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  1. If you go to sports that logo is listed as the secondary if you dont believe me look for yourself Packers logo But that doesn't mean it is, now does it? *grabs intercom and calls for PANTONE to come with the NFL Style Guide to settle the matter*
  2. Mein Gott, no. (1) I've got plenty of angst toward Hasek at the moment, but John Muckler should have known that schmuck Hasek would do something like this if he was hurt. I'm not going to even get into the move for Tyler Arnason. You gave up Bochenski for that malcontent? *sigh* (2) I love virtually all NHL players from Slovakia, but they all to a man do a vanishing act in the playoffs. I just don't get it. Marian Hossa? Feared sniper in the regular season, on a milk carton come playoff time. Zdeno Chara? Norris-calibre defenceman during the regular season, invisible in the postseason. I say keep Wade Redden, and get some value for Chara. Unlike you say, you can't just find an offensive defenceman just anywhere. Defencive specialists? They're a dime a dozen. Just ask the Philadelphia Flyers... (3) Heck no to Sakic. You're going to have to move Alfredsson if you sign him just to clear out Cap room, much less to keep the locker room calm. I'd rather move Alfredsson to get someone younger, with the same scoring touch, but a lot tougher. In the vein of redeeming Dany Heatley, I'd roll the dice and try to get Todd Betruzzi from Vancouver in a deal for Alfredsson. Now, I already hear the cries from here, but think about it. You bring him in and don't even put a letter on his jersey (I'd give the C to Redden, and make Spezza and Phillips alternates), and just ask him to be a big mean scorer and relax, as you won't be giving him any tangible responsibility. Betruzzi, in top form, would be a wash in the offensive department, but a large upgrade in the physicality department in comparison to Alfredsson. For Betruzzi, it would be a badly-needed change of scenery, as well as keeping him in Canada, which helps in the ongoing civil case by Steve Moore. The problem with Ottawa is how you're going to give them the moxie to win the Stanley Cup without wrecking the team chemistry. The front office has already seen that they needed a new voice behind the bench (Which I think was 100% correct, as Bryan Murray did a lot more to have the team to play to their talents rather than the trap-and-dump tactics of Jacques Martin), a new goalie (jury's out on this, though Lalime's performance in St. Louis proved moving him was correct), and now needs to change the locker room voice. I'd much rather see them make a Captain out of someone on the team already rather than bring in someone from the outside, not matter who they are.
  3. I assume to show us what the "futuristic" MLB Jerseys looked like. I could be wrong. It's happened before...
  4. Well, our last baseball game of the season here at Bethel, the umpires called it in the middle of the 4th with us down 22-0. In Louisiana baseball, the mercy rule kicks in after the middle of the 5th (if the home team is ahead). I didn't blame them. We gave up 30+ runs 8 times this season...
  5. the logo with the full image of the beaver looks like a squirrel... Nifty idea, but it gets a "Meh" from me.
  6. Of course. And how many programs will you kill until you see that's counter-productive? That would kill the team here, as who would you have coach after you lose your first 3 games of the season by the combined score of 167-3 like this past season? The vast majority of the time the fault in massive blowouts are the result of large disparity of talent, especially in the lower classifications. For example, Gueydan HS has the second-smallest student population for a school with football in Louisiana. In this district are 2 other public schools that generally do decent, but the district title gets tossed around between the 3 Catholic schools in the district, who can get better players from a wider area (in fact, 3 players on last year's Vermilion Catholic team are from here in Gueydan...), and as a result, win in football handily.
  7. dude no offense but it could be your username Winner!
  8. Me too, especially with the last grades due tomorrow, gah! BTW, the column was ruined for me when... Kinda like walking in the yard bare-footed, and step into a pile of dog crap. Just ruins the day.
  9. *looks for the link in the above post to no avail*
  10. Absolutely not. Who's got the longest name in the NHL? Alex Ponikarovsky? Though historically, there's Mike Krushelnyski, John Vanbiesbrouck, and Ryan VandenBussche
  11. You're in denial because geography is stacked against you (despite winning tonight)!
  12. ! PERFECT discription. This is my new wall paper. DTOM Wallpapers
  13. Not to mention the fact that Mexico didn't even get out of pool play in 2002. Granted, the US didn't get out in 1998, but more recent success should be weighed more, and winning the freaking confederation should count more than being tossed into the Group of Death. IMO, Confederation winners, host nation, and defending champion should be put in Pot A automatically, then the rest of Pot A be filled by FIFA world ranking. I know, that's common sense and all, but one can dream...
  14. I don't believe San Jose is considered a sunbelt team. Norther California isn't considered part of the sunbelt, at least I think so. Could be wrong. I've always considered them a Sunbelt team, and many opponents of the NHL putting teams in the Sunbelt cite them as an example. Besides, as you'll see, they're a key to making my wacky stats work! Why Edmonton will win the West - No Western Conference team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a playoff series -California teams are 5-10 against teams from Alberta in the playoffs, including Edmonton's last round victim, San Jose -Edmonton is 6-2 all time against teams from California in the playoffs, including, you guessed it, San Jose - In the 21st Century, teams from Alberta are 1-0 against teams from California in the Western Conference Finals, where Calgary beat, you guessed it, San Jose.
  15. OK, weird stat time... I'm calling the Stanly Cup Finals to be Edmonton vs. Carolina. Sure, the West pick seems to be a lock, but here's some ironclad reasons why, based on every Canadian fan's pet peeve, the Sunbelt... There are 10 NHL teams that are located in the Sunbelt, 4 in the East (Florida, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and Carolina), and 6 in the West (Nashville, Dallas, Phoenix, LA, Anaheim, and San Jose), of these teams, Florida, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Dallas, Anaheim, and San Jose have all made at least the Conference Finals since 1994 (When the NHL moved to its format of Eastern and Western Conferences, and seeding of playoff teams), and of these, all but San Jose have made the Stanley Cup Finals, and Tampa Bay and Dallas were lucky enough to skate away with the Stanley Cup. With this said... Why Carolina will win the East - Sunbelt teams have reached the Eastern Conference Finals 3 times (1996, 2002, 2004) - All three teams won the series - two out of the three series were played against teams from the Northeast Division (Tampa beat Philly in 2004) - a current member of the Southeast Division (Washington) won the East by beating, you guessed it, Buffalo (in 6 games) - All three series were tied 1-1 after two games -Buffalo seems to have a problem beating Sunbelt teams. Since 1993-1994, Buffalo has either played a team from the (current) Southeast Division or a Sunbelt team in the playoffs twice. They are 0-2 against them (E. Conference Finals against Washington, and 1999 against Dallas in the Stanley Cup Finals) Seems ironclad to me. Got to run, I'll do the West in a little bit.
  16. Make that 5-3 Edmonton. [edit] Scratch that, 5-4 Oilers. Geez, Pinball Night at Rexall place I suppose? [edit, Part 2] Man, what a game. In terms of a game that didn't go to OT, this had to be the best one of the playoffs. Too bad the Oilers break out the Brooms on Thursday...
  17. What do you mean. Anymore C&C though I thought you'd say something like that. Seriously though, the idea of the jersey looking like the logo isn't that bad, but I have a few suggestions. Whether you choose to use them is up to you I suppose... 1. Flip the stick on the back around so that it looks like it is connected to the stick on the front, as opposed to two, freeflowing, disconnected segments. The same goes for the one on the arms. 2. No maroon please. Not on the Canucks. 3. Watch your linemanship. The stick lines are very un-even on the arms, and they don't even go all the way to the end of where they should. Just some attention to detail you should watch. Twas just thinking about it, and I thought perhaps you should use the sticks vertically on the side panels, creating a kind of diagnonal striping on the front and back a la Nashville (without the bottom stripe though). I know, I know guys, but it would be clever in a way. I tried it to limited success just now, but it may be something to look into, rather than your last design, which just doesn't work aesthetically.
  18. Make that 3 quick goals. I see a 2004 redux with the Alberta team taking on a squad from the Sunbet. Will the outcome be the same? who knows?
  19. It's also the Navy Jack used by the US Navy since 9/11 and is to be in use until the War on Terror is done (whenever that is...)
  20. Baseball (Little League)- 7 Baseball (High School)- 34 Softball (Church League)- 9 Ice Hockey (Rec League and High School)- 89
  21. Absolutely agree. I'll be picking up a T-shirt with it come World Cup time. I'd drop the shadows for a cleaner look can call it US Soccer's new logo.