn by various baseball teams? And yeah, I agree that stripe would be better than the original.
  15. OK... two things... people need to stop posting that templet graphic with the purple pants and saying "the Vikings need to go back to these." Those pants never existed. The 60's purple-pants stripe went White/Gold/White, not Gold/White/Gold. Second... I just wonder if the people who insist that a team shouldn't wear gray facemasks unless they have gray in their color scheme feel the same way about black shoes? should only teams who have black as a color be allowed to wear black shoes? Seems the same to me.
  16. Too true.... unfortunately, whereas I'd love to give big credit to teams like the Steelers, Browns, and Bears for holding on to their traditions, as long as the modern trend towards no sleeves continues, those uniforms will continue to look like crap. Believe me, if I could change the world, the NFL would mandate a return to sleeves of, at least, 80's style lengths, but we all know that isn't gonna happen. When I look at these teams who are trying so hard to keep their old look, it just makes it all the more obvious that it isn't working. Sorry to say, they need to give it up. Imbrace the future or return to the past... stradling the fence makes for ugly uniforms.
  17. How about the old Buccaneer logo in the new colors?
  18. Ok... this is too much fun to stop. How about other sports? From the NFL, can we see the old Tampa Bay Bucco in Black, Red, and Pewter? Or the new Eagle Helmet and Logo in Silver and Kelly? Patriot Pat in Navy, Silver and Red? Or Baseball... the new Astro graphics in Orange and Navy. Current Mariner's look in Royal and Yellow? Current BlueJay's in Royal and Powder Blue. Hockey... LA Kings Gretsky era logo in Purple/gold. Don't stop. Unless, of course, everyone is sick of this.
  19. OK... that last Jazz logo is friggin' great.
  20. Anytime real stripes (that means not thin-pipping-style stripes) are added to pants without stripes its an automatic upgrade. Its a given.
  21. Vandy used to have a great set that used a white helmet with a black / gold scheme, maybe from the 80's?... anybody got pics of that one? Loved it
  22. Ya, I lived in Toledo for 8 years back in the 90's, before moving back up here to Detroit. I thought the same thing when I moved there... like, how am I gonna spend my time here?? But, who knew? Toledo is surprisingly cool. If you get chance visit the Art Museum... I taught Design there for 12 years. And if anybody need resturant recomendations for Detroit, I got those too!
  23. Broncos have a full-body horse they almost never use.