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  1. Joining in on the Gray facemask talk, I'm with the case-by-case people also. I like the Giants, I'm OK with the Browns and Colts (never liked the Colt's blues), dislike the Cards.

    Just to stir up trouble... does anybody else hate the Redskins garish yellow things? OK, they got them in the 70's when they had Yellow pants to go with them, and other teams (Chargers) had loud ugly facemasks too, but now? Bad. They should go with a matching dark red mask.

  2. See, there you go... only look at the Viking logo with your good eye, and see if I'm not right! :D

    The fact that actual Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets is pretty well known and I think its been discussed here before. I hope a little thing like historical acuracy never convinces the Vikings to change their look. ^_^ Vikings probably didn't wear purple either... you see where that line of thought will get you eventually. I'm pretty sure real colonial Patriots didn't wear sideburns and giant hats. Luckily a logo doesn't have to be a history lesson.

  3. MLB - Indians, Rays

    NBA - Clippers, Warriors

    NFL - Panthers, Ravens

    NHL - Preds, Stars

    ... and I hate to just make this about my favorite team, but you some of you seriously putting the Vikings on this list? I assume we're talking about the norseman logo. If so, you poor poor people are not only devoid of taste but quite possibly legally blind.

  4. Wait, wait, wait... that fantastic Blue Jay alt is a HOME uni!???! That's crazy. For me, that bit of info just took it from "Love it" to "Dumb". Light Blue uniforms are ROAD uniforms. Period. What, can the Reds use their "big Red Machine" pull-over Gray set as a home alt now? No? How is it any different? I know this puts me in the minority, but I believe all Home uniforms should be WHITE... pants AND jersey. Road uniforms should be gray, mostly, but for variety some teams can be light blue, biege, charcole, whatever, but again it should be jersey AND PANTS. The pants and jersey should always match... that's what makes it a Baseball uniform. I hate all the dark jersey, softball crap. Thats why they invented batting practice jerseys... why wear them in the game?

    And yes, I also think the players look like morons running around with their pants hanging over the tops of their shoes.

  5. Seriously... how obvious is it? Its like the number one, so-easy-a-caveman-can-do-it rule of designing football uniforms. IF YOUR HELMET AND PANTS ARE THE SAME COLOR, THEY SHOULD HAVE THE SAME STRIPE. Unless you're an idiot. See the Packers, the Raiders, the Jets... these look like well thought out designs. I don't see why everyone complains about the gold not matching throughout, and ignoring the stripe patterns being all over the place. And the black pants just suck. Solid dark pants with matching solid dark sox? No... just no. Ugly on the Saints, ugly on the Jags, and ugly most of all, on the Ravens. Match the stripe on the gold pants to the helmet stripe, add a white-gold-white stripe on the black pants, add a white sock with black and gold stripes to wear with the black pants and the Saints would have a top 5 NFL uniform.

  6. Am I missing something in those pics of last year's unis? The ones where, supposedly" "Nike got it right"? Why can't Nike, or just about anybody these days, do the UCLA-style shoulder loop correctly? LSU, UCLA, the Orangemen... the shoulder loops go about halfway... wait, I wish!... a third of the way around, and then awkwardly (and hiddeously!) simply cut off. I know we've talked about it before on here, but I guess it always catches me off guard. Like the Met's black hats, everytime I see it, its like I'm seeing it for the first time and I think "NASTY!... when did that happen?"

  7. Here's my theory as to why Teams are dropping Nike. One day, the coach suddenly looks out on the field at the game-day unforms and says, "Oh my God... we look like a bunch of a$$-hats. What were we thinking?"

    OK, I know that's a complete fantasy, but wouldn't it be great?

  8. I don't get the "big blue" arguement against the Giant's (beautiful!) road uni at all. Hmmm... let's think.... U of Minnesota GOLDEN Gophers obviously should only wear their all-golden uniform, right?. What about Texas Tech RED Raiders? Delawear's BLUE Hens need to drop that Yellow. Tulsa? And Kent State? Why do they wear blue? Aren't they the GOLDEN Hurricane and Flashes? Get over it. The Giant's roads are clearly superior to their homes (IMO), and one of the better unis in the league.

    On a side note, I can't picture the Giant's "new" wordmark. Pic, anyone?

  9. I've had this question before about the NFL's "5 year rule"... what constitutes an official change? I'm not poisitive about the timing of all of this, but I think when the Rams came out with their current Navy-Gold look, the first year jersey had traditional block-style numbers and a gold side panel. One year later the current number font replaced the old numbers (unfortunately), and a year or two later the gold side panel disappeared (thankfully). So both of these changes were to the jersey, and both within the five years.

    Anybody have an explaination?

  10. Wow, don't we all love being told over and over again that striped sox are "out"? "Out"? Isn't that what a 12 year old girl says to describe her outfit? Nothing is "out"... they're just trends. And the ugly solid-sock-with-solid pants trend will pass. Remember the late 70's/early 80's in baseball. I'm sure their were lots of people telling the Yankees and Dodgers that belts, buttons, and gray roads were "out". By the 90's, everyone had dumped their ugly "in" pull-overs and road blues for a more traditional look. The same will happen in football. (Although I would love to see the Astros to bring back the rainbow bellies!!! Call me crazy... but I would add buttons and a belt to them... tradition MIXED with inovation rules!)

    That mock up of AD with the striped sox against the purple pants (though I'd keep the black shoes) is just SO much better its hard to see how anyone wouldn't think so. Hard to believe a Bear fan came up with it. :D

    And Bear fans giving us crap about OUR quarterback situation??? Now THAT is really hard to take. :P