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  1. Well I'll be doggoned... ...I think 👁 'em. (I see they finally also changed the color of that pirate's bandana from red to yellow...took 'em long enough.)
  2. I'm sure I missed something somewhere, but I also can't remember the last time I actually watched a full baseball game, let alone the Pirates, so...I just randomly happened to see them playing the Nationals today, and the Pirates were in gray tops (I legit can't remember the last time they wore gray tops at all), but they had the script "Pittsburgh" on them. When did the Pirates go back to using that script on their road grays? Or is it an alternate? (FWIW, I much prefer the script "Pittsburgh" over the team font "PITTSBURGH". I also prefer they get back to the vested jerseys, too, but...whatever.)
  3. I'm pretty sure that Decision thing was more ESPN's idea than it was LeBron's....
  4. Ok, so... this opens a pandora's box, semantic as it is, with this whole program: How much of a risk do they take in creating a "city" uniform (ugh) for a team named for a whole region--in this case, a state? Bet they didn't think that part through enough; probably just wanted to cash in on the "city" thing they're doing with the NBA. Off the top of my head there's four clubs named for regions (and depending on who you talk to in NY, maybe five or six ). Maybe a better name would've been Community Connect? Eh, whatever. Either way, I'm half-expecting cacti out the wazoo and something that ends up close to the Kachina Coyotes pattern. Just as long as they don't try to cosplay as actual snakes...we done already seen how problematic that looked.
  5. I know we done went all off-track in here, but yeah, I could've gotten with that, too, especially since they dropped the overly-nerdy shtick with Billy right about the time the White Ranger showed up which really strengthened his character. I understand (and even at the time understood) what they were trying to do in preserving "color continuity" with Rocky the Red Ranger still being the "group of 5" leader (see what I did there?), but it never worked on any level. By the time of Zeo, Rocky finally settled into his own, had some of the best focus episodes, and looking back was arguably the most well-rounded character of the five. But weren't we talking about NFL changes and not Ranger color changes in here??
  6. It was "the light of goodness" that powered the White Ranger...or so one could deduce from Zordon's explanation... ...Actually, I say it was the mommas of all the kids that were about ready to burn the studio down for taking their favorite character off the show...only for the show to bring him back, tone him wayyy down (that, like the neutering of Lord Zedd, was the result of the mommas)--and then shove his face in front of the camera every chance they got. By the start of season 3, I was Tommy'd out. Then they went and made him the Red Ranger...ugh...
  7. Or, institute a TRUE playoff like how FCS does it--but, you know, politics and $$$$$$$$$ and boosters and stuff...
  8. Shoot, they may as well change the league logo if they keep this up...swap the "N" for an "I"...
  9. The San JosA's??? And, in what's likely a break from stat quo and thus likely to be an unpopular opinion (not that that matters)...maybe Cleveland--and by extension future expansion/relocated teams--would have an easier time if they would just drop the focus on going hyper-localized? I mean, I get it: local name = civic connection (city connect?), but sometimes it may pay to go outside the sandbox every now and again. Not that it directly applies, but how do you think we got the name "Jacksonville Jaguars"? Ain't no jaguars nowhere in Florida--or the States at large, unless at a zoo--but they chose it for the alliteration, and it works. I know all the marketing experts are about ready to pull the pitchforks out on me, but seriously...I spent enough time in the game to have seen marketing execs and project managers bust the backs of their own brains out--along with their budgets--just because the good-idea gurus couldn't get out of the way of their own closed-mindedness.
  10. Saw that coming a mile away. (Then again, its been speculated since season's end on the Titans' FB feed.) Yes, Julio is older now and not exactly in his prime anymore, and he's now injury prone, but still, having him on one side and AJ Brown on the other--or, on some formations, both of them on the same side--is going to be a SCARY sight for some NFL defenses. Three monsters back there between Jones and Brown and oh by the way King Henry...have fun with that, AFC South.
  11. Not for nothing, and not to drag off-topic, but just because I've been around quite a bit and seen some, there are a few more obscure municipal flags worth at least checking out: Des Moines IA. The three aqueducts correspond to the three bridges that cross the Grand, Locust, and Walnut Street bridges at the Des Moines River into downtown. Milwaukee's soon-to-be new flag. (Don't know if they've yet formally adopted this or not.) Denver. Pretty good for what it is. Orlando. Reminds me a lot of Ottawa's flag. Good ol' Indianapolis..."Crossroads of America". Birmingham AL. Could use some simplifying, but still...pretty not bad. And then there's this "treasure", from right here in Sioux Falls SD: It mimics the three actual (used-to-be-naturally-occurring) falls in the Big Sioux River near what's now downtown, along with the quartzite rock formations over which they flow (the mineral of which is in many of your wristwatches--fun trivia). And now back to our regularly-scheduled City Connect discussion...
  12. It was pretty much inevitable the moment the whole City Connect thing was announced--but yes, many of us called this around here. On one hand, with baseball playing 162 games per season, they probably have enough room for a few alternates. On the other hand...having just come back from Minneapolis, during which time I took a trip to Target Field and more specifically the Twins team shop, having seen just how many different uniforms the Twins have now (until now I've never had a reason to pay attention to or care about the Twins), by my count at least five, maybe six if those cream pinstripes are still in play) I think there does come a point where too much can become, well, too much. In the case of the White Sox, for all their uniform zaniness over the course of their history, somehow since settling into their current set, aside from a few one-offs I don't think they've added any full-time alts to their rotation aside from the black jerseys. Which leads to the backside of those two hands, on which is emblazoned a big giant swoosh--because that's what this entire thing is about. Yes, they/MLB can promote "City connection", and that's cool and all, but let's not kid ourselves: this is the creative overlords once again flossing their creative will and asserting their agenda--and the three leagues they outfit basically allowing them to do so. That's what all those alts are about in the NBA, straight down to the renaming of the uniform designations (for both them and the WNBA); same with the Color Rush thing with the NFL. (That's my opinion on it, anyway...I'm kinda past the point of caring; I'm just calling it like I see it.)
  13. I noticed...at Buffalo Wild Wings. Wasn't Denver the best team no one talked about last season? No surprise then they were able to close out Portland-- though to be honest I kept watching waiting for Dame Lillard to add to his postseason long-bomb total. Guess it wasn't to be this time. But this Denver squad is good. Would anyone want to see them in the Finals?? I mean, they'd have to go through Dallas to get there, should they meet. (I haven't been following the brackets so I don't know who's playing who right now). And speaking of Dallas: could you imagine this current Luka and 2011 Dirk Nowitzki on the floor at the same time?? (Recall that Dirk basically took over the 2011 postseason and made it his personal playground.) Cake would've been baked for the NBA title, IMO.
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