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  1. This is like the 4th or 5th open letter that Cam newton has forced out of the opposition's fanbase after the Panthers beat them, and all of them have been utterly ridiculous. I'm a Falcons fan who's never really been fond of the Panthers, but I'm honestly rooting for Cam at this point because he's been out there having a fabulous old time while idiots expose themselves as such along the way. It is hilarious seeing people get this huffy over football.
  2. I wasn't a fan of these when they came out initially, and I'm still not a fan of all of the crazy alts that they have (including the navy alt), but I've warmed up to them now and they've become one of my favorite looks in the entire NBA. Granted, the rest of the NBA is in a horrid state when it comes to uniforms, but this one is a shining light of doing something right when it comes to the uniforms.
  3. Still can't believe that adidas managed to mess this uniform up in its current state. They had it right (or as close to right as they can get with the current uniform template and material) as recently as 2014, but then they decided to do this. It's maddening.
  4. They have really gotta dump those Bears throwbacks. It's cool to wear throwbacks when it's a cool look that's drastically different from the current look. This fits none of the criteria. Everything about that throwback is a downgrade from the current uniforms.
  5. Ideally, I'd want them to wear orange hats, undershirts, and socks at home and use the orange alt primarily as a home alternate. Keep the black hat as an alternate, and keep on doing what they're doing with the black jersey and the gray jersey. The gray jersey was easily the weakest of the set IMO, and I'm glad that they've basically decided to use the black jersey as their road uni.
  6. This is clearly Levenson looking for a legitimate out to make sure that a sale of the team occurs. He saw the Clippers going for $2B and other teams going for record sales and figured that he had to get in on that action. I don't think that the guy is racist, but I do think that he's trying to strike while the "Hey this guy is racist so we should take his/their team away from him/them" iron is hot. But Brave-Bird's right. I don't think any Hawks fan is going to be shedding tears about Atlanta Spirit Group moving on.
  7. Uruguay Bosnia Netherlands Russia I've gone through the thread and taken a look at everything. Some awesome stuff and intriguing ideas here!
  8. 10/7/13 Braves lose in the NLDS (again) because Fredi Gonzalez decides that he'd rather keep David Carpenter in the game instead of bringing in the best closer in baseball for a 2-inning save. Juan Uribe tries to bunt, fails, swings away, and hits the homer that basically ended the Braves season while Craig Kimbrel looks on in disgust. What made this even worse is that they got a decent enough start from Fredy Garcia and it all went to waste because our manager is basically a robot when it comes to bullpen management. Shortly before that turn of events, the Falcons season basically ended before it started: As the defense made Geno Smith look like Peyton Manning, the Falcons fall to 1-4 thanks to a last-second FG to lose, and Julio Jones breaks his foot in the process and he's out for the season. So basically, 2 of my favorite teams were eliminated in one night.That was a fun night!
  9. Good grief, that hardwood design is funky. Made me think that the image was messed up for a second.
  10. Agreed, that is an amazing looking shirt. Dark green & gold is a great combo and it's no different here. That being said, MLS really can't be too pleased with the fact that they've dedicated an entire week to jersey unveilings and nearly all of them have leaked.
  11. Yeah, I think it's mostly because of the way that they took the promotional photos for this. I'd imagine that it'll look closer to what the throwbacks actually look like once we see them on the court tonight.
  12. I'd try to match the pants & helmet stripes with the sleeve stripes & see how that looks, but other than that, this is a pretty cool crossover! Nice & clean work here.
  13. Whoever's in charge of green-lighting this stuff in Buffalo is just completely dead set on not putting out something good-looking for the Sabres. It's basically like they said "Oh, you got your old logo back. That oughta be enough to keep em happy," while lamenting the fact that they couldn't put the Buffaslug on it.