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  1. Shoot forgot the Knights were Vegas and not Las Vegas. Either way the helmet is the focal point of that logo rather than the V.
  2. I've long felt that way as well. The V as the focal point of your logo works great. It is a symmetrical image that would look great on the front of the jersey. No other team in the NHL has a city or a team name that starts with V so Vancouver could make that its identity. It is also simple and at this point Vancouver is best to go with a simple logo because Canuck isn't a team name that leads itself to a clear identity. Johnny Canuck could then be a shoulder patch, which would suit it better than the front of the jersey. A script logo would also work. The previous version of the Vancouver Canucks that played in the PCHL and WHL have some jerseys and logos that could be used as inspiration. 1 2 3 It is unfortunate the NHL version of the Canucks didn't carry over what the WHL team was wearing. The Stick N Rink logo is the worst of all the logos the Canucks have. It is a clunky boring logo. The C is hardly obvious in the original version and it still looks awkward in the updated ones. My favourite comedian Norm Macdonald had this to say about the logo and it sums up how dumb the logo is. “I would love to see any Canadian team win, except Vancouver,” said Macdonald. “I don’t know why I dislike them so much. I think when they first came out they got on my wrong side because their logo was a ****ing hockey stick and that drove me crazy.”
  3. If this isn't the Olympic's why is Canada not using their standard logo?
  4. Isn't Abbotsford still thrashing around and twitching? The Heat are still a thing? Wow. I stand corrected then. Someone dig that topic back up. The Heat are now having bring your dog to the game nights. The only way to make that franchise successfull is by making them the Canucks affiliate. The Junior A and WHL teams in BC get more coverage than them.
  5. what?.. as far as I can tell they all work just fine I can't open the spoiler tag.
  6. The NHL numbers aren't working.
  7. You need to make the site better adaptable for iphones and itouches.
  8. I never understood why the retired Ray Bourques number. He only played 84 games there. I find it funny that they kept their jerseys pattern from their old jerseys for the banner instead of the new ones. Maybe they realized how bad it would look.
  9. Post of the thread! You win! http://youtube.com/watch?v=jDJjyoYLxAA&feature=related
  10. use irfanview to resize...it's free, just google it thanks
  11. Ok this is probaly going to sound stupid but is there more than one way to resize and object in MS paint. When i want to resize something i use the sellect tool and the minamize it somethimes the pic get blurry though. Is there another way to resize an object without it getting messed up.
  12. there you go, all prepped, and easy to use to boot! hey thanks alot StatikGS I reallly appreciate it
  13. anyone have a cleaned up version of Syphis basketball template and the baseball template used on Sportslogo.net
  14. does anyone have the a football field template also where can i find a blank version of the baseball template cc uses on sportslogos.net.
  15. for raster and vector templates you need a special program right?
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