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  1. All I see in the 'net' is Russell Westbrook's W logo.
  2. Yeah, I think the CFP is sticking with that look for their title game look. The semis still operate as a bowl, and less as an entity of the CFP.
  3. Oklahoma is higher ranked, and as the designated home team, will be wearing crimson. It seems the PTOR committee and grounds crew chose the contrast they always like to have on the field...
  4. TCU is going all white tomorrow against OU, wearing gloss helmets with the TCU+frog logo.
  5. It's just stripes in each teams' colors...
  6. I think Portland Stags has a nice ring to it.
  7. I remember something to the effect that Nike wouldn't let them wear the Jordan Brand unis in the Final Four, since they weren't a Jordan Brand school, and it was merely a catalog order...
  8. Oklahoma [unfortunately] is going crimson on crimson on crimson; and outside of this combo with a cream lid, exhausts this run of alts... https://twitter.com/OU_Football/status/916016651027582981 quick picture upload
  9. OU is going stormtrooper at Baylor with the "Bring the Wood" alts...
  10. Tulane is at Oklahoma today and is going W/W/Gray, with the "Angry Wave" on the helmet. https://twitter.com/GreenWaveFB/status/908378825330851840
  11. Energy FC just dropped their new UA kits... https://shop.energyfc.com/product-p/ua-primary-home.htm https://shop.energyfc.com/product-p/ua-secondary-road.htm
  12. I'm pretty sure it's been discussed in the comments sections on UniWatch a time or two...wish I could remember the name of the comapny. BigTime Sports
  13. With Nike taking over the football apparel rights, I'd imagine we'll see yellow incorporated into the cancer awareness a la Nike/Lance's LIVESTRONG.
  14. Here's some video from 'on' the court, courtesy the OU Women's team... Sooners Practice at Alamodome