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  1. US Navy enlisted sailors are called Bluejackets, which was what I thought the logo was going to be when the name was announced. Whoops! However, they could go into Columbus Clippers territory and go for a naval logo with a name like that. Something I would approve of.
  2. Once upon a time, 4 of the 6 NHL teams played for the Stanley Cup. With that said, 16 teams is enough. I mean, if you can't pack the Caps away like the Thrashers couldn't tonight with the playoffs on the line, why should you get in?
  3. Something like this? (Quick job, no talent displayed)
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    Isles Concept

    Looks good, but one minor nitpick: You have the victory stripes mixed. The ones with the navy background need to go on the navy jersey. The White and orange are the victory stripes. See:
  5. I updated the road jersey. Of course, comments are welcome.
  6. Thanks for the comments folks, but the home uniforms are already done. I just put them there for reference. If I had it my way, I'd have tossed the home design for a scripted "Eagles" a la the Trolley Dodgers. I also agree about the letters for the road jersey. I've fiddled with it a smidge to make it smaller, as well as adding a single blue stripe to the sleeves. I never did think about vests for the road jerseys, so I'd have to look at that. As for my spelling, it's not exactly standard down here, but I had an English English teacher in high school, so what can I say, I learned it from the best.
  7. Howdy folks, I'm at teacher at a private school down here in Louisiana, and I've been piddling this afternoon over the idea of a road jersey for our baseball team. To be honest, we suck horribly at baseball (We lost Thursday 32-0 to bump our record to 0-17), but at least we don't look shabby at it. Our home uniforms are white vests with blue undershirts, and blue caps. The main logo is our intials (BC) interlocked. Now, I'd pick something different, but it's no Tampa Bay Devil Rays either. However, we have no road jerseys, which kinda irks me. So I took it upon myself to design a set for us. I'm a sucker for the simple, and I've always liked the Texas Ranger Road uniforms of the late 1980s. The colour set works for me, so I started with that... I also liked the home uniforms of the Giants of the same era, especially the script of the home uniforms. It's classy and simple, just like a baseball uniform should be. With these in mind, I put together a road uniform for our team, as seen below. I can be easily convinced to lose the numbering on the jersey, or to add some striping where appropriate. In case you're wondering about the school logo, yes, it's based off of BC's old eagle head logo, but I guess you can say we're kosher, as we've got school spirit stuff with it from one of those lame school spirit junk companies...though not in that colour scheme. I spruced that up for them. Thanks for the comments in advance.