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  1. I'm just glad he's not a 49er anymore.
  2. Dream on, pal. yea, because it's a Broncos fan's dream to see the Cardinals win the Super Bowl, right? Apparently it is.
  3. According to this article Steve Moore is close to being medically cleared to play again, so if you were basing it on the extent of his injury, then that means it would be over anyway.
  4. It's about damn time. Welcome back Todd!
  5. No it's not, but thanks for playing.! In other news, the Lions are 5-0 baby!
  6. The Sonics one looks great so I'm not complaining too much...
  7. I really like that one. Nice work. "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue."
  8. and
  9. They're playing a regular season game in Mexico?! Wow Uh, yeah...where've you been? I'm in Canada, you know that's a perfectly good excuse I remember hearing Toronto was in the running to host a regular season Bills game either this year or next -- I guess it could happen Chris, you kidding? I'M in Canada and I knew about it. Ditto. Of course, I'm a Niners fan, so it's only natural that I knew about it.
  10. What can I say, I'm one upset King of Graphite. Any questions? Will you be the King Of Black now? well it won't be Michael Jackson that's for sure
  11. What can I say, I'm one upset King of Graphite. Any questions? Will you be the King Of Black now?
  12. Were you drunk? Dude, I'm 16. I don't drink. You should, it's fun.
  13. Is it that difficult to align the D and the P? It looks like it.
  14. Damn, I guess he didn't know when to hold em.
  15. I love the Oregon Ducks mascot based on the fact that it's pretty much Donald Duck, and their logo actually is Donald so that's even better.
  16. That is a very sexy sig (although I would remove the empty space just to make it a little less wide, but that's just me). Although I don't like seeing that 12 by the M's, I'm very used to it by now...
  17. It's totally weird, but I love it!