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  1. While Orange pants would have broken up the black CMS. White, Cleveland will still look good. Hopefully the nice weather will help me out this week in fantasy football
  2. I understand what you’re saying, but it’s not really true. They added that manufacturers patch, but that’s all on MLB. The Brewers definitely upgraded along with the Padres.
  3. I rhink thats too bland on its own. Its a nice addition to the wordmark. Its not strong enough on its own. Maybe if it was done like the Birmingham Bolts style. Maybe even as just a center stripe. Thats where the mascot ends up being better.
  4. Akron should use their custom font or Zippy logos.
  5. While I love the black squirrels, they wouldn’t be any better. You’d still have to shoehorn in speed. The squirrels are Canadians anyway. Lol
  6. What would you suggest? We’ve had a golden retriever, a caveman (the creator of B.C. Went to Kent), a golden palomino, Captain Flasher (a kid wearing a cape and Mercury helmet), and the Flasher (weirdo with a blue body suit and carried bolts. The students selected the golden eagle as our mascot in the 80’s and Flash is our beloved mascot in live and mascot forms.