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  1. man thats awesome! nice modernization! i didnt think i would like it when i saw the title but wow thats really cool, especially the tight lookin wing on the logo.
  2. Nice! could you make a redwings one?
  3. What would you put there to replace the tiger head?
  4. Not sure if i like "Saint" being spelled out. However nice creativity. nice job. lol sorry! thought it was black, but then i saw you said it was navy.
  5. WingNUT04

    Predators Concept

    Except for the NP logo on the front alternate, everything looks good. I could see them wearing these.
  6. WingNUT04

    Thrashers Concept

    When i opened this thread thats the first thing that came to mind.
  7. be sure to look for an updated series on here as soon as tomorrow.
  8. I should have seen that one comin. Oh well thanks for the CC anyway.
  9. My first Posted Concept. Recolored the tigers head white to match the current colors of the home and road caps. Also recolored their alternate logo white and used it as a sleeve patch.C&C appreciated.
  10. I figured you knew. Just wanted to clear things up if you didnt... but you are right it does look like a caps concept.
  11. VitaminD,That logo is a columbus bluejackets logo. Not sure if u just said it looked like a caps concept or you thought it was a made up logo? but anyway, this concept looks cool, nice job brassbonanza97.
  12. wow thats weird i have never seen them wear that jersey?!?! i thought they didnt have an alternate like that but guess i was wrong. Thanks guys!
  13. I Have a picture of a goalie and i do not know what team this is because the logo is weird. Does anyone know what team this is??? The Goalie is Dieter Kochan. Dieter Kochan
  14. WingNUT04


    thanks for your telling me what you thought of it hockeyman. But what do you mean and what logo would look better there?
  15. WingNUT04


    you wanna see something of mine? here it is: My Jersey Concept And criticize as harsh or as much as u want cuz unlike stimpy who cant take a joke i dont care what you say about it. P.S. this is my first concept
  16. thats cool! never seen nything like it before good job
  17. WingNUT04


    i dont like it honestly so it needs more design and symmetry.
  18. I like this concept for the lightning and still undecided on whether i could see them wearing this though...
  19. 1.Shmee2k6 2.JungleBook45 3.paynomind 4.hrivnak
  20. I like it very much but i agree that the "SJ" should be a shoulder patch instead of the main logo. I like the mix of grey black and teal in it. Good Job
  21. The Fury suck, Go Generals PS: Flints logo blows!
  22. quote:"Looks like they are going smaller not larger cities." The UHL tried this with Columbus but look where it got them 11 teams.
  23. WOW! those are great I especially like the Vancouver one do you have any more?
  24. I like the Edmonton alternate too but i picked new york because their alternate doesnt change the look much just with the statue of liberty... the columbus third is cool but i like new york more... (ok open for insults)