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  1. That hit at the pylon, though...
  2. Wellp, sounds like Mahomes may be out for the rest of the game with a concussion...
  3. So you can imagine how I felt during the two summers I spent way up there outside of Sparta....just us, the grass, and the skunks. (Total side note: if you've never experienced someone get sprayed by a skunk, make sure you absolutely never do...)
  4. I won't front: I'm rooting hard for the Browns, but I think I'll be okay with either result. On that front...if the Chiefs do win out, I suspect by the start of next season they'll go the way of the Seahawks and become everyone's new favorite team to hate (on). Championship fatigue is something else, ain't it? It may just be due to living up here in South Dakota now, but I promise I never saw as much red and yellow until after they won the SB and now everyone and their auntie seems to be donning the red and yellow around here (in territory that's decidedly purple and yellow along with green and yellow--along with a surprising small scatter of black and teal; I sure didn't expect that). I personally have no reason to hate (on) the Chiefs--unless these fans up here become just insufferable and then it could change, haha. (Also, I'm in and out of KC these days almost as much as I'm in and out of SD, so I've gotten to know some of the town and it's people rather well.) But that ain't got nothing to do with this weekend's games...go Bills, Browns, Packers and, I guess...Bucs??? (Wow...how long has it been since I said THAT??)
  5. Someone remind MiLB that one-word nicknames are not, in fact, illegal...
  6. What is with the recent proliferation of lowercase letters used as primary initials lately? It might just be me, but capital letters strike me as "bolder, stronger", while outside of a very few certain instances, lowercase letters just come across as, well, "weaker", I guess. And for a corporation called GENERAL Motors, that's just not working at all.
  7. I got curious and looked it up...as it turns out, in addition to the two named in this thread (Florida and Oklahoma), apparently there are seven additional Miamis scattered across the U.S.: West Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri (as many times as I've been through this state I never came close to knowing that), Iowa (which now I actually do remember that one), Indiana (missed that one too), and Arizona.
  8. I haven't been there in forever... are they still running busses out on the ramps to board passengers?
  9. And let me tell you...all you those times I've run US-35 from Dayton down to WV (which is, like, all the dang time since our busiest customer is out near Lynchburg VA), US-33 from Columbus down to WV, OH-23 from Cincinnati to, well, WV (sensing a theme here?), I can tell you that, in fact, ain't jack down through there. Jack. I don't know about that one...granted, somebody done crashed down in the lower deck of the I-71/75 bridge into Cincinnati a couple months back and dang near burnt the thing down in the process so you wouldn't be able to see it now from that angle, but I think it might be one of the more picturesque skylines in the U.S.
  10. Granted, the Dolphins were already well established, but Miami got the Heat in 1988 and then both the Marlins and Panthers in 1993.
  11. Until Ben Roethlisberger's name began circulating in Heisman talks back in '03, I ain't even know there was a Miami in Ohio. I imagine it's the same for the greater majority of the population outside the Buckeye state. (For the record, there is also a [town named] Miami in Oklahoma, too.) Also, FWIW, I've never heard the Ohio institution referred to as "Miami U"; I've always heard it as "Miami of Ohio" (except when in Ohio).
  12. Tell us how you really feel, homie. Short of some of the, um, more colorful language, I'm right there with you, though. Oh I got me a good laugh out of that game (& your post) while thinking about all the Steelerheads I know who no doubt were ungluing by the minute. Then one of them wrote on a post, "They have six rings...they'll be alright," to which I responded, "yeah, but Green Bay has THIRTEEN", to which said Steelerhead replied, "Green Bay has 4 Super Bowls", to which I replied, "Let me remind you all that the NFL existed well before Super Bowl I...", and then I proceeded to list the Packers' nine previous titles--tp which a different Steelerhead chimed in, "Yeah but how many teams were there back then, like six?", to which the previous Steelerhead added, "did they even have rings back then?"--after which a third Steelerhead appeared and added, "what happened back then isn't relevant; Super Bowls are relevant," at which point i started to reply, "whatever makes you feel better; keep telling yourself that"--but then just gracefully bowed out. Some folks you just can't say nothing to. I heard it a few times myself while living there, 12 or 13 years back. It's right there in my avatar, playa.
  13. I was about to say this...yes, did we all see how GOOD the game looked on the field? You couldn't have asked for better contrast. And if that game didn't make the case for why orange pants are the superior choice, I don't know what else to say. The only reason Tomlin still has a job is because Rooneys don't fire head coaches. (At least not yet.) IMO, dude should've been canned at least three seasons ago, and if this had been any other club he probably would have. He also has a serious issue maintaining discipline amongst his players, and has for a while now. Anyway, @infrared41 (and, if you should somehow be seeing this, @kris_bazen), this one's for you... Cheers, mate(s).
  14. Add me to that wagon, as well--actually I been on it for a minute now, just for the fact of having spent time in Buffalo and amongst the fine folk of WNY endearing itself me, and then of course their big-boy QB being a product of Wyoming. Who really was the last NFL player of note period, let alone QB, to hail from Wyo...Jim Kiick, maybe? So yeah--I'm riding with Buffalo, unless Tennessee somehow runs into them, then I'll have a decision to make....