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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I'm working on a version of the wordmark that is a bit more spread out but I need to mess around with the scaling dimensions a bit. I'll post the update next weekend.
  2. I never liked that font for uni numbers but agree that it could totally work here. Any idea what it's called? I'll probably stick with the colors because I used to hate how we flipped back and forth between vegas/athletic gold depending on the sport. Want to keep the brand consistent.
  3. Thanks again to everyone that provided C&C. I tried to apply all of the feedback and suggestions and love what came of it. The Red Sox number font fits SO well with the monogram/style - it might be my favorite part of the concept outside of the Shamrock Baseball logo. Would love to hear thoughts on which home (whites) and road (greys) are preferred.
  4. Colors are the official school colors. I tried a white border around the gold for contrast but I didn’t love the look. I will post it when I get a chance this week. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to work on a white jersey soon and love the idea a classic number font. The school currently uses Nike Ithaca for all sports so I kept it for consistency’s sake. The Red Sox number font was part of my inspiration for the monogram so I will give that a shot.
  6. Small world indeed. I almost went to Cross myself. Was 50/50 until the final minute. Thank you for the feedback!
  7. Thanks! I saw something similar done with a four leaf clover awhile back and wanted to apply the idea to St Pats’ Shamrock logo.
  8. I graduated and played baseball at Saint Patrick HS back in 2000. The baseball team always took a backseat to the football and basketball teams so jerseys were usually pretty standard stock from our suppliers. No custom fonts or logos. So, I figured I’d sketch out what I’d want to wear if I were still playing. The SP monogram and Celtic Shamrock sleeve logo are custom designed by me. I wanted to go with a classic look because the school has been around for over 150 years. Would love to hear feedback on what you like and what I should work on. Thanks!
  9. I completely agree. That was my tweet that Uni-Watch RT'd btw. Back in January '18 I mocked up versions of every adidas garbage collar to see if the Hawks' look could be salvaged. This was the best option I was able to come up with. It still sucks. There's no good reason they can't produce a traditional v-neck for untouchables like the Blackhawks. Five more years of stomaching this adidas trash.
  10. jn8 is correct but I was intrigued by the idea so I made a version with tan pants. I didn't expect to like it but I do. I'd still stick with the navy, though, even if it weren't historically accurate. Plus, I don't want my Bears to be responsible for starting a tan for tan's sake trend
  11. I've been a member of the boards for over 13 years and finally felt it was time to contribute my first concept. I've enjoyed checking out everyone's contributions over the years so I'm thankful for all your work. I downloaded the template from a Google search so thank you to whoever created it, if you're out there! Not a whole lot of risks taken with this but it's what I am expecting (and REALLY hoping) to see the Bears roll out on June 7 at the 100th Anniversary Celebration. It pays homage (and is a proper throwback) to the Bears of the mid-30's led by Bronko Nagurski. We've seen about everything they could possibly do with a navy or orange throwback so I wanted to go with white. Odds are good that they'll wear the 100th anniversary jersey in the opener against Green Bay so it would make sense to wear white as they've done so in a few openers over the last decade or so. (I am not a huge fan of the leotard pant look but thought it worked with the extra-stripey striped socks.) Here we go...
  12. The way it was described by the Chicago media today made it sound like the NFL was behind the design. All teams will wear the NFL 100 patch while the Bears will wear this one. Sounded like the league wanted continuity with the separate designs.
  13. You wouldn't need to twist Adidas' arm to approve this concept! I like the simple update and, although not mentioned in your description, how the striping mimics the winged-wheel tire tracks. I think this set would be extra popular around Christmas!
  14. If the Niners are breaking "tradition" and messing with the sleeve stripes/pants I think they should tie the whole thing together the same way that Florida does it. Maintain the gold/red/white/red/gold stripe pattern throughout the set regardless of the background color that it sits on. It would even make, dare I say it, a black alt palatable if gold was incorporated at least a little bit. My apologies for the crudeness of the mock-up, I have no idea what I'm doing with vectors(?), just downloaded a program to see if what was in my head made sense on paper/screen!
  15. I think these could be improved with gold stripes outside of the red stripes, providing stripe uniformity ala Florida. The home set could follow suit with a G/R/W/R/G striping pattern. I get that this might seem like a radical departure from the "traditional" Niners look for some. But, they've tried other looks in the past and this tweak would be closest to them getting it right, IMO.