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  1. I assume someone was just using a font that is not going on the jersey. I doubt they change.
  2. Seattle has a nice look. Atlanta’s is lacking, in my opinion.
  3. I think a couple of their last sets have been good. I think next season adidas will make some true reverse retros.
  4. Ts basically the same as Aunt Jemima. Just no caricature on it.
  5. I think it would mirror the blue jersey. Maybe the horn pattern will move up to allow numbers.
  6. In my opinion the worst Celtics looks are the shoe horned black. At least they always have had yellow/ gold in their logos and warmups so its not bad in my opinion.
  7. They always said they’d keep the Indians name until they get the new moniker.
  8. The Roughnecks logo is, in my opinion and others, just an updated Oilers logo. That’s where the NFL will probably start their objections.
  9. I have heard it for a long time. Either way. 2 deep is more of a team use thing.
  10. If they start too late that might be moot.
  11. I like the secondary better because it clearly shows what it is. The primary logo is difficult to tell from a distance and the H is too hidden in my opinion. It would have been unique though