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  1. They’ll be nicknamed Krakheads for sure. And Climate Pledge Arena becomes a Krakhouse.
  2. ‪The new wordmark features tails at the top. ‬ ‪Is that a subtle hint of the name being Washington Redtails? ‬
  3. Maybe the color we’re looking at is Mint Blue, a nod to both the Panthers and the banking industry. Mint Blue & Royal Purple.
  4. So basically the MCFC 2019-20 kit?
  5. Today they’re teasing logo and colors. And it makes some sense. Based on what I see: Carolina Blue = a perfect primary color linking Charlotte MLS to the Carolina Panthers. Purple = a color used by royalty, a perfect trim color providing brand separation from the NFL club I’ll predict the name is Charlotte Town FC with the crown being prominently featured in the badge.
  6. Now that we have seen the Falcons, especially with a full gradient uniform, I’m going to make prediction given the gradient seen on the Ram horns: 1. New helmet will be blue with yellow to white gradient Ram horns. This should obviously be expected given the new LA logo. White face mask to match the white of the horn. 2. The Rams won’t go full gradient on the uniform like the Falcons did. But I’ll predict gradient Ram horns on the shoulder sleeves and gradients within the numerals to match.
  7. The orange doesn’t even match the shade of orange on the shirt. And this isn't an “Orange Out” if you’re in blue shirts. Houston Dynamo’s new primary is a complete Orange Out.
  8. Think about it. Why spend money to repurpose Globe Life Park to host maybe 5 XFL games max when Globe Life Field (across the street) will also be able to host football games? And as if that’s not enough football hosting venues, AT&T Stadium is in the next parking lot. I know Texas loves it’s football but that sounds extremely foolish. IMO, since Globe Life Field won’t be ready in time for kickoff to the XFL season, Globe Life Park is likely a temporary home for the XFL until next season. Then the Rangers will repurpose Globe Life Park into a mixed use development, team HOF and preserve the baseball field & office building. That would make much more sense.
  9. Well since you’re a local news reporter, maybe you can get the scoop by asking the team why they even have renders of Globe Life Field in a football setup as part of their marketing material?
  10. Thats what they’ve said for the inaugural season, which will be before the new park opens. But the Rangers are actively marketing the new park for the XFL, including renderings of the place in football setup.
  11. Not even close. For starters, that’s not Sport Green.
  12. Like the XFL. The Rangers are marketing the new ballpark as a future home. In the below tweet is a render of Globe Life Field in a football setup. Guess that means they’ll have artificial turf.
  13. The point was it certainly wasn’t impossible to construct a retractable roof park, even Camden style. It could’ve happened and probably just depended on what the Rangers design requirements and budget were at that time. For whatever reason, they opted for an outdoor ballpark and ignored the climate concerns at that time, a mistake Arlington taxpayers will be paying for dearly now. If if we want to go back further, here’s a 1986 proposal for a retractable roof ballpark for the White Sox.
  14. Safeco & Minute Maid we’re both designed just 2 years later, opened 5 years later. It could’ve happened in 1994.
  15. Crew announcement to usher in a new era tomorrow (along with sale to Haslem). Guessing we’ll see a modified badge then.