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  1. GIANT EAGLE: Rebrands corporate logo. Also GIANT Eagle: uses all lowercase letters What is up with this trend of all-lowercase corporate branding lately? Especially when your name is GIANT eagle??
  2. Bro... ain't it, though?? Then again that whole hillside's probably about ready to give anyday now... ...Also, not to further Burgh-jack this thread, but for those of y'all yinz who never got to "experience" Pittsburgh in all it's jagged-off splendor, here's a good sample--and a good laugh. (Granted, most of the ol' dialect sounds like it's dying out around town these days, but back in the day...maaannn...)
  3. That would require one or both of the Tubes and/or Bridge to not be shut down due to construction...
  4. Bold 1: I know exactly where you were, depending on which side of Crane Road you were on. I wasn't much further south, down 51 past Brownsville Road (actually, more like 51 @ Curry Hollow). Definitely a small world! Bold 2: yup, that be the (top deck of the) Fort Pitt Bridge--you better know where you going, and you better know what lane to be in to get there before you get there. It's even worse going the other way: And that's all you get. Oh, the fun of navigating that mess in a semi...
  5. Holy jack, dude--Victoria is like 2 hours southwest from Houston while Katy is barely a half-hour west. Yeah, that one is definitely up there... That may be the one thing about the 'Burgh I never get tired of--and may sometimes go off-route for, just to go through those tunnels. BUT, before any of the local catch you and flog you, that's Parkway West, not 376. All of which is a way of saying: "it's a smaaalll world aaafter allll..."
  6. Can't wait to see what they nickname theirs...what, the "Hotlanta" kits or something??
  7. I don't know where this notion that the Jaguars' full-body logo was bad is coming from, but I wholeheartedly and vehemently disagree. That logo was rendered about as well as one could've rendered a full-body animal, in the mid-'90s, with that many markings on it--and in such a short turnaround time, too. (Might I remind everyone that basically the entire identity package had to be redone from the debuting of the first prototype uniforms to the first preseason game once Jaguar the automotive company kicked up static about their original logo too closely resembling their auto marque.) Anyway, none of that is why I quoted the above post...I quoted it to declare, definitely, that that jersey in particular and that uniform in general was definitely one of the absolute best in NFL history--and then they blew it. Which segues nicely into this... Straight...up. No lies detected anywhere in this. (Now, side note, and I may have asked this before a long time ago--we've been on these boards a long time: how did a Bostonian transplanted to L.A. become a Jaguars fan in the first place? I was always curious about that.)
  8. How would a Wilson-for-Watson trade work out? I ain't smart enough to know the business side, but...both are dang near the same player, and while Watson has more tread left, Wilson has that SB ring (would've had two had they ra-- you already know). Both would swap conferences, meaning neither current team would have to worry about facing them more than once in a while (some to think of it, when was the last time the Texans and Seahawks even played each other?)...oh, and both would still be wearing navy. Just throwing stuff at the wall here...
  9. I'm pretty sure I missed this somewhere in the previous pages of this thread or back in the archives of MLS news, but what's with the "nicknaming" of all these kits lately? Has this become MLS' thing du jour now??
  10. Because I had confidence issues as a kid while still wanting to "belong", I used to always envision myself as the solid contributing "utility backup" at running back and defensive back. I was never good enough to start especially at tailback, since the superstar stud who did start was also one of the most popular kids in school (whom I also grew up with and could actually outrun in a foot race, but whatevs), and since both our starting CBs were identical twins who were also very popular & liked by everyone and built like tanks, while the starting safety was the hardest hitter on the team & neighborhood bully (also built like a tank). So yeah, solid contributor who just through hard work & determination could be counted on to pick up a few yards here or there, knock a few balls down here or there, or make a few stops on special teams.
  11. Once I tell you that the "B" is not so much for Bengals as much as it is for Brown (as in Mike Paul Brown), things may become a little clearer...
  12. Someone want to explain to me how it is both Georgia and Oklahoma keep consistently getting placed in the top five year and yet consistently keep getting bounced out year after year??