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  1. My feelings about your replies are your username. Don't care.
  2. Here's the worst one, a team that represents morons.
  3. After seeing the new logo, I can't even remember what the original looked like.
  4. Why? The NHL literally had Adidas make 30+ of them.
  5. 99% of those retro reverse jerseys are trash, the Avs one is fantastic but the rest look like some horrible Chinese rip off jerseys. Like the ones you'd get if you ordered a Pens one and got "#78 Crosbie"
  6. Will they be known as the team, playing as A team, disguised as another team?
  7. He/They has been great in Umbrella Academy.
  8. I will take any of those over anything Drake related. Here's a guy that has been grooming teenaged girls and somehow no one wants to actually investigate or call him on it. So I'll hard pass on anything related to any design he's taken part in.
  9. I wish the Sharks used a lighter teal, the color teal is just really nice in sports. Grizzlies (Vancouver) used it and looked amazing with it. I hate that the orange/yellow in the logo, it should be Teal, Silver, Black, and White.
  10. As long as the laces are out and Einhorn isn't Finkle.
  11. The reverse retro is a horrible idea, I mean I think it would have been more fun just doing a revisit of the retros in the teams history that they still have rights to. Canucks and the moronic whale, I will never like seeing that eye sore here and yeah, being a Vancouverite and not being a Canucks fan is odd, but I just can't stand that logo, it's hideous. The best logo I ever saw that was Vancouver sports related, was the Grizzlies. The Penguins diagonal black jersey in white is vomit inducing. Adidas can go suck it.
  12. I like how that dude is doing a mock up of a jersey and questioning the red and couldn't even google the damn history of their jerseys.
  13. I grew up with the Penguins logo since I was 6yrs old, but the one that I absolutely loved right away in my teens was the Vancouver Grizzlies one. I couldn't stop drawing it the year it was revealed to us.
  14. What was that presentation like? "Hey guys, I made this, in Word."
  15. From what I can remember, Datsun was the name they were synonymous with outside of Asia, where it was mostly known as Nissan for a very long time. It's odd that Datsun was the name they chose in those other markets. But I hate how their logo looks even with that datsun one you just posted. It just looks so boring. Obviously not as bad as Kia and Hyundai, god awful, those two. The "gold" datsun logo in the image I posted, I always like that look, the nostalgia of it.
  16. It's funny how Datsun was mostly used in North America vs Nissan. My Dad had a couple of Datsun's, I remember seeing pictures of the Chevy Nova my dad traded in (because after I was born, my mom was pregnant a couple of months later, with my brother and my Dad couldn't justify the muscle car anymore) for the Datsun B210. I think we'd be stuck with Nissan as the name, but I hate round logo's on cars. At best, I would have been cool with the last row 2nd from the left as the Logo. Then fire their entire automotive design department for how gross all of their vehicles look and start from scratch.
  17. Penguins literally were in the midst of a change in their first of the back 2 backs, then went full time back to their tried tested and true current jerseys. The worst jerseys to look at are the Oilers ones. They're god awful on TV and in person, that Orange just isn't pleasing to look at, at all. They need to go back to the lighter blue and less neon orange that they used to wear in the 80's. I kid you not, even with a high def TV here, I am 100% fine with every team on tv, but when it's vs the Oilers, I just can't watch. It triggers my migraines.
  18. Ottawa, I thought, already confirmed they were going back to their 2D logo that they entered the league with, no?
  19. Dude, I still have the Grizzlies winter jacket from the first year they entered the league here in Vancouver. It's still in damn good condition too.
  20. One just doesn't work. Either it looks cartoony like their actual JC logo, or it looks down right pedophile'ish with that picture of the dude with the most god awful beard I have ever seen. The only person that I ever saw, handle that Johnny C logo, was I think Humanot? He did a fantastic one. That is probably the only one I saw where I said to myself "Jesus christ I still hate this hometown team and their fans, but that's a fantastic logo.." Vancouver sports have some of the worst logo's to begin with. BC Lions logo and their current marketing is beyond annoying with those stupid orange heads and black silhouettes. Then you have the Whitecraps and Giants. I see more Grizzlies merch out on the streets.
  21. Yeah the colors they chose are more vibrant versions of what we're seeing in this pic. Seattle Steelheads...reminds me of that really bad canadian hockey show that had the team "Hamilton Steelheads" or something like that. At least this one could have potential to not be bad.
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