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  1. If this isn't the Olympic's why is Canada not using their standard logo?
  2. watching the three point contest and there a few jerseys I don't recognize. this league is a mess. too many alternate jerseys
  3. Man the NBA has to be by far the worst looking league right now. Does every team have a :censored:ty black jersey with sleeves? I watch NBA highlights at night and often don't recognize any of the jerseys being worn. Teams have no identity anyone. Even classic teams like the Celtics and Lakers are victim to this.
  4. So all the jerseys have the +2? The Addidas Grizzlies jersey is definitely a bit longer than my old Nikes. All M too.
  5. Hey, Last week I bought a Grizzlies jerseys. When I tried it on at the store it fit good and I decided to get it. But before I bought it, I switched players. When I got home the jersey seemed a bit longer and it had a +2 on the bottom. I assumed that the +2 means the length is 2 inches longer. But then I looked at my old Nike jerseys and realized they also had a +2. So I'm confused. Did I buy a longer jersey or is Addidas just making the jerseys longer?
  6. I was wondering if anybody could tell me when Starter manufactured jerseys for the Blackhawks. I recently acquired a Hawks jersey and am interested in putting a name on the back.
  7. Is it nike stuff? Because if it was reebok they couldn't wear itIt must be Reebok because the Seahawks switched logos when Nike took over.
  8. Don't know if this has been brought up but a few of the Seahawks coaches are wearing gear with the old logo on it. Seems strange that they wouldn't get current stuff to wear.
  9. Except Kiprusoff isn't a backup goalie. I'm sure they eventually sign Bobrovsky but I gotta think there must be some real concern for them to be talking to Kipper. You don't try and talk someone out of retirement, especially Miikka Kiprusoff, for a backup job.
  10. According to Nick Kypreos the Jackets are trying to talk Kipper out of retirement. Is this a sign that negotiations aren't going well with Bobrovsky? Also surprised Calgary didn't make a run at Bernier.
  11. Some rumors coming in that Torterello will indeed be the Canucks new coach. Losing will be more fun than ever!
  12. Why is Greg Sherman still the GM? Seems kinda counter productive to bring a new management group, yet keep him on. Might as well just make Sakic GM. But good hire by the Avs, if anything they're relevant again.
  13. I think we're forgetting that the ice is always bad in the outdoor games. Playing the rain isn't much better than playing in the Sun. I only hope they do more of these games so we get more episodes of 24/7.