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  1. At a Bills game someone with a Ted Washington jersey only the namplate was BIG FAT TED. At a Sabres game PHUKIEUX with the number, of course...69.
  2. Providence wore these Friday and will wear them again today.
  3. Actually, I just got an email from a friend who was shown the new Sabres logo by a Reebok rep and said that that was the one he saw.
  4. I was clicking aroud the links on and noticed that the LockMonsters link brings you to this Lowell Devils Hockey the site is just a press release then I noticed the web address.
  5. Found another site with teams listed, some with photos of helmets. ACFL
  6. Don't know how helpful it is but I found this website. Firebirds
  7. Check out the reebok logo in the photo.
  8. They also wore Boston Royal Giants uni's in a game in Toronto, the Jays wore Chatam All Star's uni's, in a tribute to the Negro Leagues
  9. I don't know if this has been posted but, I found this photo of the Trashers logo from their bus and player unveiling.
  10. No... that isn't the rumor. Howard Baldwin - owner of the AHL's new Des Moines, Iowa-based franchise - has actually been negotiating with the Dallas Stars. It is expected that the Stars will place their top farm team in Des Moines in time for the 2005-2006 season. As for the Minnesota Wild, at one time their parent company had been exploring the possibility of placing a farm team in Des Moines, as well as managing the new arena there. However, since that deal fell through, the Wild have actually bought a percentage of the Houston Aeros. Given that they own a piece of the team, expect the Wild to maintain a minor-league presence in Houston for the forseeable future. Brian in Boston My bad... I haven't really followed the whole thing too closely. I never do until they take the ice. The way AHL teams have wandered in the past you never know where they will end up. I know originaly the Wild seemed deeply interested in placing their affiliate there.
  11. Yes, it is. I believe he tried to buy the Wolf Pack before purchasing the Louisville franchise.
  12. They probably didn't want to do too much to the Aeros as the Wild will most likely be "taking off" and "landing" in Des Moines, IA next season, as is the rumor. If that's the case they definitely suceeded in not doing too much. I love the part about SP designing and producing the jerseys. Wow, how long did it take to copy the Wild template and put the logo on the shoulders?
  13. Here are the front and backs in their auctions...
  14. Legend, shmegend. Hey, I need something to blame it on. The first time I ever get to go to ND and they line up in the tunnel with those things on. I turned to my fiance and said "they're going to lose." And sure enough. Sure, I could blame it on the all the fumbles but, that would be rational and it fits with the board blaming it on the jerseys. In actuality I kind of like them except for the fact my only trip there I saw them lose in them. The hockey team broke a nice green jersey for a tourney game in Florida with the "Irish" script across it that looked pretty sweet.
  15. Here it is... ND AUTHENTIC JERSEY Now if they could just get rid of that cursed green jersey....