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  1. How the teams would look for the Superbowl.
  2. What would the NFL teams kits look if they were actual football teams. Just a quick project in downtime.
  3. Maybe in the next batch
  4. A quick project as a distraction as I complete my MBA. Full project up on A select few below.
  5. New badge on there also for the Italian FA.
  6. Baffling as to why this isn't our home kit this year, especially when you look at the training top we have for our home jersey this season.
  7. SDX

    NHL 2017-18

    Wow that Senators anniversary logo is horrific, it's like a school kid has got hold of the photoshop Gradient panel. The old school circular logo is miles better and the team should definitely look at reverting to that.
  8. Now this looks a lot better with the addition of the stars. The Juve logo has always been quite iconic, I think this may be the start of other clubs going this way, football clubs are becoming more than football clubs, they are branching out and becoming brands and unfortunately crests don't work well visually with the style they want to portray.
  9. Really liking the Arizona and Cincinatti ones. For a UK fan the colour rush idea is bizzare and has produced some dodgy uniforms.
  10. Seems like an upgrade for the sake of it. Nothing wrong with the old one for me. Reflected the brand perfectly.
  11. Umbro has slipped year on year designing our kits. Some shocking efforts including this one.
  12. SDX

    Name That Font!

    Absolutely awesome Atomic. I owe you a beer.