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  1. The way it was described by the Chicago media today made it sound like the NFL was behind the design. All teams will wear the NFL 100 patch while the Bears will wear this one. Sounded like the league wanted continuity with the separate designs.
  2. You wouldn't need to twist Adidas' arm to approve this concept! I like the simple update and, although not mentioned in your description, how the striping mimics the winged-wheel tire tracks. I think this set would be extra popular around Christmas!
  3. If the Niners are breaking "tradition" and messing with the sleeve stripes/pants I think they should tie the whole thing together the same way that Florida does it. Maintain the gold/red/white/red/gold stripe pattern throughout the set regardless of the background color that it sits on. It would even make, dare I say it, a black alt palatable if gold was incorporated at least a little bit. My apologies for the crudeness of the mock-up, I have no idea what I'm doing with vectors(?), just downloaded a program to see if what was in my head made sense on paper/screen!
  4. I think these could be improved with gold stripes outside of the red stripes, providing stripe uniformity ala Florida. The home set could follow suit with a G/R/W/R/G striping pattern. I get that this might seem like a radical departure from the "traditional" Niners look for some. But, they've tried other looks in the past and this tweak would be closest to them getting it right, IMO.