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  1. Getting back to the whole overvaluing/not protecting prize QBs thing...I'll just say this and then shut up about it: if GMs and personnel gurus invested all those high dollars into offensive linemen the way they invest them into QBs, we might see some of these guys last longer and thus really prove their value. (See Luck, Andrew and Grigson, Ryan for a case example of how not doing that can go HORRIBLY wrong.)
  2. Considering FSU pretty much stole that idea from Washington in the first place, they really wouldn't have much of a leg to stand on. (Florida State debuted theirs in '76; Washington kept theirs until '80.)
  3. IceCap

    All I was saying was that I noticed a sort of "rock and a hard place" scenario. While you and illwauk were complaining about suburbanites identifying with their anchor cities Goth and BBTV were complaining about suburbanites identifying with their own communities above that of their anchor cities. And I just felt like I had to raise my hand and say "um, excuse me, what are these people suppose to do, exactly?" I never meant to give the impression that I was trying to cast dou...

  4. Chawls

    Since you're a Trekkie:

  5. Hey, Buc!

    Is it possible for you to send me those Schutt Ion helmets if you have them in svg.? But just the helmets though, no uniforms or anything. I would be of great debt to you good sir!


  6. any chance you're willing to send the template of that action template with jay cutler and terrell owens on it to me? i think that is way cool

  7. any chance you're willing to send the template of that action template with jay cutler and terrell owens on it to me? i think that is way cool

  8. Sent you an email. Did you get it?

  9. Hey man...excellent work. Tough to make changes to the Wings, but you did a great job.

    Is that your template?

    I just got a new iMac, and am trying to locate some of my older templates to no avail. I just dl'ed speedy's template, but it's svg. I'm hoping there's a native illy version somewhere.

    You can PM me...your inbox was full.

  10. LOVE the "Bucco Bruce" revamp my friend! GO BUCS!!! Also is there any way you can send it may way... I am wanting a new image... trevis@allstarcustoms.com THANKS

  11. esau17

    i am making the unis for my fantasy football league. I do not have the.psd that has the stripes for the helmets.

    Any chance you could send or link me to that .psd

    thank you



  12. That's perfectly fine with me...have at it young dawg. Thanks for the compliment, by the way.

  13. I would mention your name and all, and whichever is fine, thanks

  14. H

    I don't know if you have seen this, but I have a thread where I post my NFL Concepts as well (DeFrank's NFL Concepts) and I plan on doing the Falcons sometime in the future. When I do, would it be acceptable for me to use the Falcons logo you created for your "Buc's Procombatized NFL" thread? I LOVE that logo and honestly feel its a major upgrade over the current one....

  15. Buc,

    As a quasi-native "Tampon" (went to Bloomingdale H.S. in Valrico), and massive Bucs' fan, I really enjoy your work. As the current senior director of brand marketing at Rawlings Sporting Goods, I have a need for your creativity. Please send me an e-mail to khunzeker@rawlings.com and I can give you the details. Best, Blackjack76 (Kurt Hunzeker)