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  1. lopernv

    NHL 2017-18

    You should cancel and use the discount code I posted above. I'll probably buy the St. Pats jersey and forgo the Stadium Series. I regretted not buying it last year, hoping it's a green vs. white this year.
  2. lopernv

    NHL 2017-18

    https://shop.realsports.ca/collections/arenas Code to access is LNEXCLUSIVE bdayoct or bdaynov for 30% discount, brought my order down for #29 from $329 to $265 CAD
  3. lopernv

    NHL 2017-18

    No surprises here, I don't think. BTW, orders in the next 48h get a free toque.
  4. lopernv

    NHL 2017-18

    Leafs are unveiling their Arenas jersey tomorrow and are doing a St. Pat's night in March.
  5. lopernv

    NHL 2017-18

    Can't help but feel like the chest and arm striping should line up here.
  6. You don't blame the fisherman for taking the bait.
  7. Would prefer the same effect on the socks, with all-black gloves.
  8. I agree, the n logo is much better. Make the first one a primary, remove the N, create a better fleur de lis shape, and I think it's a winner.
  9. ITT: "I don't fully and completely understand this sport, and I don't want to spend the time to learn about it, so therefore I hate it and I don't get why anyone would like it"
  10. I love the chain but I think the crest would be vastly improved if they weren't only radii of the main circle and more of the shapes seen in a realistic chain, and even in a dark grey or silver (if you feel so inclined to add that in, but I can see it in my mind's eye being a metallic stitching and looking great in-person). I think you can really accentuate the chain here, it seems like a key piece but underdeveloped IMO. I got the I-Beam connection right away, looks great. Kit is clean and reminds me of Hull, which is probably appropriate.
  11. Even though there are a lot of Bills fans in the GTA, I still believe that series failed because it was the Buffalo Bills. I am of the firm belief that Toronto would get behind a Toronto NFL team, it's a great sports town as long as you're either a. a winner or b. playing hockey. The CFL is such a non-starter in modern Toronto that it's not a great barometer for the potential success of the NFL (you didn't say that, but that's the argument some use). This is all conjecture and hypothesis, and not to sound like I would support the idea of the NFL to Toronto, but the way some Torontonians think about the city of Buffalo... to me it is no surprise why those "home games" failed. Toronto does not care for sloppy seconds, and frankly it's the same reason why I think the Argos don't do well in Toronto anymore... it's not the big event.
  12. I could see vantablack hockey sticks/tape being very advantageous.