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  1. I can't answer to a straight gold and white colorway...but I've long desired to see the Saints go the gold-and-white with-with-black trim route. For all we know they may be setting us up for just that (!). Anyway, a couple years back I cooked this up to illustrate what I'm talking about...it'd definitely be unique in pro sports this way....
  2. Remember how I opined in a previous that achieving 7-9 might be a minor miracle for the Snatit this season? Um, yeah, about that... ...Snatit gonna snatit.
  3. To add to that... ...Remember back in the "good ol' days" (when teams and by and large society as a whole was more patient) when the NFL had a nice little stockpile of backup plans? I'm talking the likes of Scott Zolak, Wade Wilson, Eric Zeier, Billy Joe Tolliver, Kent Graham (who at one point actually was a starter), Dave Brown, Stoney Case, the ultimate backup Mark Rypien, Scott Mitchell pre-Detroit Lions, Steve DeBerg, Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell (both of whom played behind Favre in Green Bay before becoming starters in their own right), Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, Rich Gannon, & just about every other castoff former 49er starter post-Joe Montana? (Okay that last part was just a joke--but all three of those guys somehow ended up starters in KC right after Montana Joe.) You know, semi-crusty older guys who certainly wouldn't wow you with raw athleticism, but whom guys knew they could count on to get in the game and get the job done when they needed them? Wellp....we don't have that no more. And what we see playing out in the NFL today is a byproduct of that. Teams don't keep quarterbacks long enough for them to even be halfway-decent backups, let alone have the the resources to let younger guys sit long enough to learn how to be starters. Welcome to the microwave age, guys.
  4. TL; DR: Nashville a/ is already outgrowing itself as it is and b/ has more important problems to solve before even thinking about trying to stand up ANOTHER pro sports team. It'd be wise on their part to tend to those issues first.
  5. Live look inside the Florida State locker room...
  6. Live footage of Florida State vs Clemson currently in progress:
  7. I've long thought it'd be worth the NFL exploring having the entire league taking a week off during week 9...all teams on bye at the same time. Yeah they'd have to figure out the logistics of making it work with the Monday and Thursday night games (or they could just 86 the whole Thursday night thing altogether), but if nothing else that'd at least level out the competitive [dis]advantages of having a bye too early or too late.
  8. Well that gives "Tank Bowl" a whole new meaning then, doesn't it? (Actually, make that "Tnak Bwol".) Anyway, for shigs and gittles I figured I'd pull up the rest of the Tnneessee NFL franchise's schedule: Firstly and notably, their bye week comes in week 11. (Seriously though, the NFL gots to get a handle on all these weird scattered-all-over-the-place bye weeks.) Going into that bye, depending on which Jameis Winston shows up and whether the Chefs are still depleted by then, Tnneessee might can steal two wins. But look at what they got coming out of the bye...it's entirely possible they can steal at least one game on there (because what would the Snatit be if not Jekyll or Hyde?). Its also entirely possible they go 0-the rest of this season, and then somebody somewhere gon' have some 'splaining to do (looking at you, Mike Vrabel). 7-9 might actually be something of a minor miracle for that organization.
  9. Ohio I sorta get, being the birthplace of aviation and all. But Indiana...and I lived there for four years. I never knew nor had any kind of inkling. (This may at least in part explain to me now how Captain Janeway of Voyager was written to be from Bloomington, Indiana, though--although knowing all this, they should have written her as being from West Lafayette. Major missed opportunity there--but still, on target for the Indiana thing, though!)
  10. BILL-IEVE!!! (And wouldn't it be great to see Buffalo back in the postseason? That is one of the most impassioned football cities I've been to--and not counting *New England*, I done been to all but three of them.)
  11. In the words of Frank Lucas (as portrayed by Denzel Washington): "You are what you are in this world. And that's one of two things: either you're somebody...or you're nobody." And yet the Snatit can't even figure that out. They have got to be the most consistently inconsistent team in all the consistent history of inconsistency...good gracious. Also, only because I just saw it: AAAHAHAHAHAAA @ Pittsburgh. Every now and then they need to be reminded what it feels like to be on the other side of a lucky bounce...well there yinz have it.
  12. Is that Malfunction Junction I'm looking at in the background?? I'm guessing they chose to angle the opening of that new stadium toward the freeway so passersby can look in there and be wooed as they pass by (while hopefully not causing any more malfunctions at that junction)? I mean I guess patrons can get a view of that newer Ohio river bridge too some watching the game... either way, looking mighty nice there.
  13. What is up with that collar-bone thing going on there?