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  1. Yea, Not sure why but when Mariners and A's play in a month or so. It will be Rainers vs Oaks. If I remember correctly, I believe it was in celebration of the 1955 PCL championship played between the Rainiers and the Angels, why they chose this year or today i'm not exactly sure.
  2. You're a month or two late with that one... there was even a debate about the picture being skewed! "The guys face on one picture looks fatter". You mean the guy's face looks fatter when he smiles versus him not smiling? Seriously? The pic is not skewed. That's just what the debate was, not what I'm saying. EDIT: Dont really want to get into this whole skewed vs unskewed thing haha, already been covered way too much
  3. That's true, and when a team did try to keep the flywire collar with their old colored collar(Texans)it ended up looking ridiculous.
  4. Just dropping in to share my thoughts: 1) Flywire looks TERRIBLE on pretty much all teams except maybe the Broncos. 2) Nike blew a big chance to fix a bunch of minor things with a lot of teams designs(colors/stripes/etc.) (2)a) The fact that Nike didn't fix the Niners stripes irritates the hell out of me, I've never understood the point of that design element of the Niners jersey, it always just looked like a cheap knock off to me. 3) Was hoping for a complete Carolina overhaul, maybe next year? 4) Overall a little underwhelming but I didn't expect a bunch of wholesale changes, I'm just a little disappointed that they didn't. Also, the biggest thing they added was the flywire and that thing IMO is more hideous than anything Reebok ever put out while they had the contract. That thing really leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I'm hoping it grows on me. 5) Extremely glad the Packers basically said " we're not doing any of that, this is what we look like and this is what we are going to look like" 6) I expect Nike to put its stamp on NFL jerseys more over the next few seasons, I'm pretty sure it's been confirmed(?) the Jags are getting new duds, so maybe next year more changes will come? So, that's pretty much my opinion, I don't post much here but I lurk a lot haha. Thanks for all the coverage guys.
  5. So it appears. Here's a good parallel to the Reebok Edge rollout. There are teams like the Texans and Bengals, who goofed up their jersey collars to conform to the new technology. There are teams like the Broncos and 49ers, who chopped off part of their pants stripes (in the Niners' case, Braisher stripes identical to the Packers') to conform to the new technology. And then there are teams like the Packers, who said to the manufaturer, "No, this is how we look, this is our brand, and this is how we are going to continue to look." The ultimate design decision still rests with the team. Blame Nike, Reebok, and/or adidas all you want for their silly proprietary cuts, templates, and innovations, but in the end, at the top tier of professional sport, the team still has to sign off on what they wear on the field of play. $100 for a screened replica that looks less like the real thing than ever before, and $135 for a screened twill replica. If I'm a Chinese counterfeiter, I'm doing cartwheels into a pile of cocaine-dusted hookers right about now. What's funny is the Packers replica actually looks pretty decent haha, I think just some jersey designs look better with these new Nike replicas. That one does look really really bad though.
  6. Are you seriously going to complain about a half inch of fabric cover that covers the stripe that won't even be seen when the jersey hangs loose or comes untucked? You won't even notice it during a game. yeeep, I am Because it's a lack of attention to detail. It could have been fixed, but it wasn't. To be fair, I like the flywire collar on us because it reinforces the two side stripes and helmet stripe pointing at the face, without the V breaking that up. Now the helmet and jersey stripes won't be the same color this year, so it will still break up the effect a little...... I could go on, but I won't. It's just the little things. Then explain to me how it could have been so easily fixed. Because, based on what I've seen, that seems to be the template that all the teams have the belt loop slightly covering the stripes. Outside of coming up with an entirely new template, I don't see how it's a lack of attention to detail. I would be more upset with the collar detail if I were you, but no, you can fixate on a slight incurrence by a belt loop. To be honest, I completely agree with him, it completely breaks up an important design element of the jersey and is completely unnecessary. Also, not every team has it, the Packers were able to keep their stripes intact.
  7. I completely agree, it seems like when they redesigned the look, they reversed the modernization of the logo and the jersey. i like the jersey layout sans numbers and I think the new logo is a huge improvement. I just cant stand the way the new logo looks on the new jersey; to me, it would be like the lightning revealing their new simplistic, classic layout and slapping their most modern logo on it, it just looks off to me. I think the stripes on the new jersey don't go well with the added motion of the triangle in the logo.
  8. 100% agree, even though they bastardize it with their jerseys (in a kind of fun way haha) i think the color combo is perfect and actually wish the Anaheim Ducks would switch to something more along these lines.
  9. Well I was actually more focused on the jersey/pant/sock combo than anything else, I just think everything within those elements work really well together
  10. Looking at the stands in the Coliseum, I'm pretty sure the average Oakland A's game is the least cared-about sporting event of all time. I mean, at least the Clippers don't have to hide entire sections of empty seats with an ugly tarp: You're a :censored:ing moron. Even with the tarp it holds over 36,000. And the A's have higher attendance than the Clippers The fact that it HOLDS over 36,000 really only goes against your argument when saying they outdraw the Clippers. A clippers home game only has a seating capacity of just under 20,000 people, so they should outdraw the Clippers. The Clippers averaged 17,742 fans...the A's are averaging just over 19,000, in fact, baseball games should outdraw most basketball games. Since there is a higher number of seats, you have to deal in which case the Clippers do outdraw the Athletics by a pretty substantial margin... ....but back to the topic at hand haha, even though I cant stand the team, this is by far(IMO) the best throwback jersey in the NFL and would love for the patriots to ditch Elvis and go back to this.
  11. If; in my opinion, it wasnt such a boring, bland look, i would totally agree with you. I just think they could make their set a million times better with just a few tweaks.
  12. If such a change is coming it won't be until the 2012-2013 season. Which would also be the Ducks' 20th year (19th season) of existence. Might be the perfect time to make a change. But this does seem the way it's going. Every promotional opportunity has the Ducks wearing their 3rd. Since this jersey's inception, the only times the Ducks haven't worn their 3rds have been at the ASG Skills Competition and at the NHL Draft. And even at the ASG, Wildwing wore the 3rd. Besides that they've worn it in the playoffs, at the Ducks in-house skills competition, newspaper ads, at hospital vists, other charity events, Perry wore it at promo things in Vegas, in Santa Monica after the NHL Awards, on SportsCenter, at the Angels game, and even the OC Register's full page ad congratulating Perry had him in the 3rd jersey. If they aren't pushing for the 3rd to become full-time (or at the very least finally moving the D to the primary, that thing is everywhere in the Ducks' marketing this season), then they sure have a funny way of showing it. Yup, and if you remember, the year before they went to their current jerseys, they started wearing their alternate eggplant jersey a lot. Which is kind of the style they were going for with the new set- dark colors, black primary, wordmark across the chest. They especially wore these during the playoffs in 05-06(kind of like they did this year with their alt) In my opinion, i'm not the biggest fan of the new third as the primary, while I do like the third jersey, I cant help but think their jersey would look great if they would just replace the wordmark with the D, especially since the curve on the D would match the curve on the main jersey's stripe design and could make for some nice continuity in the jersey, oh, and also replace the black with forest green
  13. Might be something, might be nothing- Corey Perry threw out the first pitch for tonights Angels game in the Duck's alternate, still advertising? Or a preview of a change coming to their primaries?
  14. The Anaheim Ducks are the only reason we even think of "Anaheim" being a legit location name to begin with. The Los Angeles Rams played in Anaheim during their final years in southern California, and the Angels were known as the California Angles for 31 years while in Anaheim. When the Mighty Ducks entered the NHL they had to work out a deal with the Los Angeles Kings, seeing as the Ducks would be infringing on the Kings' media market. Part of the deal, if I remember correctly, was that the Ducks couldn't brand themselves as a Los Angeles team. So they went with Anaheim. Had that not been part of the deal, had they Ducks entered the league as the Los Angeles Mighty Ducks (or Mighty Ducks of Los Angeles), no one would question Anaheim-based teams using the Los Angeles moniker. Well I think that another big reason they went with the "Anaheim" moniker is that they were a Disney entity and Disneyland is based in Anaheim, which is also one of the biggest reasons Disney decided to buy the Angels. I think the biggest reason Anaheim is looking like an ideal location is because thats just the city around the Orange County area that sports have decided to cling too and I believe the Orange County area can support their own teams without the Los Angeles connection.
  15. Srry no more of my totally horrible attempts at humor haha
  16. Ya...but thats kinda why I like it though, i think it's an improvement over the last few years versions for sure.
  17. Apparently this may be the reasons the Rams haven't been good the last couple years, their scouting department is too busy getting drunk and peeing on buildings My link
  18. Ya, its not the nicest arena in the world, but its beyond serviceable, I've been to Honda Center many times and its still a pretty nice arena. Also, having been to both Arco and Honda, I can def say that Honda is about 1000 times better than Arco haha.
  19. I think the 'A' one looks a little better, I kinda like what you have going here and being a Packers fan, trying to change the logo is almost like sacrilege , but these are pretty nice concepts, p.s. i cant help but think that if you turned them 90 degrees, they would make great real-estate logos cause they kinda look like houses haha
  20. Mighty Kings sounds terrible IMO. But if Disney gets part ownership they could name them the Lion Kings. How about just the Anaheim Mighty?? haha, cant be any worse than the Thunder
  21. Well i think part of it has to do with the fact they were part of the very first ABA game...but you're right, outside of that they don't have much history and they only lasted in Anaheim for one season before moving to LA to become the Stars(where they lasted for 3(?) seasons i believe then went to Utah). Besides, I really don't like the Amigo name anyway, I think they should go with a German rooted name considering "Anaheim" is of German origin, but thats just a little pipe dream of mine haha.
  22. Darn, forgot how sharp their cap looks like with a blue crown. I know that they want to be LA's red team and all, but the navy crown is so much better for showing off that cap logo. I talk to my friend about this all the time, I agree that the blue crown with red bill looks really really sharp with the red batting practice jersey, I just dont see it looking that well with their all white home jerseys. I just dont think there's enough blue on those jerseys to make it look as nice as the red cap. On the other hand, I think if they would replace all the silver piping on their red jerseys with blue, then I think the blue cap would match perfectly with the alternate jerseys. I've always been a huge fan of their hat though so I'm a little against change, and i've also been clamoring for them to bring back the halo on the top of the hat so take my input with a grain of salt
  23. I think that the re-located Kings would end up on KDOC; KDOC's ownership group include Henry Samueli, and I think they'll get first dibs on a broadcast deal if the Kings should decide to move to Anaheim. Like their arrangement with the Ducks, it wouldn't be surprising if Fox Sports Net handles the production of the basketball Kings telecasts. It's only going to be for a season, but should Fox Sports ink the Kings for a broadcast rights deal, they'll have a already busy roster of teams to schedule for air time. After 2011-12, the Lakers will be gone from Fox Sports West, and even with the Clippers, I'm sure the powers-that-be at FSN would want a team that's going to fill those dates lost by Laker coverage. You may be right Madman plus KDOC is a indy station so they don't have to worry about show conflict and I been hearing that the Angels may return to KTLA in 2012. As for KCAL they'll going to lose the Lakers after next season and I think they may end up with the Clippers and I also think the Kings will also be on KCAL.. The hockey team LOL. Just throwin this out there, but for years there has been talk of Arte Moreno wanting to create his own Angels channel, like what the Yankees have with YES, maybe if the Kings move to Anaheim, there would be a joint venture between the three Orange County teams to create an OC sports network or something along those lines. P.S.- I think it would be cool if they branded them the "Orange County -----", but "Anaheim ----" would be cool, and for gods sake, IF they move to anaheim and IF they get a new name, can we please stop with the "oh, are they gonna call themselves the "Orange County Kings of Anaheim slightly below Los Angeles" its just not funny anymore haha