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  1. You know Lee, you can take inspiration from Ebbsfleet United and pimp this idea around the Innernets a bit. As part owner of The Fleet, it's something I'm quite proud of. I'll consider dropping you $40 in a couple of weeks. It's an idea that's crazy enough to work!
  2. Manchester United supporters (Apart from leopard88 and DEAD!, they're Kosher) can rot and die. Bandwagoning numpties* As for the relegation battle, Fulhamerica stay up, huzzah! *Say what you want about me, at least I was supporting Arsenal when George Graham was manager.
  3. Who could he pick up in Lafayette? There's only 2 real conglomerates, and they both hold pretty equal market shares (Regent has Sports, News, easy listening, hip-hop, and Rock, but Citadel has the obscenely popular Top 40 station which balances out the ledger with both sharing country pretty equally) But in the end they can all jump off of a cliff. I've got Sirius and that's all I'll ever need.
  4. Play up Pompey! (note new club crest)
  5. I'll give Amigo Energy the benefit of the doubt because they're a local corporation and went to the Dynamo unsolicited about sponsoring their kits. As for Hippiemobile United (I'll be waiting for my Royalty Cheques on the 1st and 15th, thank you very much. ), they least they could do is not have the same sponsor as a club that's permanently in 1. Bundesliga limbo.* *Perhaps I shouldn't be too disparaging. I'll probably be driving a VW within the next 12 months if all goes well...
  6. Jan Koller thanks you for the age compliment.
  7. [confused Luddite]HQ619 was using synthetic oil!?!? The horror! Put an Asterisk next to everything he's done since the day he was manufactured![/confused Luddite]
  8. Well, either that or Warsteiner beer.
  9. To paraphrase Feldmarschall Buelow, To the SenatorJake idealisms of exuberance, history, and elan, we oppose with realities like population base, luxury boxes, and, well, economics in general. Stop bothering him with facts!
  10. Why would the NHL want to go there? Well, it's either that or having a POV grounded in reality.
  11. Oh great, just the folks you need to bail out an untenable financial situation... a national government. You're better off hoping your shorts start filling with bars of platinum* then. *For the record, a standard 27.4 pound bar of platinum will fetch you about $773200 on the world market today (Platinum closed at $1933/oz. today)
  12. The other 24 NHL teams appreciate your concern for them.
  13. ...and immediately after that Canadians will begin to magically spit bars of platinum out of their rear ends to make up for the lost revenue?
  14. Ottawa filed for bankruptcy not because of a lack of local support, but rather Bruce Firestone's insipid financial planning when he got the club. After all, he had to borrow 100% of the expansion fee and even began the Corel Cen... er ScotiaBank Place without the finances being 100% in place. They were in trouble even before Rod Bryden began trying to get someone to pay the bills for him in late 2002.
  15. Wrong Madden. Eddie George was on Madden 2001.
  16. Stop talking through your 4th point of contact Will. Things to note: (1) The 1. Bundesliga only has 18 teams. (2) Derby County is a loss or draw away from ensuring the worst record in Barclays Premier League history (1-8-27 with a [-63] goal difference] and frankly would be a mid table team in the Coca Cola Championship (The 2nd Division in England) So any discussion of bottom clubs in any league this season is tenuous at best. (3) Rosterwise bottom clubs in the other major top flight are at best equal to English sides to worse, as the 1. Bundesliga and Ligue 1 for example are notorious for having rather dire teams in the bottom half, who mask their poor talent by beating each other in their leagues. (4) In neutral field matches since the 1992-93 season* (The first season of the Barclays Premier League), Barclays Premier League clubs are 6-4-1 (Arsenal lost the 2000 UEFA Cup Final on Penalty kicks) (5) Since the creation of the UEFA Champions League for the 1992-93 season, English clubs have combined to go 223-116-104. That's right, a nearly 2:1:1 ratio. Er, you do realize that British clubs were banned from European competitions by UEFA after the Heysel disaster in 1985? And prior to that English clubs had won 7 of the previous 8 European Cup finals? -------- *UEFA Champions League Final (1993- ), UEFA Cup Final (1993- ), UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1993-1999), UEFA Super Cup (1993- ) ** Season-by-season Breakdown: 1992-93 1-0-3 1993-94 0-2-0 1994-95 2-2-2 1995-96 1-1-4 1996-97 4-1-5 1997-98 8-4-4 1998-99 8-8-3 1999-2000 17-8-6 2000-01 21-12-13 2001-02 20-14-10 2002-03 24-10-14 2003-04 17-7-8 2004-05 23-11-11 2005-06 20-13-10 2006-07 28-12-9 2007-08 29-11-2 (to date)
  17. Riiight. You do realize that there has been a Barclays Premier League team in the past four Champions League Finals (including the upcoming one)? and for the second year in a row there have been three English clubs in the semifinals? MOD EDIT
  18. Not when you look at College foundation donations, even at Sun Belt schools...
  19. Anyone notice Matt Reis wearing a jersey from last season last night? It was pretty obvious, as he was the only person on the pitch with legible name and number on the back.
  20. Nope. Shot in cold blood on the streets of Medillin by a bodyguard of a Drug Lord, though some say he was "caught in the cross fire" of a gang war. Not sure how that happened, with him being shot 12 times at point blank range with the killer yelling "Goool!" after each shot.
  21. Andres Escobar didn't "mysteriously disappear," but rather was murdered in cold blood.
  22. One Word. Karma. I hope Chelsea advances because of that goal, whether by it providing the 1 goal advantage or being the only away goal. It would go a long way to rectify the Ryan Babel penalty.
  23. You sir are, of course, 100% correct. I personally prefer Wolfenstein 3D as being is the best of the series since the first two were rather generic stealth games (Though with cool faux-menacing digitized German voices) albeit being pretty cutting edge back then.
  24. QFT. And seriously, who actually thought Ottawa would win a game in this series? With the turmoil in the locker room this season Pittsburgh could have showed up with 6 traffic cones in Penguins jerseys and still took Ottawa out without sweating. Muppets.
  25. ...just like when we read any of your analysis of, well, anything!