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  1. Why the heck would Leafs Nation being angry with the Leafs' performance result in fewer people going to Blue jays games? Completely illogical. BTW, no offence, but F7 in MSWord should be your best friend.
  2. What about the Heat? Or Magic, or Lightning Or the Panthers, or even the Jaguars.
  3. Yes, but by the time of Charles V the Habsburgs had essentially rigged/gamed/inbred the electoral process so that the Habsburg heir would become the Holy Roman Emperor. Granted in the mid-18th Century when they were down to Marie-Therese a non-Habsburg was elected (because women could not hold the office of Holy Roman Emperor). Otherwise...Habsburgs until the end. Also, Charles I of Spain was a Habsburg (the aforementioned Charles V). Of course. I hope I didn't insinuate otherwise.
  4. Possibly. I would have to see if Barvaria was an idependent nation at the time of King Ludwig II. If it was part of the HRE at the time, I won't do it. I did Prussia because it gained independents from the HRE after the 30 Years War. If the same is true for Bavaria, then I'll do it. Actually, Habsburg rule over the HRE was so weakened by the Treaty of Westphalia after the end of the thirty years war that most of the individual political entities that made up the HRE were effectively independent states. I don't know if many of them were granted "independence" but I think you could stretch the diefinition enough for Bavaria etc. Bavaria was an independant Kingdom even before the Thirty Years War. The Bavarians were a key ally in the Imperial campaigns in the opening phases of the war in Germany. They were independant all the way until 1871, when they became a constituient kingdom in the German Empire, headed by the King of Prussia. Even in World War I, the Kingdom of Bavaria had individual units within the framework of the Imperial German Army. Historical quibble: They HRE was never a true nation state, but rather was a glorified confederation. It was disbanded by Austrian emperor Francis II in response to Napoleon's victories in Europe, as he feared that if Napoleon defeated the Austrians, Napoleon would assume the throne of the HRE, and possibly Austria by extension. Shortly before this, Francis had created the Empire of Austria in response to Napoleon's proclimation of the French Empire in 1804. By 1867, the Empire became a dual monarchy as the kingdom of Hungary was elevated to equal standing with the Austrian throne (with the Austrian monarch also holding the throne of Hungary, of course), making it the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which lasted until 1918. Oh, and the Emperor of the HRE wasn't automatically the Habsburg emperor. The Emperor was elected by the 7-9 electors of the largest principalities in the HRE. Heck, one of the Emperors, Charles I, was the King of Spain. Being a Habsburg tended to help his case though. Vexilological madness!
  5. OK folks, time for all of us to be (temporary) Vikings fans...
  6. In the case of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the city was founded by conquistadores and named in honor of the 10th Duke of Alburquerque, viceroy of New Spain. Hence, the somewhat tenuous connection. Yeh, tenuous connection, but a nod to the team's namesake nonetheless. Related question-- If it wasn't the Padres, then wasn't the Dukes the affiliate of the Dodgers? For some queer reason I've always gotten them mixed up...
  7. Ooh, one huge mistake on the Gretzky jersey. Gretzky was the Captain of the Kings for his entire stay there, including the 1991-1992 season (the NHL's 75th Anniversary season).
  8. Well, they also stopped playing UL-Lafayette in baseball after 2001 and the infamous sweep at Tigue Moore Field in Lafayette. Since then, LSU won't even entertain offers to play UL at Alex Box, lest the Kittens get swept in front of their home fans... In case outsiders don't know, LSU is one of the more reviled universities by its own citizens, and not just because of athletics. The state budget for higher education is about 40% for LSU, and the rest of the universities get to fight over the scraps, despite these universities offering programs that are on par or in many cases surpass LSU's own (See UL-Lafayette's Nursing, History, and Computer Science programs, and Louisiana Tech's generally superior engineering programs)...on a shoestring budget. In response to the massive budget shortfalls caused by Katrina and Rita, LSU's cutbacks have paled in comparison to the large cuts absorbed by the rest of the universities in the state. After all, we can't cut LSU's budget, they bring in money to the state by going to the Peach Bowl in Atlanta and bowing out of the NCAA baseball tournament before the SuperRegionals!
  9. Also, for a Gretzky jersey, there's only one CCM tag on the back seam. Gretzky, as we all know, tucked the right side of his jersey in, so manufacurers put tags on each side of the back of the jersey to ensure their tag would be seen during the game.
  10. Likewise. Too bad no one around here would care (or notice for that matter... )
  11. Ummmm.....I would never run around saying I'm responsible for the assault upon the senses that is the Bobcat's id package. I've been looking for this for a while, but I finally found the .pdf about the branding of the Bobcats I found once upon a time. Love the vectorized graphics sitting there for the taking too...
  12. San Antonio Conquistadores, or Dukes for short. Too bad the Dukes were an affiliate of the Padres, then it would be perfect!
  13. Well, I'm going to have to ask for your assistance. I've been working on it since I did the tutorial (I did better than I thought I would), but here's the best of my attempts. It also includes the base image faded in the background. Give me another year or so and I think I'll have it! Many thanks in advance.
  14. I can believe it. Yikes, what a great hit!
  15. I guess Todd Helton and Larry Walker's home runs at Coors don't count either?
  16. Tell that to the 6 kids I've busted so far this year plagarizing writing assignment. Heck one of them even tried to pass it on me twice! BTW, not to be rude, you misspelled Pharoahs on your sig...unless you did it on purpose, nevermind! The plagiarism line was an inside joke that a few of the guys will get. Plagiarism is terribly wrong, I don't condone it at all. Pharoah is actually spelled P-H-A-R-A-O-H. It's A before O. Believe me, I did extensive research before I created that identity package. I didn't want to ruin it all by misspelling the team name. And CCSLC member amare32 (the guy that I did it for) would have told me with the quickness had I made such an error. Mea Culpea. Our spelling book has it my way. Hmm... and people wonder why the American education system is in tatters...
  17. Not bad, per se, just as boring as Metamucial.
  18. Not to mention that Shaun is wearing that monochrome abomination which is one of the worst uni's in football. Says the man who's the fan of the team that wears these monstrosities (top of image)...
  19. I was worried you say that. BTW, do most of you just use a mouse, or do you use a digitizer. I've tried my hand at tracing with a mouse a smidge, and the results weren't pretty.
  20. Count me in the folks who dig the Ravens jersey. Perhaps outline the letter on the nameplate for them to come out better? Because at least from here they kinda come off harsh. It's probably just me though.
  21. OK, I finished the home jerseys. I changed the red pinstriping to blue to see what the difference would be. C&C is welcome.
  22. Gotta love SI... On the page about Akili Smith Yes, a Super Bowl ring as a starting QB, and a reputation as a superb tutor of young QBs isn't much success on the NFL level. In addition, I don't think you can call Joey Harrington a bust just yet. Considering the offensive line in front of him, and the front office in charge there, he gets a pass for his tenure in Detroit. However, if he tanks it somewhere else, then I'll be glad to agree with the bust moniker. Besides, where's Ricky Williams on the list? Ask Tom Benson if it was worth trading an entire draft plus for him...
  23. OK, I've got one... I've converted a jpeg to eps using Adobe Streamline. I opened it up in Illustrator and want to colour it correctly. However, it seems to be in grayscale, and I don't know how to convert it to RGB. Now, should I just attempt to colour the eagle head alone (I have that vectorized), or is there another way to do it in Illustrator? I have an inkling to just keep the logo vectorized, and colour it at will in Photoshop, but I know there's a better way. Thanks for the help in advance. *DISCLAIMER* I know that this is the logo used by Boston College until 2004, but the school I work at has used it for at least 2 years. They got the logo from one of those "school spirit" companies that sell bumper stickers, window clings, etc. Considering I'm just a teacher, not a graphic artist or trademark attorney by trade, I'm not sure of the legality of all of that, but I guess if the company's selling the logo, then it's kosher. Just don't shoot the messenger.