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  1. Apologies for the Photo Bucket watermark!
  2. Evening all. I recently finished updating all 32 teams. Sadly I got to posting 25 and didn't finish the thread which is typical but none the less I'm pretty chuffed I got all 32 done including throwbacks and Color Rush uniforms. As I didn't display all the uniforms I thought I'd display them week by week as uniform matchups, offering an alternate view of the real life matchups that will be seen the next 6 months. Feel free to pass on any C&C and general observations on the match ups themselves. Hall of Fame - Denver Broncos @ Atlanta Falcons
  3. As always, thanks for the C&C. I'll try to update the concepts to reflect your ideas in the near future. For now I've completed the Washington Redskins. I've attempted to clean up the logo and closer resemble the local tribes around the DC area. I also went back to the old 'R' version of the helmet logo. Washington Redskins Home & Road As the Redskins is such an iconic uniform I've kept this relatively simple. I've thickened the sleeve stripes and included the 'head' logo on the sleeve which is in honour of the early Redskin uniforms. Washington Redskins Color Rush A simple yellow version of the Home and Road Uniform Washington Redskins Throwback It's slowly becoming an iconic throwback and so I've kept with the 1938 uniform.
  4. New Orleans Saints Home & Road I haven't done a lot with this uniform as it's pretty clean. I've taken inspiration from this years Draft Caps and gone with the New Orleans city flag three fleur-de-lis. I've also changed the Saints' fleur-de-lis to replicate the city emblems. New Orleans Saints Color Rush Not very exciting. Created really in order to provide black pant to the Home & Road set. New Orleans Saints Throwback That's it for now guys. Next up are the Washington Redskins (Braves).
  5. Philadelphia Eagles Home & Road I've gone back to the Kelly Green look whilst still holding onto some of the current look. The current wings on the helmet and the eagles head logo are fantastic and I didn't want to change them beyond the colouring. Philadelphia Eagle Color Rush Nothing over the top. Just and all Kelly Green beast. Philadelphia Throwback This is based on the 1948 uniform.
  6. Arizona Cardinals Home & Road The current set in my opinion is awful. It's out of date and too busy. I've reverted back to the classic Cardinals uniform but have included the state flag on the home uniforms. I've also got rid of the stripes from the road jersey. I wanted to mix the concept up slightly but keep it relatively classic so I used the iconic Arizona skyline to create a 'colourful' trim to the numbers and stripes. Arizona Cardinals Color Rush In this set I've taken the skyline striping and put it in the sleeves. Arizona Cardinals Throwback Nothing exciting here. Just the classic Chicago Cardinals uniform.
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Home & Road I found it quite difficult to get the Buccaneers going. I wanted to get the 'Creamsicle' look in but couldn't justify the Orange, Red and White look. The pewter had to stay because of the Super Bowl win. As a compromise I've reworked the logo as a homage to the old uniforms. For the remaining elements of the uniform I've tried to take inspiration from 'Black Beard'. The stripes under the arm pit represent his pistols. This is certainly not my favourite concept but I've tried something new whilst holding onto the past. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Color Rush Here was my opportunity to get in the Creamsicle look. It's horrible and doesn't work with the pewter helmet but I thought I'd crow bar it into the set. Now that's Tampa Bay out the way!
  8. Atlanta Falcons Home & Road I've reworked the Falcon and added gold to the set. I've always liked the subtle gold in the first uniforms and this is a way to hark back to the early days. The intention for the gold face mask is to mix up the standard grey face mask whilst working with the gold accents. Hopefully it works... Atlanta Falcons Color Rush Atlanta Falcons Throwback
  9. Los Angeles Rams Home & Road Sticking with the Rams drive towards a basic Navy/White combo. Knowing the love that's been given to the Throwback uniforms I've stuck with this style. Pretty basic but I like how clean it is. Los Angeles Color Rush Stuck with the basic uniform structure but I've thrown the gold back into the uniform. This could easily be used more often than as the Color Rush set. Los Angeles Throwback Not a lot to say here. Iconic.
  10. *Edited* Jacksonville Jaguars Home & Road I actually really like the current Jags set. It's really crisp (if you exclude the odd stripes around the collar). With this set I've kept the sleeve pattern but replicated the stripe pattern of their original jerseys. I've also made teal the home jersey and thrown in gold pants. This looks slightly odd when it's presented below but I think it would look pretty strong in motion. I've now updated the road uniform to include some teal as per @Punchy_Gungus advice. Many thanks. Jacksonville Jaguars Color Rush The Color Rush set is pretty dull but allows a black jersey and black pants to be thrown in the uniform mix later in the season. That's the AFC wrapped up. NFC next.
  11. Kansas City Chiefs Home & Road Again an absolute classic uniform that I didn't want to change up in anyway really. The uniform has remained practically untouched in 50 years so I didn't want to mess about. The only changes I've made are to the logo and the script. I've made the 'arrowhead' more like the arrowheads found around Missouri. Kansas City Chiefs Color Rush I've gone with a yellow uniform as this is the only time I'd be willing to mix up their classic uniform. Kansas City Chiefs Throwback The uniform is the 1963 uniform from their first year as the Kansas City Chiefs. Nothing too exciting beyond the lack of stripes on the jerseys, grey face masks and original KC Chiefs logo. Let me know what you think. I'll be putting up Jacksonville Jaguars later today and then tomorrow I'll kick off the NFC (minus the Carolina Panthers who I uploaded out of sync) with the Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  12. It's been awhile guys but I've been working my through the last remaining AFC teams. Next up are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs. Pittsburgh Steelers Home & Road There are certain teams that I'm reluctant to change to drastically and this is again one of them. With the Home & Road set I've kept it largely unchanged except for going with a grey face mask and old type numbers. Pittsburgh Steelers Color Rush The Color Rush uniform is based on the 1940s uniform. There isn't really any historical or important linkage to the uniform other than the fact that the original uniform lent itself well to the Color Rush concept. Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Based on the 1966-69 uniform. I liked the simplicity and the yellow shoulders. I hope you like this set. Kansas City Chiefs up next.
  13. Next up... Las Vegas Raiders Home & Road Las Vegas Raiders Color Rush
  14. Next up are the Miami Dolphins. I've spent a bit of time working on both logos for them. The primary logo is a mix of the old logo (which is iconic) and the new modern which is a bit pump. I've also taken a bit of inspiration from city and county seals. The sun burst pattern in the primary logo is based on the burst in the Miami-Dade seal. The secondary logo is an updated version of the Miami seal for the Dolphins. Miami Dolphins Home & Road Miami Dolphins Color Rush Miami Dolphins Throwback
  15. Thanks for the views @BellaSpurs and @MCM0313; so the navy Colts was not a hit... I've adjusted the Colts' Home & Road to lighten the uniforms but kept the striping patterns as it is as I wanted to maintain the white/blue/white pattern throughout. Uploading Miami Dolphins now.
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