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  1. Dont like the yellow numbers on Oregons green jersey...
  2. These are awesome lol. Great thread
  3. I added helmets to mine. Not that I find 4 helmets necessary, but just for kicks.
  4. I think it looks good. A little refining will make it awesome.
  5. I like 'em. They're kinda crazy and usual but thats what Oregons about and I love it.
  6. There is a lot of disapproval of the Oregon football uniforms with all their colors and combinations. I thought it would be fun to start developing some solutions. So if you got some concept ideas, lets see 'em. I'll get things started: Not my best work but somethin I threw together using a miami template. A little simpler than what they have now anyway.
  7. Thanks! That looks awesome!
  8. They look awesome. Can u do the Miami Hurricanes with the Rev or the helmet from your site and instead of "The University of Miami" just write "The U" ? *BTW love the site
  9. Orange on orange looks bad enough, not to mention the clash with LSU's yellow. This game was tough on the eyes.
  10. Anyone got pics of Miami(FL) in action?
  11. The article says this years yellow helmet is still in the developmental stage. Thats not the final version. During the game on Saturday they showed a picture of a yellow helmet with the green O on both sides and a black facemask. Who knows what it will look like when they wear it.
  12. I wouldn't rule that out so fast. I'm not sayin they won't do it (they'll do anything) but I highly advise them not to. That would not look good. Plus they've never done it in the past.
  13. From;ATCLID=299694: "In addition to the green, yellow and white uniforms Oregon has employed in the past, it will add a predominantly black version to the wardrobe similar to the uniforms the Ducks unveiled in last year's 56-14 win against Oregon State. The option of helmets Oregon will have available will expand from the one green version that it has worn since 1999 to an all-white variety and a third yellow helmet that is still in a developmental stage." It says their black. (The current ones that is)