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  1. I really like the colors. I hope the shells have some striping or design element. I feel design elements on the pants are an underused thing in the NHL.
  2. Very interesting. I’ve got a massive collection of all but one of the styles the Rays have worn during their existence, good to know 2020 might represent an “off” year.
  3. So when the Solar Bears first came back, the logo shown above was in their graphic package but almost immediately disappeared and has never been used by the club. In the past two seasons or so, the Jr Solar Bears travel program all of the sudden started using it as their crest. Thoughts on it? I really like the pose alluding to the common sight around Orlando of an alligator cruising with just its head and snout above the water. I've never been able to track down a non-picture graphic of this logo, it's better than the ones they use currently imo.
  4. It’s helped by the fact that it’s supposed to look like something from the past. If if weren’t for the Dixie Flyers homage giving it meaning it’d be kinda weird looking.
  5. Neutrality or not, it’s a bad look for the site. Maybe I’ll try again in another six months.
  6. You’re awfully antagonistic, doubly noticeable since you’re a mod. After spending a while as just a very casual reader of the forums and only started posting again this week, it has stood out like a sore thumb.
  7. I like the color balance, for lack of a better way to describe it. The striping makes it instantly recognizable as the Hurricanes. The recolor of the logo for the helmet decal is pretty slick. I don’t like the nickname ‘Canes’ being the script. It looks clean and is a fairly restrained design without being dull and is an upgrade over what it’s replacing. Good change, if I were still in my jersey collecting heyday I’d pick one up. On a second look, I really like how there’s no shoulder yoke or yoke outline. The logo there really pops being on a white field.
  8. I really like that shade of navy next to that gold application. White pants would have been way too much, but the gloves shown here are perfect.
  9. Flyers need a Gritty shoulder patch ASAP. The Flyers jerseys look very dull, not their typical orange. Makes them look very muddy and indistinct.
  10. I don’t know if there’s a sports design trend I dislike more than the ‘large logo on one side, number on the other side’ that we see here and in every third college football game.
  11. Warriors? Too generic, would have been a downgrade from the more unique Ducks, Mighty or otherwise. Minutemen? Interesting, but don’t think this name works outside of a New England locale. Patriots? No. The success of the NFL version has made it impossible to brand a team as such now. So while we got that weird, tiny script of a crest and very muted colors for a while it seems that was a best case scenario. Except for staying Mighty, imo.
  12. That leaf logo with the tower integrated in is really nice. That would make an excellent shoulder patch on a hockey jersey.
  13. Vasilevskiy’s mask looks amazing in black and silver. And non-white based Bauer pads are a rarity with the new production method so that’s cool to see
  14. Those things always read like ad libs, just a mishmash of nouns and adjectives that come out making no sense.