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  1. He played for Canada at the 1998 Nagano Olympics... Poop. On a separate note, why the hell is Lindros captain over Gretzky? That's a damn good question. In fact, that's probably the second most asked question behind 'Why didn't Gretzky get a chance in the semi-final shootout against the Czech Republic?'
  2. Even if he is still living, he should not as he really has no Olympic connection. De Lima does... Wayne Gretzky had no olympic connection and he was a torch lighter in 2010. He played for Canada at the 1998 Nagano Olympics...
  3. And to think we're a little more than one year removed from this: I especially love that Carl Crawford fled a World Series contender for this embarrassing ball club. They deserve each other. Forget the Sox, I wanna know what happened in the frozen yogurt wars. Was anybody hurt?
  4. Yeah, it's a great insult for a team with a Cup like when the Blackhawks and Bruins used it. For a team without a Cup (like, um, THE KINGS), it makes you look dumb. Look up at the rafters of the building you're sitting in! NOTHING UP THERE! (Or down there, heyooo) The rafters are empty cause the banners are on the wall at the Staples Center.
  5. I don't think Canucks cult heroes get much bigger than Gino Odjick.
  6. The Grey Cup and I in 2006.... The Stanley Cup and I at the 2010 Olympics... ...and me with the keeper of the Cup, Phil Pritchard...
  7. Man, it's so nice to see the 49ers and 'Playoffs' together again.
  8. After being a fan of his for years in Seattle, I'm happy to see that Jamie Moyer finally got a ring. Congrats Jamie! .......and to the rest of the Phillies too, of course.
  9. With all the frostbite, you'd think they'd have a problem fielding a team. ... and ironically, Iceland have never won a medal in the WINTER Olmypics. Also, have a look at the average temps in Iceland... But they did win Silver at the Junior Goodwill Games in Ice Hockey. quack quack quack mr ducksworth. "Gordon, stop quacking!"
  10. I totally agree here...was there a lot of outrage in vancouver over this? Sadly no. Sometimes, I honestly think that I was the only one who noticed as I was the one who pointed it out to people I was with when I went to the games this year. I wouldn't have minded them redoing the banners to make them more consistent in regards to the fonts and wording, because as oakland ehs' pictures show, some of the banners said just the year, and others showed the season. Plus, keeping the correct logos from the time the team won them is a must as well. Overall, the new Canucks banners get a thumbs down from me.
  11. KeyArena - December 2005 Qwest Field - December 2005 GM Place - March 2008 Safeco Field - March 2008