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  1. Ultimately I think it's the fan base in Cleveland that invalidates that statement, for Cleveland! In general I think your point is true.
  2. Probably liked them and wanted to get some use out of them
  3. Maybe, but you definitely have a conversation.
  4. With the draft in Vegas, that might have had an impact as well. The first few years should have been at the top seeds anyway, in my opinion. Long term, if they become the official feeder league, I could see this as a Sunday game to close out the draft festivities.
  5. Absolutely a downgrade. This is so lifeless compared to the other one.
  6. Fill the shape and bring that shape to the front.
  7. They must not be switching out facemasks during the week
  8. This right here! So close but the execution is bad. Especially at this level! Pay somebody to fix it please
  9. You might think that way but it is not. They don't compare and it's just gross that you see them as equal.
  10. It's not silly and if he's being blatant about it he could be fined or punished according to the agreement. Just text him behind the scenes and tow the line in public.
  11. Yeah. THe Columbus logo looks like crap because it's just a gray scale logo. The Black Jacks logo needs a little work and it'd be the best logo in the league.
  12. That's reaching. I think they could have come up with a better name and the bull would make sense.
  13. An article yesterday said it would start after 2 OTs. 5 makes more sense.
  14. If you aren't looking to survive, get in with McMahon and improve your tech for the XFL.
  15. Mark Malone already calling the Fleet the Chargers. Lol. Memphis has a pretty decent defense so maybe they'll get that upset win. With the single entity model i assume coaches wont be fired mid-season, but Iron Mike can't feel safe.
  16. Atlas doesn't make sense to me. I get strength, but Atlas isn't an abstract idea like that. They would have been better changing to Force or Brutes.
  17. Knight wasn't very sharp or accurate and there were some bad reads as well. The plan to throw a hook and ladder was silly. Throw outs to the sticks and get out.
  18. A new wrinkle. Arizona kicked the field goal to try a hail mary for a chance to tie
  19. Well remember the forward pass was "nonsense"
  20. There's no extra money in diehard fans. Innovation has to continue. Plus it's one game.
  21. They could've done better to match it at the neckline also.