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  1. If I had a home theatre and 4000 extra dollars to spare, these are the chairs that me and my guests would be sitting in... Once the Canucks one was updated to the new colours, then all four would completely clash with each other. It'd be tacky as hell, yet beautiful.
  2. As a Mariners fan, there's only one answer to this question...
  3. In Washington State, they have Seattle Mariners lottery tickets. This is the best picture of them that I could find...
  4. What's that characters name? For the life of me I can't remember! Foghorn Leghorn. "Nice boy. But he's a couple cards short of a full deck."
  5. The Canucks have had scratch & win tickets for a few years now. Here's the ones from last year... And some very bad pictures of the ones from this year...
  6. I gotta agree with Tank on this. There was another wild finish in Darlington a few backs when Ricky Craven beat out Kurt Busch by a nose. Today's finish was good, but nowhere near the best of all time. Don't forget Atlanta in 2001 when Kevin Harvick beat Jeff Gordon by 6/1000's of a second for his first Cup win. That was awesome. "Somewhere up there, Dale is smiling."
  7. That was an awesome finish! Kevin Harvick sure pulled that win out of his ass didn't he? I feel bad for Martin, especially since it looked like he was gonna be saved by a caution, but since they were so close the the line and the cars were only crashing behind them, I guess they figured they should let them race to the finish. Oh well, thems the breaks. Great finish nonetheless.
  8. I see the Quicktime logo, but I was instantly reminded of the Commodore logo when I saw it.
  9. Agreed. Ain't nothing wrong with that!
  10. I guess Roberto's got some splainin' to do back home. Ironically enough, I know the girl beside her, the one holding the Mattias Ohlund jersey, so I found that clip even funnier.
  11. The Colts are the 2006 NFL Champions!