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  1. The football could use some refinement but not a bad start. I think using the darker gray could give it some highlights and depth.
  2. I see that as their yellow/gold. The gray is darker so they might not have to change that, but it might have been a one off so they didn’t care.
  3. They're actually worse than the grey uniforms. Same template but thus hold is too washed out.
  4. I mean the sublimation and awful fonts.
  5. Wait until Clemson plays better competition. Their WK 1 game will probably be a cakewalk so they'll be able to refine things before they play good teams.
  6. Probably only at bowls, neutral sites and big schools.
  7. It looks like it was poorly applied. Should have been put on the left.
  8. Definitely an unpopular opinion. I think it looks amateurish and the brown mask makes it so much worse.
  9. Better than all of the new Phenom Elite AFL uniforms for Jaworski's teams.
  10. Once he left maybe, but after so much time it becomes a temper tantrum. As a Browns fan this is 1.0 of the framework that Ohio sports fans used to keep and protect our teams. The Crew is Version 2.
  11. Pros have been able to. Lower levels state that it must be clear.
  12. Easily an upgrade but it seems a little too busy to me.
  13. Wow I didn’t even notice that. I don’t know why I thought that’s illegal. Maybes it’s just frowned on
  14. It looks like a moving company logo. And not a good moving company.
  15. A person could be president for 10 years total, but can only be elected twice. Simce he's been elected 2 times, it's a slippery slope and that's because if Biden left office before 2 years then Obama would exceed the time restrictions. Therefore the Supreme Court would have to rule on it I believe. Either way its not worth the squeeze.