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  1. Looks like FSU recently got their playoff and ACC championship rings.
  2. Also this guy...these are truly amazing, bring old logos back to life! Very impressive.
  3. Keep in mind, along with this (NCAA) ring, they get the school (obviously) but also a big ten champion and likely a sugar bowl champion ring as well. That's almost a handful in one season.
  4. That is one of the ugliest rings I've ever seen. Who designed?
  5. Also..the Reds 1956 ROAD Jerseys were some of my favorites...i might be in the minority there.
  6. Do these count...more of a few games rather than a season.
  7. Off topic..but love the Cincy unis in this pic...i believe that's Dermarr Johnson.
  8. As a packer fan, seeing Brett in a Jets uni will be hard enough, I agree, thak God it isnt one of those lime green and white disasters they used to where. Now I think they have one of the better unis in the league, so that might help ease the pain a little
  9. With Brett Favre there is only one "right" uniform, the packers. Any other uni he is in I would considder wrong, and strange.
  10. everyones talking about Favre as a Jet..... But what about this...
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