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  1. Shoot, Rock Hill isn't even a whole 30 miles from Mint Street, so no it's not that far, distance wise. Now, the question I have is would people in Mecklenburg County want to make that drive just to get to the game? I mean, I know Windom is a little ways out from downtown Buffalo (10 miles or so as the crow flies), but that would be something different. I mean, maybe more people from the SC side might decide to make the trek to the state line on Sundays if it was closer to them--I don't know, I ain't a Carolinian, I just pass through them on occasion. The "sticks"? The new Braves Stadium sits literally at the junction of 75 and 285--hardly "out in the sticks" as far as ATL is concerned. A better comparo would be more like if the Falcons moved up to, say, Cartersville or Calhoun or somewhere in there.
  2. I personally have always long thought the Cardinals could and should make good use of a deeper shade of that nice, unique sunset blue color of the AZ flag (I know there's another name for it but I can't think of it right now)--but only as a trim color. I mean, they could use the gray color actual cardinals out west have on their foliage, too--but that'd play way too well into Nike's hands (read: anthracite, as they've probably already done to the Buccaneers with this latest update. I don't know that bronze would be a good idea, seeing as how one of their division rivals already uses red and gold. At any rate, yes, Arizona could definitely use a shot of pizazz in their next update (which they're probably already working on, for all we know).
  3. Along that line, I submit this update that I made about nine years ago (ignore the uniforms, just focus on the logo)... I probably need to update that thing again. Okay, I feel old now.
  4. Ehhh...I mean, growing up a Buccaneers and, once they were born, a Jaguars fan, I guess I could say I always had two. (now if you were to ask me who I'd pull for when they played each other, well...I often never took sides.) BUT, due to having moved around the country so much, I've tended to gravitate toward whatever team was in the town I lived in* (or closest to), which is how i ended up following the Colts for four years while living in Indy (of course by that time the Jags had become cheeks, so it wasn't that big a deal), and later the Snatit Titans during my four-plus years in Nashville. Now I've picked back up on Jacksonville (& long since cast off Tampa), but time will tell whether or not this happens with the Vikings going forward.... *This did NOT happen in Pittsburgh...seven years of living there never made me a Steelerhead. Didn't stop me from buying a bunch of their merchandise, though.
  5. And again, to add to this, we all know why. Its that big white elephant in the room, the one that keeps whispering in the ear of NFL brass, the one who, since being in the room, egged on the whole color rush thing in the first place (not the worst idea in the world, but the implementation of it was just cheeks), and the same one right now trying to convince the NFL to allow extra helmets so as to further increase their creative imprint to the detriment of team brand integrity and increase of their own visibility because and in terms of sales revenue... Look, I'm all for creative expression; I just don't care for the way the swoosh's influence has gone about it. When the teams', and league's, brands become less about them and more about pushing your own creative vision/agenda, that's a problem. (Side note: this is also the problem with monopolies...no competition. Really makes me pine for the days when each team was free to pursue their own manufacturers and outside creative agencies to craft their brands, to the degree the league allowed them to.)
  6. ^ I think they wore that exactly once, but I think it was with white socks. I can't remember for the life of me which game it was, though.
  7. Took me a while to find this, but I had to go dig back through my "Monochrome Madness" thread from like ten years ago or something to find this image I mocked up of my cousin...how prophetic does that thread seem now?
  8. Which I suppose raises an opportune moment to bring this question back to the table...as the LA brands discussion thread is in the "News" forum...is there really a need to have a whole separate "Discussion" forum, setting as how several threads in this forum have become discussion threads as is? All that seems a bit much to me, especially to have ridden this long. Just curious.
  9. And let's just go ahead and address the big white elephant in the room that's [I'm convinced] driving both all ^that and this reported helmet rule change...
  10. Plot twist: Andy Reid and Eric Bienemy have been watching how Sean Payton and the Saints have been deploying their [supposed-to-have-been] third-string QB Taysom Hill, and are envisioning something similar for Ta'amu. Could happen...(& I feel like that trend really might pick up across the league--provided it gets back to playing.) Hmm...I mean, both Allen and Winston are big ol' boys with a dang-near similar skillset, so I could see that happening--but would you really want The Bakery to open up for business in Buffalo??
  11. Wow. Didn't see that one coming. I guess this really sets the stage for Teddy Bridgewater and Matt Rhule's pet project from Temple P.J. Walker to battle it out in camp, huh? (Plot twist: what if Cam Newton was to stick around, highly unlikely as that is? Newton, Bridgwater and Walker all on the same roster at the same time would certainly be something.)
  12. Plot twist: rather than white at the front of the horns, they go with a white facemask...
  13. Oh I'm almost willing to guarantee the uniforms, most likely the numbers (but I wouldn't count out pants stripes IF they have them--bear in mind the metallic gold St. Louis pants were sans stripes too), have some type of gradient-style design to them--in fact, I'll be shocked if they don't. In fact, given the split-line design of the horn, I've actually already seen something like this at play--via another Nike-helmed concoction 30 or so miles north of Des Moines IA: You'll have to look really close to see it, but those numbers actually are two different colors, albeit slightly. So this has been done before. I'm certainly willing to bet dollars this shows up in some way, form or fashion as a third/alt. So the horn stays yello--'scuse me, sol*--on a yel--erm, sol* background? That's pretty bogus. The ram head might actually have some redeeming quality to it...somewhere...but I ain't seeing it right now. That monogram, though...woof. *Sol = "soul" of the team? Mmkay...yeah alright.
  14. Add Nissan to the recent batch of brands gone barebones, as Nissan joins the flat design party. Current, soon to be former logo: New, soon to be current logo: Application on vehicle grille... It's ok for what it is. It looks more streamlined--and much better on that grille mockup than it does on a piece of paper. Side note: this now means that someone somewhere is gonna have to pay to update all the signage and branding around Nissan Stadium-- which just got redone barely three years ago...
  15. Other than @andrewharrington's elf and one helmet rendition by @davidson some time back--and I know I've probably brought this up in this thread at least three times already--I've yet to see a Browns logo concept executed any better than @rtrich11's block C. I'll put it up against anything in here... Says all a logo needs to say right there.