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  1. I totally agree here...was there a lot of outrage in vancouver over this? Sadly no. Sometimes, I honestly think that I was the only one who noticed as I was the one who pointed it out to people I was with when I went to the games this year. I wouldn't have minded them redoing the banners to make them more consistent in regards to the fonts and wording, because as oakland ehs' pictures show, some of the banners said just the year, and others showed the season. Plus, keeping the correct logos from the time the team won them is a must as well. Overall, the new Canucks banners get a thumbs down from me.
  2. KeyArena - December 2005 Qwest Field - December 2005 GM Place - March 2008 Safeco Field - March 2008
  3. That was such an awesome night. I'm glad I was there for it.
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