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  1. She officially wins the title of the best wife ever.
  2. Maybe they had the plans upside down when they built it?
  3. Not really a toll, but since I go to the USA quite a bit, I always see this at the border...
  4. Winner! How can you say no to a cartoon biscuit? You can't!
  5. This is the best picture I could find so far...
  6. Don't forget about 98 in Nagano. And no, probably not.
  7. Actually, IYH 9: International Incident and IYH 26: Rock Bottom were both held in Vancouver, along with a couple Raw tapings (in 2000 and 2003) as well. So I guess that makes us more world class than Winnipeg!
  8. Because if the team automatically has the point, then they can keep the 4 on 4 and exciting non-defensive OT. As fun and interesting as shootouts and the exciting OT can be, the best system they've had is still the 5 on 5 OT where the winner gets 2 points, the loser gets 0 points, and if it ends in a tie, they each get 1 point. It just makes more sense. I agree wholeheartedly. Points for losing in OT has never worked for me, and I'm not too big on shootouts either. I guess it's the traditionalist in me.
  9. AGAIN, they havn't won since 2000 But its the 3rd title vs Montreal, right? Only the 2nd, and thanks. WE WON!!!
  10. They need to bring back Mayor McCheese!
  11. Great idea. If anyone deserves that, it's him.
  12. I'm not a fan of these at all. The orange helmets with the paw were good, but these......not so much.
  13. Man oh man, talk about a time warp. These things take me back to junior high. I had the old school Vancouver Canucks one, and I freaking loved it! So glad they brought them back.