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  1. When did the Steelers take the small numbers off the front of the helmets? (Maybe it happened years ago and somehow I never noticed.) I think they need to put them back on there... the small helmet numbers werte the only (very slight) excuse they had for using that jersey font.

  2. maybe the fins need to wear the aqua socks along with the aqua pants like san diego when they ditched the striped sockls with their unis

    I need a photoshop of miami in the aqua pants and socks how it looks

    Please, NO!! Don't we have a entire thread complaining about just this thing with the Browns brown pants?

  3. how about wearing orange socks... that'll balance the orange helmets.

    Orange socks won't work. Socks lighter than the pants just look odd. See the Detroit Lions blue pants and grey socks from 98.

    Couldn't disagree more... NOTHING looks worse than same color sox / pants combo. The Lions gray sox were goofy because they needed white sox with a stripe that matched the jersey. Blue on blue would've look much much worse than the gray. Check out Houston... their red sox / Navy pants combo is beautiful. In fact, that's one of the only things the Bills get right.

  4. I like the throwback... especially when compaired to the ghastly regular uni (I remember when I first saw them, a friend said they couldn't have made them worse if they tried... and then, as if to prove him wrong, they went monochrome). But if it were to become the new regular, there'd have to be some changes. The stripes are fun as a throwback, but unwieldy on a modren uni. Take the throwback, update the logo, tweek the over-done sleeve striping... you got a winner.

  5. I was wondering if there was ever a team in any sport which you disliked that got a logo/uniform makeover and you suddenly found yourself not disliking the team as much, or at all...

    Absolutely. The Milwaukee Brewers. Once they switched away from wearing the generic uniforms that might as well have just had the words "Baseball Team" stenciled across the front, I was able to embrace the Brew Crew as an upper Midwestern team. Then again, that happened at about the same time the team switched to the NL and no longer played the Twins so much, so maybe it was more about the league switch than the uniform upgrade.

    Both the Padres move away from brown and the Astros move away from rainbow stripes made me fans of those teams, but they were special cases of having had to wear super-hot dark-brown and excruciatingly embarrassing rainbow-striped Padres and Astros jerseys in little league. Thanks to wearing their stinking jerseys in youth ball, I hated the Padres and the Astros with a fiery passion, but once each team dropped the offending uniform element, I became a casual "I'll root for them if they're on TV" fan of both.

    A counterexample: My first big-league home team was the 1980 Phillies. Only lived in Philly from 1980 to 1982, but I'd be a Phillies fan to this day if they still wore the maroon and powder blue. The switch to their current unis pretty much ended my lingering fan interest in the Phils.

    This is SO crazy... all three of those teams you mentioned as liking better, I lost all interest in when they went away from what I thought of as their "true" uniforms (especially the Padres and Astros).

  6. Yeah, the old "the players like them" remains the worst arguement ever used on these boards. First off, how do you really know what the player like? And even if you're right about that, why should it matter?

    Look, when I have a plumber come in to my house, I don't ask him his opinion on the colors of the paint on my bathroom's walls. The players are amazing athletes... its obviously too much to ask them to also have good taste. When you ask their opinion, you'll end up looking like Oregon. And maybe Oregon can use the excuse of recruting to explain why they hand over the reigns of their designs to the kids, but an NFL team doesn't need to do that.

    The good news is, we'll probably never see these things again (sorry Dennis... you'll have to visit a high school game to see this kinda stuff). Even if "the players like them", I can tell you for sure what the players DON'T like...

    Getting their a$$es kicked on national TV, and being made fun of for how they look on SportCenter.

  7. They do need stripes down the side.


    Does Florida State need stripes on their pants?

    Does Michigan need stripes on their pants?

    Does Notre Dame need stripes on their pants?

    Does UCLA need stripes on their pants?

    Does Penn State need stripes on their pants?

    Does Texas need stripes on their pants?

    All are traditional football uniforms, which most around here, get exicted talking about.

    The Browns look good and the players like them. Its the players game; not the fans and not the folks around here.

    And, the browns all MATCH perfectly too. The big bad Cowboys can't even do that.

    And not to pile on about this apples to oranges comment, but another thing all these these teams have in common? All these examples are LIGHT colored pants... white, gold, yellow... this all works. Dark just doesn't work stripeless... I've never seen it.

    And for the record... yes, I think Penn State and Texas both need pants stripes. :D

  8. i don't think you will be seeing the browns wear these after monday

    Wanna bet?

    The players like them. That's why they are being worn. That's why they will be worn again.

    And, they will look good too.

    No, they'll look like crap... mostly because of the solid sox.

  9. Years ago I was at the college football Hall of Fame (when it was still in Ohio), and I saw an old OLD jersey from Colorado (Whizzer White's I think), and it was the coolest looking thing. Deep mustard gold with plain solid silver numbers... AWESOME!

    Aren't their actual colors Silver and Gold, not Black and Gold?

  10. OK... my turn to nit pick. As much as its gotta lot going for it (great colors, mostly) here's what I don't like about the Panther's set.

    First... hip logos. Unnessasary.

    Second... sleeve logos... also unnessasary, but they mostly bug me because they look like cheap iron-ons. Almost every other team with sleeve logos uses patches... what's so hard about that?

    And, third... the stripeing is all over the place! Helmet stripes are black with thin blue outlines. Jersey stripes are blue with silver outlines, and pants stripes are blue with black outlines. I'm not always a consistancy nut, but a few teams (Saints' pants stripe!!) just need a little clean up.

  11. A new level of stupid

    Oh just wait. We haven't seen what monstrosities Oregon will pull out. They still have time to make us all want to go up there and go tape up the marketing and the designers of both the university and Nike and throw them into a closet never to be seen again!

    Oh, I know you're right. I said "a new level in stupid"... I didn't say the FINAL level in stupid! I know better than to chalenge the brilliant design department at Nike.

  12. I really, really hope this means they will be adding stripes back to the black pants.

    Their jersey has very little striping. Just a little around the sleeve. Helmet has no stripe. Socks (thank goodness) have no striped. Its a clean uniform.

    No need to add stripes to the black pants, just for the heck of it. They have no place, with that uniform.

    The solid black pants are just fine.

    Wrong... Solid anything pants are amature-time. NFL teams have striped pants... PERIOD. Should be a rule. And the jersey stripe IS a stripe... "a little"? Is that like being a little pregnant? It would be no problem to match that sleeve stripe on a white sock to wear with the black pants (with a proper NFL stripe added of course).

    If you're an NFL team you should dress like it... if you dress like a division 2 college team, you should lose your francise.

  13. no they worse teal pants often until around 2003 when black pants came in and they had plenty of combos. then they switched and tweaked some more and threw the teal out.

    Yeah I'd like to see a game action pic of these teal pants since they worse them often.


  14. Problem is that there are a bunch of States. Oklahoma State does a "STATE" with "Oklahoma" in smaller letters. Mississippi State does the big block "M" with "STATE" across it. If you're not a huge college sports fan, someone splashing just "STATE" across the uniform isn't going to tell you much.

    Yeah, but who even notices Michigan State other than their fans? And I am sure, or at least I hope, they would know which state it was talking about. The pants stripe is just a minor change, but I would consider it an upgrade. As much as I dislike state, their uniforms aren't bad. So that makes how many changes since the last time little brother beat Michigan? (and the last time they did, it was questionable whether or not they should have gotten that final play.)

    Hmmm... how did Michigan get into this conversation? And as for the "little brother" comment... I know where that came from. Mike Hart, who proved himself to be a complete tool time after time. Considering that Hart never came even close to beating HIS big rival in all his years at UM, you'd think he'd have a little more class.

  15. A couple of things you need to remember is that first, that's a scanned picture and a scanned picture doesn't always tell the truth as to what you see in person. When you take a picture you don't necessarily get what you see because our eyes see more colors than the camera can represent. Secondly, when a picture is printed, there are only an x amount of colors that can be printed within the color gama because of the mixing of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. If one of those colors is low, you're going to get a color change. Also when you print, realize that inks are translucent and what you are seeing is the paper through the ink. If the paper is yellow paper vs. a white paper it's going to change how the colors react when printed on. Now add to the effect that the picture was scanned and most people don't have their scanners calibrated properly to pick up correct colors, nor do they adjust the colors after scanning. That picture could've been scanned in not adjusted and then printed from a scanned picture on a different color paper, and then I think it was scanned again. I'm taking a guess those pants are "purple", though the definition of purple we could have a discussion of for a long time and there are purples that are more towards the blues and the light source could be bringing the blue out. What you see in light indoors vs. what you see outdoors can change depending on what inks are used on paper, and I'm taking a guess that this can happen with textile colors also.

    So, can we tag this post and just have it instantly pop up everytime somebody posts some pic and claims its proof that some team either has changed their colors and/or used to have different colors? That would be great.