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  1. It's ok to not like him. The significant event was his first Masters win in 14 years.
  2. Yeah. I t was landlocked by its location and the derby downs. The field was always terrible as well. Glad to see it go as a Kent State fan, but I hate seeing stadiums just falling apart.
  3. Definitely subjective, because Philly's uniforms are generally atrocious! Especially their white.
  4. So! The stripe? on Columbus' helmet is the Ohio flag! So underwhelming. It looks like some internal team materials also use a light blue (PowerPoint, signage).
  5. Ultimately I think it's the fan base in Cleveland that invalidates that statement, for Cleveland! In general I think your point is true.
  6. Probably liked them and wanted to get some use out of them
  7. Maybe, but you definitely have a conversation.
  8. With the draft in Vegas, that might have had an impact as well. The first few years should have been at the top seeds anyway, in my opinion. Long term, if they become the official feeder league, I could see this as a Sunday game to close out the draft festivities.
  9. Absolutely a downgrade. This is so lifeless compared to the other one.
  10. Fill the shape and bring that shape to the front.
  11. They must not be switching out facemasks during the week
  12. This right here! So close but the execution is bad. Especially at this level! Pay somebody to fix it please
  13. You might think that way but it is not. They don't compare and it's just gross that you see them as equal.