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  1. This is a dark period for monikers in MiLB right now. In an attempt to garner attention (and merchandise sales), too many teams are opting for ridiculous, asinine names and logos. Teams should be looking to the culture and surroundings of where they play for inspiration. Instead, they let outsiders force cartoony, moronic names and logos on the fanbase. Case in point, New Orleans. If you polled the locals here in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish (where the team actually plays), you will find the overwhelming majority of the fans despise that idiotic "Baby Cakes" name. There were several other names (honestly, none so good), but the out of town general manager and ownership, along with a certain San Diego based graphic design company, decided this was a fantastic name for the rebranded Zephyrs. But, no one in New Orleans knew what a baby cake was, other than a name for a mobster's mol/girlfriend. The GM explained that he couldn't call the team the King Cakes, because, when Googled, it wouldn't be on the top of the page. Plus, he always hears locals calling each other "baby". So, he mashed the two. Unfortunately for the locals, the merchandise seems to be selling, just not locally. People aren't going to the games, but some one in Des Moines is buying the cap, and that means money for the team. Hell, even the sports casters don't call them the "baby cakes", but just Cakes. They don;t even have a jersey with the "Baby Cakes" wordmark. But, I digress; after two years it still irritates me to no end. As for parent club names, I do mind those. But I like it more when a minor league teams makes it their own: different script, different logo. Think St. Louis and Memphis; Chicago and South Bend; Cleveland and Kinston.
  2. None. You probably shouldn't have given the option of "no ads" because most of your audience here is against it. The results of your survey will look like a Russian election: 99% for no adds with a smattering of votes for the optional ad placements.
  3. Well, that's unfortunate that the New Orleans baseball club is in the top 25. Obviously, people around the country are buying merchandise because no one down here is. Since they introduced that asinine name, I don't think I've seen more than a couple of dozen people wearing caps or shirts. But, then, I suppose they're competing with the Saints and LSU...
  4. Cleveland Indians: Drop the "C" caps, especially the red one. Also, maybe it's time for the nameplates to be retired... (San Diego) Chargers: Drop the stylized numbers and bring back the multi outlined "San Diego" numbers. MLB: Striped socks for all! Even better, striped stirrups! Anaheim Ducks: Eggplant in lieu of black on their new 3rds. Or, how about just reverting to the old color scheme with the newer logos. Boston Celtics: No black. Ever. San Diego Padres: Keep the Friar on the sleeve.
  5. Whoa.... they've really outdone themselves, what with the black and white and itty bitty team logo is grey tones....
  6. Question: Because of the stars and stripes/patriotic themes, does this mean Cleveland and Atlanta do not play at home on any given 4th of July week?
  7. He doesn't like it. The majority of the baseball fans in the New Orleans think it's an asinine name, forced onto us by outsiders that have no concept of the city and its culture. Our only hope is that the "baby" in baby cakes is dropped, Baby Finster is relegated to a tertiary logo and they eventually evolve into the King Cakes (since every other MiLB team has a food moniker, if only for a day). I mean, the "N.O." logo with the king cake is pretty sweet (HA...see what I did there...cake...sweet.... you'll laugh later....)
  8. Riddle me this: Are more and more minor league jerseys using sublimated graphics as opposed to traditional tackle twill/stitches/sewn on letters and patches? Or is it an illusion due to using lighter weight materials and lighting?
  9. Is it funny, as in "haha" or funny, as in pathetic:
  10. 25 patch for the New Orleans baseball club. Note the absence of baby Finster. Hopefully, this may lead to the removal of that ridiculous logo and name and perhaps they will consider a more palatable moniker like the King Cakes...
  11. Did anyone consider the placement of the ties on that uniform?
  12. The answer is simply a plain, blue cap. Can't offend anyone if there's nothing there. Besides, way back when the Cleveland Baseball Club (don;t want to use that "I" word) wore a plain, blue cap, so it's historically accurate.
  13. But you still have a script home jersey and a block away jersey, and the crooked C does not take any lines or elements from either one. Personally, I'm fine with the jerseys being different. Someone suggested a third jersey with the old runes lettering spelling out "Tribe". That can introduce the crooked "C" back into the uniform. Then again, like I said, leave Wahoo alone and keep the current uniform set. I like it, but I am in the minority....
  14. People have constantly complained that Cleveland's uniform set is muddled enough already, what with script on the home and block letters on the road and (until this year) another block lettering on the cream jerseys, then with Wahoo or the "I" on the cap or the atrocious block "C" . I like the crooked "C", but that's just adding another element to the uniform. I'd stick with Wahoo....
  15. No chance of seeing some socks with Wahoo on them, huh?
  16. I guess you have to ask yourself what a "baby cake" is... Many online dictionaries say: babycakes noun A sweetheart or other cherished person •A term of endearment: Hey, baby-cakes, let's see those pecs/ So, these images do not show a girlfriend, a significant other, a lover etc etc. Let's also clarify that we do not call it a "baby cake", but rather a king cake, and the doll inside is a king cake baby. "Baby Cakes" was chosen by Brandiose (from San Diego) and GM Cookie Rojas (from Cuba, I believe), not the locals. But, I'm just a local that is embarrassed that I support a team where they'll be chanting "LET'S GO BABY CAKES" *clap clap clap clap*
  17. This travesty... Loathed my the natives of New Orleans, but still being rammed down our throats...
  18. This is a Russian league? Why is everything in English, and not Cyrillic? But, then I ask the same about Japanese baseball jerseys.....
  19. Yeah...I do believe there will be even more backlash to that ridiculous, embarrassing name come April. I'm hoping, in the end, they just stick with the NOLA jersey and the N.O. cap.... Because, asking professional ball players to wear "BabyCakes" across their chest can't possibly go over well.
  20. Gee... an independent team can come up with a far better identity and logo than a AAA team (see New Orleans)....
  21. I know I will be attacked for this, but I am hoping for some civil conversation.... How is this: Different than this: Both are caricatures; both have exaggerated features; both are minorities. Yet, the Disney character will sell Tshirts and dolls and $400M in movie tickets. And Wahoo is considered a raciest image. (I realize there was some discussion over a Halloween costume for boys, but I never fully understood the controversy) So, what is the difference between these two characters? And, please, don't attack me, don't call me a raciest, don't tell me I'm naive. I will respect your views. But, I am honestly curious at what image one finds offensive while another, which seems to be in the same vein, is not.
  22. They're hoping at least one catches on so they can justify this abomination...
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