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  1. To flatten the numbers you can take it to a screen print shop and have them throw it on a heat press.
  2. Those helmets with the current unis would be great. I've always dug the block I. I like the stripes as well.
  3. Evansville (IN) Central Bears....I like my old HS's uniforms. When I was there we had kind of a Notre Dame look, only subbing brown for navy blue. Now they have USC style jerseys with the Cincinnati Bearcats logo on the helmet. Wabash College (IN) These are new. When I was there we had 3 stripes down the pants and a plain block "W" on the helmet and the WABASH across the chest was larger.
  4. I do not believe there is such a rule banning certain jersey numbers. There is a rule that says there can't be current student athlete names on it. This is true. They can use popular player numbers, they just can't use names. As far as looking for one, Ebay would be a good choice. That or I'm sure you could just get one customized with his name and number.
  5. They don't have the NFL/MLB caps on their site anymore. I wish I woulda grabbed one while they were around.
  6. I hate when fans do that. HUGE pet peeve of mine.
  7. I think they may tweak things here and there. But as far as a totally logo makeover I think this is the first.
  8. Well, I just learned something. I had no clue that the Rockets started off in San Diego. With the Rockets' name fitting so well with Houston's aerospace history I had always figured they were always there.
  9. I agree with you here. If a team actually has black as a primary color they should be allowed to wear it as an alt. If they just made it to where any alt had to involve one of the team's primary colors it would probably work out better.
  10. Didn't BYU have to change their uniforms because of this rule?
  11. Relax guys, its probably just a semi-pro league.
  12. I played against Vincennes Lincoln in HS and always wondered what the meaning was behind them being called the Alices. I played college ball for the Wabash Little Giants. We used to play the Oberline Yeomen and the Hiram Terriers. The Rose Hulman Engineers are also in state. There also is the Northeast Dubois Jeeps here in southern Indiana. Along with the Shoals Jug Rox. That makes me remember the Rockville Rox.
  13. At least there are better that this year's sideline hats. They were terrible.
  14. Ha...thats awesome. I didn't even realize that he was still around.