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  1. In a word: no. Read on... First, the bolded. Having lived in Nashville the past five years, I can tell y'all this: Barely anyone around town cares about the Oilers identity. (Much of that can be attributed to Nashville being transient Central these days, but still...) The Pro Shop at the stadium sells some Oilers stuff (or at least they did, last time I was in there about a year ago--& even then it was just some 47 Brand caps and t-shirts), but you'd be extremely hard-pressed to see anyone wearing any Oilers stuff out around town. Speaking of the stadium, there's exactly one wall in one of the corridors dedicated to their Oilers history--that's it. So while the organization does acknowledge their Oilers history, suffice it to say that--nah, Nashville really doesn't care much if at all about it. Well I can give you three reasons: For one, the alliteration sounds good. For two, Tennessee's not particularly known for oil production, barons, or wildcatters. (Again, .) For three, this upcoming season will be their 21st season as the Titans--they're old enough to legally drink now! (Um, ahem....) Seriously though, that means now, just like Jacksonville, an entire generation has now been born and grown up knowing and seeing their team--in this case, as the Tennessee Titans--while older generations are, well, "crossing over to the other side". And to quote a half-bar by Jay-Z, "time don't go back, it goes forward". So while many in Texas and older generations certainly lost one, many in Tennessee and younger generations, and some who chose/choose to follow the franchise, gained one. (And if that reference missed you, don't worry about trying to catch it. Lol) And that segues nicely into another point that may spark some nerves, and is one I'm finding myself challenged with right now. This whole fiasco with the Oilers/Titans (& to a certain extent other relocated franchises as well) really illustrates the problem we humans have with letting...things..go, especially of the past. I'm telling you, we'd need much happier and much less stressed people if we can just learn to honor and respect the past, but accept and embrace the present. I know that's gonna jostle some people, but think about it. In regards to this, the people of Houston and whatever fans the Oilers had outside Houston lost their team/identity...many with no personal connection to Houston are crowing louder about the Oilers than people in Houston are! (And I'm in the weird position of having a personal tie to both Houston and Nashville, so perhaps I see all this from a unique perspective.)
  2. I have a better question: why hasn't MNUFC had a blue uniform yet?? Be it either primary or change...from what I've seen since they've been in MLS, and I think their last year in NASL it's been mostly charcoal gray/black and white. Or do they prefer to keep their light blue just to trim color? Oh--and Philadelphia needs that broad center stripe and centered crest back on their kits yesterday...they just don't look like the Union without it.
  3. Me wonders what all this means for the Tennessee Snatit Titans now, since they done all but decided to dumb down the presence of what [may as well used to be] their primary color. Also, knowing Nike, I wouldn't be surprised at all if the fabric colors for Tennessee's light blue and the Chargers powder blue are the exact same--meaning the Snatit's Titans' apparel and merchandise won't even be all that unique anymore. Oh well...they did it to themselves. Back to San Diego LA for a minute...I personally believe that deeper Pacific blue they used for their color rush alternates should be their official primary.... It's more unique in hue and contrasts much better with their yellow. As for the Texans...at this juncture I feel like they would benefit greatly from a color change altogether. I mean, neither the old CFL Texans or even the original Houston Texans used the Texas flag colors--and I know how/that their current logo was designed in such a way to mimic the Texas flag, but after almost 20 years I think the shape of that icon is such that a color change won't diminish it's visual impact any less. And I've already thought of a way more unique colorway for the Texans (part of which could p*ss off some people in Dallas--but they'll be alright!)...
  4. My head hurt after reading all that! Lol. But thanks for the explanation. That helps me understand some things. Yeah, sports geography can be so arbitrary at times... think of how long New Orleans, and later Carolina, spent in the NFC West, or how Indianapolis got pigeonholed into the AFC South, despite being two hours from and at more northerly latitude than Cincinnati. But anyway--that's stuff for the reel line mint thread.
  5. Seriously...is there any other state whose schools cover all the cardinal directions the way Missouri does? And that's not even all of them! On another note, now that I've gotten a closer look at West Virginia's numbers...I see the telltale familiar Nike "things" going on...look very closely at the inside counters on the 8, particularly the upper left--notice anything? Look closer... See it?? Familiar Nike "trademark" cue. And since we're still on these numbers, from a distance the set as a whole definitely looks better than what it replaced, but yet and still the Swoosh found a way to stick a headscratcher in the mix--what up with that "3", though?? But I guess that's nitpicking at this point...FWIW I still believe the Steve Slaton/Pat White/Owen Schmitt era uniforms @Chawls posted are the best WV's looked this far. That look was signature to them.
  6. I should have been more specific originally...I meant recently. Their last best chance was 2001 if I remember right, the year before they traded Ray Allen.
  7. I'm pulling for Giannis, for real. I wanna see him--and Milwaukee, for that matter--get that elusive championship. And if ever they were going to do that, THIS is the time.
  8. Right. I was watching all that and was like, "what is going on with all these guys?" Looked like they were getting stage fright or something. That said, right up to the 15th hole, they were all still in contention, but then when ol' boy double-bogeyed and the other (I can't remember his name) missed into the sandtrap, I was like "here it goes". I think that's when Dustin Johnson shot himself briefly into the leader group as well. Yet Koepka still had a chance to tie Tiger for the outright lead, but when he missed that birdie putt...hoo boy.
  9. I watched this last round live. Bruh...that was something intense. To see how many people were tied for the lead at various points in the round--I think at one point four guys were all tied for the lead including Tiger by the 14th hole, and then to see Dustin Johnson master stroke himself into the leader group I think at 15. But yeah, I also saw where at least two of those young guys started to crack and lose it at 15, but when Tiger hit that tee shot off 16 and I watched that ball curve left toward that cup, I was like, "this is really finna happen". Then ol' boy Koepka missed that birdie putt to tie him for the lead and at that point it was Tiger's to lose. I was glued to the TV just WAITING for shades of that old Tiger emotion to spill out after that final putt on 18 (dude's face stayed stoic right up until the end). Then he sank that final putt, and I was like "wait for it...wait for it...", he did that one little fist pump, then a second passed, and then--THEN them big ol' Tiger teeth shined again. And I don't bame him one bit...I can only imagine all of what must have came out of him plus lifted off him in that moment. I was so happy for him...but then when he ran up to hug his kids, his Mom--I lost it right there. Like, real certified man tears. May sound silly, but me personally having some idea of what Tiger must have been feeling like all these years after his "big mistake", then all those years having passed wondering if he'd ever get back to this point and/or his "old self", I can relate. Then for it to happen all these many years later--redemption might be too light of a word. Whatever the case, that resonated with me on a personal level. Glad I got to see it live.
  10. Soccer-unrelated: I'm also on a head-on collision course with this storm as well, traveling from Vermont. I should meet it somewhere hopefully west of Cleveland--with a 33000-lb HEMTT chained to the deck. Somebody pray for a brotha... ...Back on the topic of Allianz, I got to see both it and US Bank Field up close when I was up in Minneapolis back in the beginning of March. 1) US Bank Stadium is freaking HUGE; 2) I did like what I saw of Allianz from the outside; and 3) ain't y'all bout tired of the snow yet?? There was about 2-3 feet of the stuff on the ground then. (Don't ask what I ran into up in Grand Forks...)
  11. Muy interesante... (Suddenly I'm craving some skrimp.)
  12. With red trim, too--and all-red change kits??? (Plz... pretty pretty plz...)
  13. It seems to me Cincy really favors the orange... why not do a primary orange top with blue shorts and orange (or even blue) socks? There's only one other MLS side sporting orange and the two shades differ enough to where I wouldn't see it causing a problem.) And as for mixing and matching, from what I've seen just this season alone I'd say MLS has no issue at all with teams mixing and matching elements of their kits.