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  1. Just move the team to Charleston, West Virginia then-- the nickname would fit perfectly there...
  2. Meanwhile, I'm looking at the colors used in that promo (which I'm legit amazed no one's mentioned yet) and wondering if that may be the new team's colorway...?
  3. That makes sense. Granted, I don't get to see all the things you all get to see on the ground since I'm more concerned with not getting stuck trying to maneuver a 13-foot tall 74-foot-long vehicle through there. Off to the side, out of curiosity...how prominent (and this is for anyone) does the color orange figure into the St. Louis landscape? I mean, all the bridge overpasses are gray, red and black, but in the grander scheme of things, does orange have a visibility? I know the Spirits of St Louis had orange as their primary color...guess I'm just trying to think outside the box a lil' bit.
  4. That all sounds like something of a callback to these... (Side note: I miss the 90s, when team identities, especially in hockey, took risks...) ...As for the club name, it seems they are dead set on spelling out the "Saint" in "St. Louis"--funny since not even the post office does that there. Any particular reason for that?
  5. I haven't been following this whole thing, but could the nickname "Archers" conceivably be used (as an obvious double entendre)?
  6. If they're gonna do all that, just call them the Edmonton Eddies. There...Edmonton Eddies. Run with it. (Just like the Philadelphia Phillies, except in green and yellow.)
  7. If dude only knew... Hold up--are the Capitals no longer using the Weagle as their primary? (Or was that script always the primary and I just never paid it any mind until now?)
  8. So I've now gotten caught up on things and... - Its apparent to me that some of y'all need to live life just a little while longer and you'll come to find that there are just some things that really ain't worth the emotional energy or investment to get worked up about--such as whether team names should end in "s" or not. Shoot, just peel back and enjoy the ride--you'll experience much more joy that way. (And I say this at the ripe ol' age of 38.) - I always wondered whether we'd see a sports identity based around a squid, and now here we are. Wouldn't surprise me to see folk (& I'll probably be the first, starting right now) nickname-reference the Kraken in shorthand as the "Squids". Why not? - I'm not paying $300-something for no clothes, anywhere--but if I had the dispensable funds, I'd cop one of those navy sweaters pronto. If the hats come with the seafoam-color brims, I may just have to snag one...and speaking of that... - I love everything about this. As said, I'm not from Seattle (but I've been there twice), nor the Pacific northwest (though I go out there often), and until the Seattle NHL rumor mill started up two years back (?), I'd never even heard of a kraken. (I've also never seen Pirates of the Caribbean OR Clash of the Titans, so there.) That said, I have no real dog in that fight--and no one out that way cares what some random trucker dude out in the toenail of South Dakota has to say about it anyway--but I'm fine with the nickname. That visual identity, though...WOWZA. That is instantly one of the top brands in North American pro sports, from a uniqueness perspective. Who'd have though modified blackletter would've been the way the Seattle expansion team would go? (I see the connection to Seagram's gin, though--somebody got creative with that inspiration for sure.) I bet my boy Harry got down on those numbers...and I'm sure the other Andy had a steady hand to play in this too (you know who you are). I do like how the dark navy allows the more distinctive seafoam blues to "pop" (and let that be a lesson in color theory to you aspiring designers, as the Tennessee Titans employed this same approach before Nike convinced them to cosplay as...whatever the heck they are now, but anyway: a darker, more neutral base can be preferable for letting more unique colors shine.) I really can't find anything about this I don't like, so...9.8/10.
  9. Oh, dear...let the exploding heads commence! Its on and Kraken...
  10. So the administration can schedule future locks for these threads now? Cool! As for whatever this identity turns out to be...i think it'd be cool to see an identity based around a squid, or octopus, since currently none in major pro sports currently does. That said, I saw what just happened with Charlotte FC's unveiling, so I'm pretty well balanced now. Oh and...in before the lock.
  11. So, kids...let this be a lesson in "stick to your core competency" and "don't go chasing waterfalls, just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to" or--okay, maybe just "don't think of [one]self more highly than [one] ought". Most of us are old enough to remember when UA was simply an undergarment/compression gear supplier that eventually branched out to a full line of athletic and workout gear, to include shoes. It's okay to dream and take chances in life, but you better also know how to count the cost in doing so. Jumping up into the big leagues with Nike and Adidas so soon was, in hindsight, a reach too far--or at least reaching out past Maryland and South Carolina. What was it, about a ten-year turnaround from the time UA was founded until the time they began outfitting Maryland and then SC? (My history may be fuzzy but I know someone on here knows the details.) That said...as one who still does favor UA workout gear, now that I know there's a sale going on, I hope I can find a UA store before the good stuff is all gone....
  12. Better that than, say, the Puget Sound Pucksters....