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  1. Congrats. Tis a shame that a town like Cincinatti can't keep a minor league team in town permanently. Now if we could only get the IceGators back...
  2. I'm with Pantone on this one. The Giants' current look unfortunately scream "Poor Rural High School!" with the plain blue jersey and ultra-simple helmet logo. I know it's part tradition (especially the helmet logo), but it's plain to the point of boredom.
  3. You think the Saints get 4 more wins this year? That's a good joke, what else you have on tap? Looking at their schedule, I see 4-6 wins at the most. The other 3 teams in the NFC South are rebarkably better than them, and their out of division opponents for this year (NFC East and AFC North) are also really good top to bottom. The other 2 teams (Green bay and San Francisco) get tossed in because of their poor record last year, but that's only 2 potential wins.
  4. Dr. Jack Ramsay (currently a colour commentator on ESPN)
  5. Howdy folks, I was reading some newspapers from 1940 and was reminded that there were 2 Semi-Pro leagues that were quite active from the 1920s through the late 1950s. They were the Evangeline League and the Teche League, which was an offshoot of the Evangeline League. The quality of play was decent, and most people compare it to AA Minor Leagues today. With that said, I doubt I'll ever get around to finishing it, but I'm aiming to give them uniforms if they were still playing today. Some would have modern designs, whilst others would probably keep a traditional look. I don't have the list of all of the teams offhand, but here's a few of the teams from the Teche league circa 1940: Abbeville Aces Crowley Millers (Rice Milling) Erath Crusaders Weeks Island Red Sox Youngsville Cardinals If anyone would like to jump in and do one, feel free to do so. First up for me is the Abbeville Aces, which were the perrenial doormats. I figured I'd go traditional for them, so here's the logo, and wordmarks for the home and road jerseys Logo Home Wordmark Road Wordmark C&C Welcome as always.
  6. Not all of them... Sens score 4 unanswered in the 3rd period to beat Tampa 4-1 and take the 1-0 series lead.
  7. But when was the last time SI got something right in one of their previews? I mean, they said Arizona would win the national title in football in 1997. Need I say more?
  8. The Norris should go to Lidstrom. He has better numbers than Niedermayer and Lidstrom is a far better team leader than Niedermayer. That, and Lidstrom is as close to a perfect player as you can get IMO. Hardly any penalties, great leader, incredible passer, good vision, great hands, good shot. He isn't 6'9" though. What the heck does Zdeno Chara have to do to win a Norris anyway, do a Tonya Harding on Lidstrom's knees? BTW, re: The Thornton-Jagr Hart Trophy debate Before the trade San Jose was 8-12-4. After, 35-14-7. Sounds like Hart material to me.
  9. Well, I guess they didn't want the Pens to completetthe Malkin-Crosby-Kessel Hat Trick Phil Kessel in a Blues uniform...I can see that.
  10. Tell that to the 6 kids I've busted so far this year plagarizing writing assignment. Heck one of them even tried to pass it on me twice! BTW, not to be rude, you misspelled Pharoahs on your sig...unless you did it on purpose, nevermind!
  11. Well, the Nets paid your toll if you went to their last home game...
  12. Why not... East Quarters (1)Ottawa over (8)Tampa Bay in 5 (2)Carolina over (7)Montreal in 6 (3)New Jersey over (6)New York Rangers in 7 (4)Buffalo over (5)Philadelphia in 6 West Quarters (1)Detroit over (8)Edmonton in 4 (2)Dallas over (7)Colorado in 5 (6)Anaheim over (3)Calgary in 6 (5)San Jose over (4)Nashville in 4 East Semis (1)Ottawa over (4)Buffalo in 7 (3)New Jersey over (2)Carolina in 7 West Semis (1)Detroit over (6)Anaheim in 6 (5)San Jose over (2)Dallas in 6 East Finals (1)Ottawa over (3)New Jersey in 7 West Finals (5)San Jose over (1)Detroit in 7 Stanley Cup Finals Ottawa over San Jose in 6 OK, so I'm wearing Red-coloured glasses, I admit it...
  13. Actually the Blazers' logo has more to do with the game of basketball (Look at the logo, 5 red stripes, 5 white stripes, going into a circle) than the name. hat tip to SSUR for the quote below ( ): Here's the original logo.
  15. Here's some F-18 loving in a hockey logo. Too bad they're a Leafs' affiliate...
  16. That's not a MiG-29 mate. It's a generic fighter jet Oh for the days of old... Once can only hope.
  17. You can correct the seedings. New Jersey came back to win 4-3, so they win the Atlantic, and will face the Rangers in the first round. Buffalo gets Philly too.
  18. I believe the Rangers would be #5 and the Devlis would be #6 if it all holds up. You're correct. I just copied/pasted my line from above. BTW, Devils cut the lead to 3-2 late 3rd. Hat tip to the Team 1200AM (God Bless Internet Radio) [edit]Scratch that. Devils just tied it up 3-3. Brian Gionta's got 2 tonight. If the Dveils win, New Jersey take the 3 seed, Philly gets the 5 seed, and the Rangers fall to 6. Ouch. Hat tip^2 to the Team 1200AM
  19. The Senators dispatched the Rangers tonight, Philly knocked off the Islanders, and the Habs have the Devils down 3-1 late, so here's the matchups: (1)Ottawa v. (8)Tampa Bay (2)Carolina v. (7)Montreal (3)Philadelphia v. (6)New Jersey/New York Rangers (4)Buffalo v. (5)New York Rangers/New Jersey Out West (1)Detroit v. (8)Edmonton (2)Dallas v. (7)Colorado (3)Calgary v. (6)Anaheim (4)Nashville v. (5)San Jose
  20. Ottawa Senators Once upon a time (7th Grade!) I mailed the Sens a letter asking where did the original itineration get the name Senators. I really didn't get an answer, but I did get a ton of free stuff from them, along with an autographed picture of Alexander Daigle (hehe ) and an honourary membership in the Sens' Jr. Fan Club. Oh well, I didn't get a straight answer, but they got a fan for life out of me!
  21. Either that or make the stars larger. Maybe even an Uncle Sam hat in a nod to Sam's Army. Excellent job nonetheless.
  22. With the help of the Flames (The origin of the name when they were in Atlanta) I suppose?
  23. I always thought the defining mark for the franchise is the propensity to ship off all homegrown talent at the first sign of blossoming into a star. Though I guess that doesn't translate well onto a patch...
  24. It is, but Columbus didn't sail across the ocean blue with Clipper ships. They (the popular conception of a Clipper ship, that is) were an invention of New England shipbuilders in the post War of 1812 era.
  25. Well *I* know that, but I in all of my junior-in-high-school thinking then figured that there would be a connection with the Clips. But Columbus does have a sort-of Naval tradition, as the Naval Station at Columbus has been around since just before World War II. Yeah, I know I'm stretching, but when we're talking about a team whose first mascot was a neon green bug, it's not that much of a stretch at all!