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  1. The navy pants would be a lot easier to stomach if they paired them with Columbia socks. The matching socks and pants ruin the whole thing for me. The white helmet also sticks out too much.

    This is so obvious, we shouldn't even have to say it, but let me state for the record that I completely agree with this brilliant statement.

  2. Yeah that is the home ones... the road ones is where the big difference is... their are yellow stripes down the side of the away that is why alot of the players were comparing it to WVU jerseys. They are also gonna be wearing white shoes with them. They told me the # style was different for the home ones but I don't really see it in the 2 jerseys from the picture so not sure what they meant by different.

    That's the giant revision that's going to get everybody so upset? No change whatsoever to the homes and trading the nike bra-strap for a yellow side panel on the road? These days, that could be practically considered a move to the more conservative.

    So that's it?



  3. BringBackTheVet Posted Today, 12:19

    They should really consider moving the tv numbers up to the shoulders instead of the sleeves.

    I disagree... IMO if the jersey is completely plain (Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, etc...), no stripes, no graphics, it looks unfinished with the TV numbers up top.

    Well, JJ... IS that the uniform?

  4. I was just reading the thread about the Yahoo helmet list and it occurred to me how much I loved the old USFL helmets. I my opinion the best helmeted (?) football league ever. This ranking would be by proffesional league and by decade (since the NFL and CFL have changed so much)... here's mine.

    1. USFL

    2. WLAF (original version)

    3. NFL 60's

    4. Arena 1 90's

    5. NFL 00's

    What's yers?

  5. As a graduate of The Ohio State University, I'd love to be able to laugh at Michigan's new dorky uniforms while we're beating them this November for the sixth (seventh? ... I've lost track) time, but honestly...

    A "player" says this? What "player"? This second hand account rings so untrue, if I were a Michigan fan I wouldn't lose much sleep over it.

  6. QUOTE(ferrousoxide66 @ Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 - 15:09:43)

    QUOTE(Mockba @ Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 - 15:08:49)

    QUOTE(ferrousoxide66 @ Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 - 13:17:30)

    If they really wanted to thrill me, they'd go back to the powder blue/red unis and have the name UNDER the number on the back.

    Dude. Gross.

    At this point, i'd rather have a polarizing "gross" than another tired black uni.

    And yet, you'd still bring in another powder blue uniform. Sad.

    how many light blue alt are there? At least in compaision to black?

    And does it really make you sad?

  7. I'm not sure why this jersey holds such facination fore some people... IMO it isn't as nice as either of their actual jerseys.

    Does anybody think of red as one of the Titans' true colors? To me, it would be like the Cardinals wearing a yellow alt, or the Vikings in a flesh colored alt (or maybe just their cheerleaders in the flesh colored outfits)... how about the Ravens wearing a red alt based on the bird's eyeball? Makes as much sense to me.

  8. WHAT!!!! Someone thinks a uniform is too plain? Lately uniforms that have gone outside of tradition have been getting trashed. I agree though. Too plain. I wish a team would break out something that ties in their mascots. Even the NFL doesn't do this. Just making a design and putting a logo on doesn't make it inclusive. I think the Chargers are the only team that really does this in any football level. Maybe I am wrong. Sorry to go off topic there but inclusion of the dragon ala the NY Dragons older pre Nike unis would have looked great.

    Hmmm.... Bengals, maybe?

  9. Well, that was my point... UCLA doesn't do it right anymore either. The shoulder loops need to go around the shoulder. That's what makes the stripe work. Look at any picture of UCLA, LSU, the Colts, etc. from, say, pre-1990 and it looks great. Now, they just look wrong... thry aren't stripes... more like flags on the shoulders.

    It's a good question though... is ANYBODY still doing it right? I think maybe Ole Miss... not sure.,