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  1. 11 hours ago, colortv said:

    I think the bigger question is, if and what they change the logo to given the uproar over it.


    That's weird, because I really haven't heard any uproar over the logo since the uniform was released. Seems to me everyone's shock over the gradients, bone uniforms, and horn split pushed any worry about the logo completely out of mind. I know I haven't given the logo much thought since summer.

  2. 35 minutes ago, ManillaToad said:

    Is there rhyme or reason to which endzone goes to the AFC team and which goes to the NFC? I'm looking at past Super Bowl fields and it seems either random or chosen by the teams themselves. I would have liked to see KC's endzone on the opposite end this year, rather than the same as last year


    Just move around and look at it from the other side.

  3. On 1/27/2021 at 7:19 PM, colortv said:


    Exactly, so maybe everyone should stop acting like their opinions are facts.


    5 hours ago, Ben in LA said:

    Glad this was finally said


    Honestly, in my years on this board, that has "finally" been said about a thousand times. Usually when someone has a minority opinion and they're feeling attacked by hearing everyone express the opposite opinion. 


    Look it's a message board... it's basically all opinions. What do you want, everyone to preface every post with "In my opinion..."?

  4. I've mantained from the start that the Rams put the bone and bright white edge to edge deliberately, to show off the odd color choice. I think their idea was that if they simply replaced all true white with bone, you might miss the difference, or just see they result as looking dingy. If they place a few elements of bright snow white up against the dull gray, it is supposed to emphasize that the new color is a choice, and by implication, bold, new, whatever.


    I'm not saying it works, but it certainly isn't an accident or a mistake.

  5. 33 minutes ago, BBTV said:

    ^ and drop the silly "Los Angeles Rams" patches.


    The plastic gimmick is silly for sure, and clearly just to add something to make the jerseys more appealing at retail, but ultimately harmless in the grand scheme of things.


    Oh, you're right... I completely missed the goofy name tags.


    Yeah, they gotta go.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Sport said:



    I got into an argument with my roommate in 2013 when he said the Bengals have never changed their uniforms. After literally pulling up pictures on my phone I determined that what he meant was that they had never changed their color scheme like the Buccaneers or the Seahawks and had always worn orange helmets, black jerseys, and white pants. Most people really do not care about things like number font, stripe widths/placement, and any small details so long as the essence of the look is there. They also haven't spent a lot of time thinking about these things so they don't have the vocabulary to describe what they mean. Meanwhile I'm over here itchy when a team changes the collar color from black to white. 


    My guess is that the average Bengals fan would tell you the team has only had two uniforms... The one with the letters on the helmets, and the one with the tiger stripes on the helmets.

  7. This was about as good as it got for the Rams this year;




    It helps if you're getting a TV shot that's far enough away that the atrocious number gradients don't really register. Every other possible combination they trotted out was pretty much a disaster.  The all blue sucked, any combination that included the dishwater jerseys or pants was terrible, anytime the socks and pants were the same color. All bad.


    That said, the fix is fairly simple. Change the numbers to plain yellow (no stupid gradient, but also get rid of those cheap plastic-y add-ons) and the home jersey is fine. Get a white (WHITE!) jersey that matches the home, and only wear the above pants and socks, home and road, and they would remove themselves from the bottom five.



  8. 1 hour ago, OnWis97 said:


    Your Vikings example is a good one.  Purple/yellow? Check. Purple horned helmet? Check. My favorite "normal fan" Vikings memory is when they changed from the Reebok look to the current look, seeing a fan somewhere on social media say "they're going to their throwbacks." And I'm just shaking my head saying "yeah, they totally had that weird serif pattern when they were blowing Super Bowls in the 1970s." 


    I had that exact conversation with a Viking fans a few years ago. To him, the plain white numbers and sleeve stripes equaled throwback to the 70's/80's, and everything else was just not noticeable or important enough to even talk about.

  9. 11 minutes ago, Gothamite said:

    No details so far, but the rumors I’m hearing are that they’re moving away from navy throwbacks.  That would likely mean Kelly green or gold jerseys. 


    Kelly green or gold throwbacks?


    I'm enthusiastically in.



  10. Last year we had to listen to two weeks of complants about the fact that both teams coincidentally wore red, and weird theories/ideas about how they should avoid just wearing their uniforms.


    It's the Superbowl. The home team should wear their primary home uniform and they road team should wear their primary road uniform. Whoever wins needs to look like themselves while doing it.  Nothing else is as important as that.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Rockstar Matt said:

    I have zero sympathy for the Packers when it comes to calls made by the officials going against them in the playoffs. Zero. 

    They, along with the Steelers, are often main beneficiaries of the official’s calls when compared to the rest of the league. 


    Yeah, I have to say, it is amazing to watch Rodgers in the pocket with rushers getting what seems to be obviously held on so many plays, with no flags. Watch the second and third down plays in the red zone on Green Bay's last possession, you can count multiple uncalled holds. I guess Packer fans can complain about that PI if they want (if it was my team, I would TBH) but they can't act like the refs were out to get them. They didn't get called for a single penalty until the 4th quarter. 

  12. I feel like there are some people on this site who are putting a bit too much stock in the random comment somebody apparently made about the changes being minor. What a frequent poster on this board would call minor vs the general population is pretty different. I'm reminded that back in 2006, when the Vikings were about to change from the Culpeper/Moss uniforms to their Rebok mess the owner's son refered to the upcoming changes as minor.


    I know I've related this story on the board before, but I once got in a conversation with a Saints fan who was proud of the "fact" that the Saints had never changed their uniforms. I tried pointing out changes in logos, striping, number colors, etc, and he looked at me like I was crazy. Because they'd always worn black jerseys, gold helmets, and had the same logo, in his mind that literally equalled no changes.


    Minor could mean anything.

  13. As a resident of the great city of Detroit (who is thankfully not a Lions fan, by virtue of not being born here), I feel like I have a pretty unbiased view of Stafford as a quarterback. He has a great arm and is tough as nails, but has a tendency to fail when the pressure is highest. Also, whenever the Lions have tried to bring in a more complicated offensive system, it's been a bit of a disaster, and they've had to dial it back. I certainly wouldn't give up a first round pick for him, especially at his age, but I guess I wouldn't be shocked if someone does. I think that team will be disappointed.


    I'm pretty sure it won't be the Vikings... They already have Cousins, and he and Stafford are pretty much the same guy.

  14. 5 minutes ago, Lights Out said:



    For me, the biggest reason to be skeptical of Belichick isn't even just his record without Brady, it's also the cheating scandals and the fact that his coaching/front office tree keeps failing miserably once they leave Foxboro. The "Patriot Way" turned the Broncos, Chiefs, and now the Texans into dumpster fires.


    You forgot the Lions. Matt Patricia might be the biggest coaching turd to ever fall off that tree.