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  1. I don't know... What you just described sounds like an overhaul to me. Changing one of the main colors, adding pants they don't have? What the Saints mostly need is a uniform attitude adjustment. Someone needs to be repeatedly beaten over the head until they understand what looks good and what doesn't. I'd volunteer to do the beating, but only if they pay me a bounty for any injuries I cause.
  2. I'm no fan of Belichick especially, but calling him a fraud is a rather embarrassing case of sour grapes.
  3. After the Bengals, it's Rams, Falcons, Titans, Seahawks, and Cardinals, easily. But since the Rams, Titans, and Falcons are stuck for a while, it's Seahawks, Cardinals, Broncos, Ravens, and Saints.
  4. The Texans are a weird case for me. There's nothing objectively wrong with their basic uniform (other than the moronic use of navy socks with the navy pants, and a truly ugly color rush set) and I was actually a somewhat big fan of their look when they first started, but somewhere along the line they lost me. They really are just a visual empty void. Just the very definition of a paint by numbers NFL uniform. I've been thinking they may be a team that could try out a silver/red/silver scheme. It's odd that that particular color combination is so iconic for the Ohio State University, but it really is almost ignored on every other football level.
  5. "Minor changes" could mean almost anything. But if true, it could be promising. If were talking minor changes, here are the four that are would work for me; 1. Switch to the Color Rush numbers... single layer, white, traditional-ist block. 2. Remove the side panels... an absolute non-negotiable must. 3. Rework the top of the pants stripe to remove the white... without the jersey side panels, the top of the pants stripe doesn't make sense. 4. Switch the "B" logo to the tiger head. This would still leave them with a bit of a cluttered uniform IMO, but would definitely clean up the most egregious parts, and take them from bottom five to middle of the pack.
  6. Since I'm mathematically eliminated... Tampa Bay Kansas City
  7. Well, obviously. Rich people don't pay taxes.
  8. Are you serious? Rich people waste money constantly. That's pretty much the defining characteristic of the lifestyle.
  9. The Titans' are an original AFL franchise... maybe they should look like it.
  10. Whole lot of amateur doctors coming out of the woodwork.
  11. That dolphin needs a helmet... Poor little guy is gonna get hurt out there.
  12. Can everyone say balls some more?
  13. The new orange was a major downgrade. The one big stumble of this redesign was keeping the sunburned orange. That, and not going back to the clearly superior gray facemask.
  14. The touchback rule on a fumble through the end zone is crazy. I get it, I guess... I mean I don't know what else it should be, but it's such a killer. Seems like the "penalty" is so extreme for such a simple mistake.
  15. You mean so the jet was about the forehead/facemask, coming forward with the stripe trailing back? interesting.
  16. So many people love this uniform, I thought I'd try a concept that keeps it as intact as I can, but drains all the 90's off of it. So, fix and match the helmet and pants stripes, and clean up the jersey's shoulder/sleeve clutter. Not bad, I think.
  17. To be fair, he was doing that with Alabama's players.