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  1. Maybe. Or black to green gradient. Or a hidden pattern in the stripes. Or a butt logo. Or some screwed up nonsense on the upper back with the stripes. Something.
  2. You know, even if this leak turns out to be basically accurate, there's going to be one unknown detail still to come that will cause a complete meltdown of this board. There always is.
  3. Another thought. With the obvious exception of the stupid all-black uniforms, it seems like the only black on the home and road uniform is the number outlines and the facemask (maybe on the logo... too small to tell). It seems pretty obvious that the black elements were just thrown on in a half-assed way to give them the excuse to wear boring, cliched, and ugly, all-black color rush uniforms. Nike pulled this same lame stunt with the Lions. They threw on charcoal gray number outlines out of left field, solely as an excuse for those (equally ugly) charcoal gray color rush things
  4. Edit... wrong thread.
  5. The can't help thinking that tubby little football is hilarious. It makes no sense in any context except that it was a part of the old logo. Beyond that, couldn't every football team everywhere put an overstuffed little cartoon football somewhere on their uniform?
  6. Um... What? Sure, folks that like football but hate every incarnation of it. Must be dozens of people like that out there.
  7. Yeah, that's what I think. Otherwise there's no connection. My guess is the stripe terminates at the seam between the shoulder cap and back. (Assuming these are real.)
  8. I'm going to take this opportunity to once again post basic rules for when it's ok for team to have a gray facemask. There are 3 instances in which it works; 1. If the team has gray or silver in their color scheme. 2. If the team is wearing an older design or a new design that mimics an old-time football feel. 3. If the team plays football. Other than that, gray masks should be avoided.
  9. Gray facemasks don't count in the color scheme. (Always willing to go there.)
  10. If the numbers have a black stroke and the stripe elements do not, I may have to issue a strongly worded letter.
  11. Wasn't it just last night that the hat leaked and everyone said we were kidding ourselves if we didn't think that was the helmet logo?
  12. I don't think this is fake as in put-together-by-trolling-fan fake, but I think it's at least possible the Jets put this together earlier in the process, and we'll see something slightly different tomorrow. The details seem Photoshopped. I know that in the Vikings' redesign process, they took pictures of Adrian Peterson in a blank uniform and tried out designs over that image.
  13. You think that Greek pattern would've somehow been worse than what they ended up with?
  14. This is the film where Anthony Michael Hall decided to lose his nerd persona. And no one liked it.
  15. That pointed line is showing up everywhere in these teases. It would be weird to not have it be part of the uniform.
  16. Yes, along with the Vikings draft hat, and the Bengal and Eagles. Yeah, I've got that feeling, too. This logo tweak is the primary, but something other than a conventional stand-alone logo will end up on the helmet. But I've certainly been wrong before.
  17. Ok, let's say all this is true... Think how much better it could be if they added dogs.
  18. Right, like some kind of abstract jet design that fills the helmet, but doesn't work as a stand alone logo, like Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Minnesota.
  19. Seems odd that black would be a part of the new uniforms but be totally missing from the logo. Isn't that a bit of a sport's branding no no? You know there are a few teams that have a primary logo that's different from what they wear on their helmet. (Bears, Vikings, Eagles, Bengals...) Obviously this is their new logo, but for the life of me I just can't picture it on a helmet.
  20. And now is when this board kicks into high gear... Look for 12 pages added in the next hour.