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  1. QUOTE(oldschoolvikings @ Saturday, October 7th, 2006 - 19:12:58) 

    Did anybody else see that tool Giambi sitting there with that stupid look on his face wearing his "classic pinstripes"? HAHAHAHA

    Go Tigers!

    what are you trying to point out?

    Giambi has nothing to do with this..

    I was trying to point out that Giambi is a tool... and I believe I did a fine job of it.

    But, wow, you're right... no one has EVER deviated from the topic on this board... my bad.

  2. The NFL needs to mandate a sleeve length rule. I am getting tired of lookisng at player's arm pits.

    I just don't think its gonna happen. The other uniform things the NFL has rules over (no untucked jerseys, no droopy sox) have more to do with "neatness" than design. Yes, it is possible they would mandate against Hovan's armpits (PLEASE!), but that's not exactly the same as sleeve length.

    Still, nobody has given me a solution. OK, you don't like the new style designs. But the old style sleeve stripes look like crap, and the sleeves are not gonna suddenly grow. SO... one more time...

    Is there a solution?

  3. I think he's advocating teams like the Browns and Steelers switch to a more Cincinnati/Buffalo/Arizona/Atlanta/Minnesota/Denver-like designs to comply to the new style of wearing sleaves (or not at all) in the NFL.

    Well, no I'm not saying everybody should just go to the modern style... c'mon, these are supposedly great design minds in action. Isn't there some other solution? All I'm saying is, pretending you can just stay wirth the old design obviously isn't working. And I think it's really stupid when the jersey they sell to fans looks nothing like the ones on the field.

    And if you don't think the shrinking sleeves has affected the Colts jersy, compair a picture of Manning to one of Unitis.

  4. First let me say this... if NFL jerseys were still cut today like they were twenty (30?) years ago, I would say that these were two of the best designed jerseys out there. But the reality is, that just isn't the case. There are a number of people on this board who would adjocate that the NFL mandate a certain sleeve length making larger sleeve stripes possible again, but really... do you honestly believe that's going to happen? No way.

    So now we have these designs that should be great (on paper), but on the field, I hate to say it, they look like garbage. Yesterday, I saw some of the Cleveland / Baltimore game, and the Browns just look dumb. Instead of sleeve stripes, the lineman look like they're wearing patches on the shoulders depicting the flag of some obscure third world nation. And most of the steeler's player are wearing a partial stripe that cuts off about half way.

    So... why bother? Just for tradition? If tiny sleeves are the new standard (and face it, they absolutely are) shouldn't these teams (as well as, to a lesser extent, Detroit, Chicago, Green Bay, SF) redesign to fit the new reality? I think this is why we have so many teams throwing on the ugly side-panels, shoulder blocks, etc... because there isn't any other place to put a design the differenciates you from another team.

    So, if you were in charge of these teams, and you have to accept that jersey sleeve are what they are now, what do you do? Seriously, I'm asking. What would you do? Because I think what they are doing now looks horrible.

  5. I know nobody will agree with this but I think the Packers have the biggest divide between "greatl-looking-at-home" and "crappy-looking-on-the-road". The Gold / Green / Gold is classic... the Gold / White / Gold is washed out and ubber-lame. I've always thought white road pants for them would be cool, but even green would be better than the magarine stick outfits.

    And, I think Brett Favre just threw ANOTHER interception.

  6. It's not horrible, I guess. I don't like the gold collar, and I hate the abrieviated pants stripe.

    After watching these new unis in action, I don't like them. The white side panel is too wide and they just look goofy all around. Nice to see the Vikes hold up the tradition of suckage w/ their jerseys now too......

    Hey... did Brett Favre just throw another interception? :D

  7. Ok... tonight! Now I expect some of the more technologically advanced of my board-brothers to start posting pics slightly after kick-off. I've seen all the promo stuff, but the game is all that really matters... I need to know how upset to be.

  8. QUOTE (BigEd76 @ Friday, August 11th, 2006 - 01:19:21)

    I know this is going to make me sound like a dog but...

    ...Nice cheerleader!

    There I said it



    I was at the Hall of Fame game last weekend, and Philly brought their cheerleaders there also. Umm... *ahem*... let's just say...


  9. For some reason, I was never that big of a fan of that logo, back in the 80's (which reminds me... the 80's Saints were the 1st team to go leotard with the pants/sox road combo back then... maybe that's why I didn't like the logo), but now it looks pretty cool. Just not there on the upper chest... put it on the sleeve. Or if they do leave it there, get rid of the other logo on the sleeve... too cluttered.