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  1. Quick update on Jackets https://twitter.com/georgerichards/status/1009458365368451072?s=21
  2. Decent shots of Dallas's adidas practice sweaters
  3. Players in development camps are typically just assigned numbers and most players don't change until they make the team. There are some notable players that have just kept their rookie numbers like Marchand (63) Subban (76) Skinner (53) Kadri (43) etc
  4. I really can't believe there haven't been any real leaks yet
  5. So the NHL expansion draft is June 21st. Did Foley leak that the NHL is going to show all of the new adidas jerseys prior to this date?
  6. From Bill Foley...lots of interesting things said here: "Well we’ve got our jersey designed. It’s now going into production. We’re probably going to not release our jersey until the day of the expansion draft. The NHL is having an event in New York where they’re showing all the new jerseys. We believe we’re going to defer from that and we will release our jersey the day of he expansion draft on national television. It’s the black, gold and gray colors with some red accents. The red accent represents the red rocks and the gold represents the gold producing state. We have the storm gray that we’ve released on some of our t-shirts and sweatshirts and so that represents ‘strength’ and ‘sticking to the program.’ The black really represents ‘dedication and fortitude.’ We have a whole talking point on our jersey and what each color represents and what it means and what the logo means." http://sports.yahoo.com/news/golden-knights-owner-on-nationally-televised-expansion-draft-private-protection-lists-raiders-vegas-move-qa-233106106.html
  7. Just saw this post about the Blue Jackets for next year. Sounds like no change from their current primary logo.
  8. I bet they're doing this to actually make money. People are going to want to buy adidas sweaters next year (or whatever the hell the replica is). They'll have a dark and a light option. Fast forward the next year and each team has a new third option. People probably aren't going to want to buy two new jerseys in the same year.
  9. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/vegas-golden-knights-trademark-denied-report-072939364.html Interesting indeed.
  10. I am sure the Golden adjective will be dropped even if unofficially. I live in Columbus and around here everyone just calls the team the Jackets vs. the Blue Jackets.
  11. Gear nerd here. Hockey equipment manufacturers have to pay the NHL fees to have their logos shown (as to prevent free advertising). Bauer chose to pay Easton fees only on the hockey sticks this year (therefore Easton logo cannot be shown on old helmets (i.e. E400), pants, or gloves). My guess is that all Easton gear and skates are going away and that sticks may stick around for a year or so with their technologies being incorporated into future Bauer sticks. Some 'Easton' players switched gear to Bauer like Doughty (although still using an Easton stick) and others like Killorn have a Bauer logo on their Easton helmet and taped over Easton logos on their gloves (while switching sticks to Warrior).
  12. Starting next season, 2017-2018, Fanatics will make the official NHL replica jerseys. I am sure this will elicit a strong reaction. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/fanatics-logo-not-adidas-will-be-on-nhl-replica-jerseys-145005873.html
  13. Not good. "ESPN.com: Would you like to tell me the name? Foley: I will tell you it's going to be "something Knights." ESPN.com: You could get ahead of the news cycle if you told me. Foley: I could, but we're going to announce it Nov. 18. You heard George say, "Even my wife doesn't know." ESPN.com: How involved have you been in not just the name but also the design of the jersey and the color scheme? Foley: Completely involved. I'm trying to get Adidas to come around to my way of thinking, in terms of how I want this jersey to look and the power and the culture I want it to evoke. And they're getting there. But I'm trying to get one color more bold instead of recessive, and I believe we'll get it done next week. If we do, we can start printing hats and T-shirts and gym bags. We won't have jerseys probably until mid-December, but we'll have everything else. This will be powerful. ESPN.com: Do you want to share the color scheme with me? Foley: Well, as I've said, it will have some desert influences. Because it's Knights, there's obviously going to be some steel gray somewhere. Probably have some gold because that makes sense, and most teams have black." http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/17827608/nhl-las-vegas-expansion-team-owner-bill-foley-says-team-powerful-force-fans
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