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  1. I wanted to see if you could do an obvious modern look on the long sleeves. I knew I was pushing it.
  2. For those of you that missed this brilliant piece of news Rutgers is going to be wearing long-sleeved throwback jerseys this year. Needless to say, it's a bit surprising. When the news broke in the 2019 CFB thread, I immediately started thinking how great (although completely unlikely) it would be if this idea was to catch on. In a case of like minds thinking alike @BrandMooreArt mentioned that it would be nice to see the NFL go long-sleeved for cold weather games. Easily a better idea than color rush. So, I got right on it. Here are some long-sleeved NFL concepts. I decided it would be a little to obvious just to go straight old school, so I'm trying to mix in a few modern looks too. Thoughts, complaints, ideas, and brownie recipes appreciated.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean. If you're talking about football uniforms, unless they're white, the jersey and pants should never be the same color. Period.
  4. Truly. And the craziest thing? It's not even close!
  5. You can't do worse than this; Just look at it. Take it all in... Marvel that it was allowed to happen...
  6. This helmet and jersey worn with yellow pants would be the only Oregon I'd ever need.
  7. Green Bay vs. Chicago Kansas City vs. Jacksonville Atlanta vs. Minnesota Tennessee vs. Cleveland Buffalo vs. NY Jets Baltimore vs. Miami Washington vs. Philadelphia LA Rams vs. Carolina Indianapolis vs. LA Chargers Cincinnati vs. Seattle NY Giants vs. Dallas San Francisco vs. Tampa Bay Detroit vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. New England Houston vs. New Orleans Denver vs. Oakland
  8. The Giants' white pants are terrible. The gray inner stripes make zero sense outside of the connection to the actual gray pants. Why wear a faithful heritage look, and then partially screw it up? If they don't want the true throwback anymore, then start over. IMO the Giants had a near perfect look, so the white pants piss me off probably more than they should.
  9. If it looks like black, it's black for all intents and purposes. Huge fail on that color for Oregon. And, as always, the shiney numbers look cheap and hokey. Too bad... the emphasis on bright green and yellow the past few years was working for them. This is a boring and predictable step back.
  10. That was my original thought, but it looked pretty similar to the Lions' so I changed it up. Maybe I'll post the original.
  11. Finally! This may be the greatest day in football uniform history. I'm pretty sure it squeaks past the day two years or so ago when UCLA proved you absolutely can do real shoulder loops on a modern cut and everyone had to STFU about how it "just can't work". The only bad side of this is that it came from a team without sleeve stripes. I hope tOSU gets right on their version ASAP.
  12. And this is the above with a weird color scheme. These colors were actually the inspiration for this uniform. A pair of socks worn by my 7 year old in these colors with these stripes.
  13. The uniform would be improved greatly but simply dropping the black. Plain white and green numbers, and gray facemask (or white, if you want to be a giant baby about it). It's exactly like the addition of the dark gray trim on the Lion's numbers... it's painfully obvious that it's only there to justify the ugly color rush alternative.
  14. So, there we go. The NFL, redone with (mostly) minor changes, and each team receiving one new alt. Thoughts are appreciated.
  15. Finally, the Broncos. This one was really tough. Of course, if they called me tomorrow and handed me the keys, I'd go wholesale changes based on the 80's uniform, but I wanted to try to keep at least the feel of the current uniform. Hard. I fiddles with a number of side-panel-less versions of the current look, but all seemed very awkward. Finally,. I hit upon basing the uniform on a simplified version of the helmet stripe. In the end, I was kind of happy with it.
  16. If I was doing "free-range" changes, I'd drop the navy from the Chargers altogether, but since this is the "small changes" thread, we can just remove the double outlines, clean up the font, and fix those dopey sleeve inserts.
  17. Next easiest was the Chiefs. I just want to fix the helmet logo. It doesn't always bother me when teams have black in their logo (Vikings, 9ers, Washington) but here it does, so I'm swapping out gold for black. Also, I'm streamlining the stripes. Red/gold/red on white, white/gold/white on red.
  18. Finally finishing this. This will be the ALC west... the easy teams and one very very hard one. I'll start with the easiest one. The raiders. Pretty much zero change to anything;