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  1. I am thinking, and I cannot verify this, that the light blue will be a throwback to their sponsor Goodyear. The Wingfoots 100th anniversary is this season. The Wingfoots were a team in the originator of the NBA.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised to see the shoulder strip end like the old helmet wing that they have had. There's no good shot of the back of them unless I missed it.
  3. I think ignition would have been a better name
  4. walkerws

    AAF Concepts

    This is where I think you go wrong. It's a step up so the look shouldn't emulate the lower level as this has. The logo on both sides and the middle stripe being a metallic but not necessarily reflective.
  5. They look so European with the sponsors down the legs.
  6. Kent State picked this up too. It's not obnoxious and it let's the kids have personal pride in where they are from.
  7. You'd end up with empty space so the team likely went with that. Plus the bug is more to put the trademark on the video anyway. Consistency would be nice though.
  8. What was interesting for Kent State, until 1985, there was no real (mascot) answer for what a Flash was! Flash Timeline
  9. walkerws

    Louisville Rugby

    I assume this is not affiliated with the University of Louisville.
  10. KENT STATE Original Flash 1995ish? 2005 (Moved to just a solid brown and fixed some other costume issue I assume)
  11. With the AAF Shop back up, San Antonio, San Diego, and Orlando all have secondary letter logos. Orlando dropped Apollo for their O logo. San Diego's "SD" logo is the most boring one.
  12. Well at least Flash looks like an eagle and not a blob. The lack of the K really makes for a bad weight balance IMO.
  13. Well I assume next weekend will be a fauxback helmet since it is homecoming. Hopefully no more bogus cursive fonts we've never really worn before. They may break out hte gold helmet with navy bolt too. If so, bolt up both sides, the number mismatch on the lids we wore at Ole Miss just bothered me.
  14. Kent State went with a create a team look, removing he K from their logo.
  15. The other side too is that you can get more events with higher seating at your main arena, and when the Mystics play, your overhead for concessions, parking, and security are lower and I would assume the utilities would be cheaper as well.
  16. Priorities. It's easy enough to match up baseball and softball. Not knowing what the focus of the department is, they might have thought baseball wasn't worth the effort. Buffalo has done this as well.
  17. Kent State broke out the blue bolt helmet today with a white mask. The bad part, helmet n7mber on the right side and doesn't match the jersey font.
  18. They are definitively brown. I've never seen them appear close to black.
  19. No. Just some junk excuse. If it was the same set or close, yeah. This is just a reverse of their new look. I am still not a fan of the Georgia Tech word mark. It doesn't match the GT logo.
  20. I think much more thought went into this look. It's not a great logo but it's also very inventive and fits the reputation/ stereotype of San Jose.
  21. There's a few trophy companies that make replicas of the Lombardi trophy. The MLB and Stanley Cup would be more difficult to get I would assume. The O'Brien isn't a difficult trophy to remake either.
  22. ? If you've never seen a salute, I could guess you might see that, but then why would you put that on a uniform or in circulation?
  23. The double blue hides the maker marks but if that's what you're aiming for, you go it. The helmets look a little plain. I'm not sure if the logo is too small or the colors are blending too much.