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  1. More shots of this "matching helmet to jersey" stuff... That purple is loud AF.
  2. The bolt shape is a little dopey but I don't think it would be as noticable if it wasn't sitting in that thick navy stripe. The helmet bolt is still pretty clean and classic (even with the superfluous strokes) because it's just a bolt on white... The pants, at least, would be significantly better if handeled the same.
  3. At a glance, they do look sort of reminiscent of the 80's uniform...
  4. Agreed. Just as soon as someone goes ahead and designs this newer superior one.
  5. No matter how many years have gone by, those Falcon uniforms will always make me think of the phrase "electrocuted dogs".
  6. "Decimate the Excrement" was the name of my high school punk rock band.
  7. Look, that color rush uniform, like ALL non-white color rush uniforms, is not good. At all. Just because your primary uniform is such a nauseating failure, you don't get to claim the really bad backup is somehow something to fight for. My concern is this ugly thing is getting an undeserving boost from the comparison, and that's going to have some effect on the much needed redesign. They made their bed when they OKed this horrible uniform, and were well aware of the 5 year rule. I have a very hard time feeling sympathy.
  8. If there's something in college football more dull and played out than the all-black uniform, I don't know what it could be. Yawn inducing.
  9. Yeah, I'll give you the White Sox. Also, it's just my personal preference, but I grew up the the Dodgers using their nickname with a white keyline on the gray, and it's still what I think of as their look. Something about the blue elements having a white outline, and the (already vaguely out of place) red number not having it.... Plus Steve Garvey's bulging forearms... just says L.A. to me.
  10. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any example where I believe white outlines actually improve a gray baseball uniform. Maybe I'm forgetting one, but if I am it's because it's so rare. Also, if it had to be one or the other, I'd take an all-navy pinstriped road uniform for the Yankees over yet another super dull, dark jersey with gray pants. MLB Baseball uniforms should have matching pants and jerseys... Not beer league softball jerseys.
  11. Those are both nice, but IMO the monogram could do with about half those many outer strokes. Just use the single white outline for brown or orange backgrounds, and no outline on white.
  12. I'm a fan of that font. It's custom, but still feels classic. To anybody who doesn't care about these things it would just seem like a standard number, no different from a dozen other teams, but if you do care, it's one of a kind. IMO, that's the best way to go... try a little subtlety. Full sewn-on twill numbers on the practice jersey? How common is that? (I don't know, that's why I'm asking.)
  13. Oh, yes, we most certainly do. And all those missed call late hits on old man Favre's ankles and knees were bought and paid for by a scumbag coach while the smarmy d-bag head coach who is still there looked the other way (at least... If don't want to believe he actually actively supported it). And those were intensionally dirty hits, not just a simple blown call, like the Rams. Am I still salty all these years later? Oh, yes. However, I was never such an unashamed loser that I considered suing. What an idiot. It'll be a cold cold COLD day in hell before I feel bad for that franchise.
  14. And I'd argue that all the above look significantly better with white (or gold) pants.
  15. This goes way beyond being a simple crybaby and well into the realm of embarrassing a-hole. I hope the Saints are victims of blown calls on a weekly basis this year.
  16. I strongly dislike the new ruddy orange, but I have a bad feeling it isn't going anywhere.
  17. I just feel that different leagues and or levels have different asthetics. You can wear stuff in minor league baseball that is awesome, but would never fly in the majors. Monochrome uniforms work in the arena leagues, D2 colleges, highschools, but bother me at major college programs, and look horribly out of place in the NFL. The NFL has certain conventions that, when you see them, tell you this is a professional team at the highest level. There needs to contrast between the jersey, the pants (excepting white on white), and the socks. Game pants have stripes or a stripe like graphic. Dark jerseys are worn with lighter pants. Within these basic guidelines, you can have a lot of variation in terms of colors, graphics, etc. If the Seahawks wore their gray pants exclusively, they would follow all these guidelines, and still have a modern, envelope-pushing uniform that stood out in the league. They'd just finally look like they belonged.
  18. I probably shouldn't wade into this, but glossy pants material absolutely did not start in the 80's. It's true that football pants were matte through most of the 60's and all of the 70's, but I had no problem finding pictures of Y. A. Tittle in shiny silver britches, and even before that, at one time, you could sign up for the fancy Rayon Shell option. It's cyclical, bro. Notre Dame pants from the 40's....