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  1. Boston College could wear these or the Glen Foley set all the time and I'd be 100% okay with it. I've always been partial to the Hasselbeck/Woody/Cloud uniforms for BC. The double outlines on the numbers bring it down a notch. A single outline would work much better. The BC trim is pretty cool. Reebok made some great college jerseys in the 90's- early 2000's
  2. another one..this one might be considered a bit of a stretch. Wyoming High School in Cincinnati Indianapolis Colts (obviously)
  3. Top 25 Ranked Colerain High School in Cincinnati Louisville Cardinals.
  4. Jordan sponsored the USA Olympic boxing team I believe.
  5. The back of the helmet represents the monument in the stadium honoring the stadiums namesake James Gamble Nippert who was died as a result of an injury her got during a game.
  6. A better shot of the helmet. Below is the Lindner Athletic Facility
  7. Cincinnati just released it's homecoming uniforms... Not only celebrating homecoming, but the major renovation of Nippert Stadium and the Stadiums 100th anniversary.
  8. Looks like the interim AD has seen the design...
  9. Are those dog tags on the left chest? Yes, those are dog tags. I am trying to find a better picture.
  10. St. Xavier High School (Bombers) in Cincinnati, also getting the full Adidas treatment that Long Beach Poly received.
  11. Much improved in my opinion.
  12. Not sure if this warrants a thread but came across this and found it interesting. Michigan Football to be the first Jordan Football school.
  13. Numbers need an outline I hate the numbers and think the "pattern" is way overused. Other than that, they are ok.
  14. Cincinnati has just released their under armour unis. '