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  1. wouldn't it make more sense to have the Redwoods be wearing green vs. the Locos' silver?
  2. I for one think these are all pretty solid
  3. The Blue/White Texans combo is really nice. Has an awesome pop to it. I also really like the Pegasus helmet.
  4. I tend to agree with this more. Maybe it's a product of growing up with the sleeves as they are now, but I think a lot of uniforms would look really strange with the full loop today, the Colts being a good example of that.
  5. i really like this. it really pops nicely
  6. It's well drawn, but I think there's a few too many fine details.
  7. youve probably got enough on your plate already, but Barrett Ruud (Red) Tampa Bay Bucs 1440x900
  8. the question now becomes, which player throwback jersey do i buy?
  9. I am so pumped for this, as a Bucs fan who wasn't around to see these worn while they were in circulation. Gonna get me a throwback jersey for sure.
  10. very cool. i especially like the workdmarks.
  11. beansdooma

    Denver Broncos

    the secondary might be better as just the horse head. no need to have the D in both.
  12. I dunno what it is, but something about that set is very appealing to me. I like it. (not so much the piping, but the rest, at least.)