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  1. Bad name for a basketball team. Like a football team being named the Buckets. Nice color. Nothing too risky.
  2. Not feeling it. Too collegiate. It just has no feeling to it. I think you got a good baseline. Just let it come to you.
  3. It looks like the bear is almost cross eyed though.
  4. http://www.huntsvillehavoc.com/images/top.gif This is a little better but not by much. The head alone looks really silly when you view the full body loook
  5. walkerws


    Not to be a killjoy but they already have an NFL 2. It's in Europe. The monor league football community HAS been trying to get some sort of a true minor league system but to no avail.
  6. I wanted both moving forward and teh W in that font wasn't my favorite.
  7. Thanks. It could end up like some real life logos where fan interest drives the organization to use their secondary marks primarily. Time will tell. Those jerseys I made using the LA Extreme (XFL) jerseys, and just using piping instead of two tones. I made a template with the old Las Vegas Outlawas but it wasn't all that special to me.
  8. After I did it today, I like the "R". The warrior will look 100 times better after Walrus puts his magic touch on it.
  9. The final touches have been completed for Rainier Academy Warrior Football 2004. The team released it's home and away plus alternate unis earlier and finally are ready to roll out the helmet and alternate designs. Helmet Helmet Logo Football office logo University athletics logo Home uniform Away Uniform Wordmark
  10. I think those colors are currently on their road unis. Could be a hint but i don't think so.
  11. Personally I would put the train on the helmet. The crossing sign is kind of bland for a good overall design.
  12. A lock out makes it all moot. Even after the NHL resumese if locked out, the prevailing thought is taht teams will be cut.
  13. National OK. American. Bleh. Get rid of the star.
  14. I love teh uniform design. Flags are a little much but understandable as to why they are there. I like the jersey stripe across the chest too. Where did you get that template?
  15. DId you inadvertently load the same photo twice? It's the same picture.
  16. Eastbay does usually do a dump about now so that they don't have a lot of overstock. Their final score store has some really good deals f you have monster feet or odd sizes.
  17. I am not going to lie. Don't wear the pink jerseys when going ot San Francisco. J/K
  18. STLFanatic I disagree. White background here and it looks a little empty. You have to block in the head and i think to have it just sit there without a border would look a little odd. The numbers are a little strange but not any more than some of the number fonts used now. Nike swooshes are usually on the other side but they do go on the right generally for soccer.
  19. RTRICH I disagree. I like NIKE designs for the most part. VA Tech's new unis are a little daring and Miami's won't be too bad after awhile. Oregon? The Force need to throw theirs out. I bet a few teams keep their unis that they have. It's hard to think of a way to design a uni for the Crush that would look better than what they have now. Just get rid of all the teams wearing Denver style unis. (That's you Vegas, Orlando and Carolina) Detroit needs to trash theirs too. Put a logo on the other side for goodness sake. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few teams break out Nike assisted logos as well. If they actually do the nationwide sales thing that would be great. I'd be pretty stoked. As it stands, only like 4 teams even sell replica jerseys. The worst thing that will happen is that they end up looking like the XFL did with their unis. I don't see Nike doing an NBDL look like Reebok did. I love NIKE though so I feel slightly slanted towards them.
  20. MLB = Mickey Mantle. I have heard that it was he who was the inspiration for it.
  21. I'm not liking the nickname but it could have been worse.
  22. highway stripes to the 66 logo at bottom of shorts. Numbers on the route marker on Jerseys.
  23. highslapbass, I totally agree. Retro is for one game a year and throw it back in hte s\closet. The new unis are horrid IMO. No arch, no blue as a main color, and those very wide stripes. 96 stunck because it was the patch they wear on the shoulder which needs to go. It's not like the USA is not sufficient. Dumb look. I really could have done better. My three year old could have done better.