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  1. It refers to the practice of cutting the buds of flowers off of certain plants before they have a chance to bloom. This is done to encourage the growth of fruits or leaves instead, which are of more value as food sources.
  2. The mayor of Quebec City, Regis Labeaume, has announced on Monday in a council meeting that the municipality should go name an offer next April looking to the realization of the labor of the Colisee. The candidates will have to engage to respect the norms of the NHL during the labor. So, Quebec takes the forefront in the eventualty where a team in the league should install itself in the national capital. So basically, the city is going to approve a construction bid in a month and they're going to renovate the Colisee to NHL standards so that Quebec City is the leading candidate for the Coyotes. So hey, there we go. Quebec considers itself the Capital of Canada?
  3. The script font above. Thanks in advance!
  4. I don't see that as worrisome. While both are old. she is 13 years younger than him, so that was done solely for estate purposes as women live longer than men on average. Right. The coach who refuses to retire is thinking about his estate. After a grabs jury starts looking into his decade-long coverup of child-rape. I suppose in the list of things we're told by his backers to believe, this isn't the least plausible, but it's close. What's amazing is that his response to te revelations was so jan-fisted and tone-deaf, considering that he knew that day was coming. There's a certain amount of delicious irony when a blowhard can't type "ham-fisted." Must have been using your ham fists! Edit: That's not to say I disagree with your point. It does seem *kind of* sketchy, even for a really old guy with a much younger wife. You were just terrible at making it.
  5. Montreal Charlotte Portland Nashville Brooklyn I can't fathom why Charlotte always gets mentioned as a candidate. It's got the same transplanted-population issue that Tampa does, with an easy 1 million fewer people living in the metropolitan area than Tampa. The Knights were dead last in International League attendance last year, attracting just over 4,000 people per game. They DO have a good corporate base, but so much of that is in banking and finance, and I don't think those companies are chomping at the bit to get involved in sports sponsorship right now. The area still has unemployment above 10%. The Panthers are supported well, but it's no secret that football is king in the Carolinas and they only have 8 home dates a year.
  6. Need help with a couple of fonts... looking for the two in the images below. Many thanks to anyone who can look past the subject matter and provide clues! And no, I'm not a Nazi. But this particular combination of fonts, from History Channel's documentary "Third Reich" seems particularly well suited to making propaganda-style pieces.
  7. Why is anyone putting ANY stock into what an owner says about whether his team is moving or not? No owner is willing to risk the bad publicity right now of expressing an interest in leaving while also asking people to buy tickets for a season that may not happen. I guarantee you that no matter what they say publicly, all of these teams are licking their chops at the prospects of moving to LA. Or at the very least, leveraging that possibility for a new stadiumin their present locations.
  8. Just wanted to say... nice font in your icon. Defused! I used it and bought the license from the developer for the title of the novel I wrote and printed off. Awesome font. :)

  9. Now that this site is down, got an updated Templates DB for us STL? SSUR Template Page You're welcome
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