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  1. The A’s can make it work in Vegas with an Allegiant Stadium style full ETFE roofed ballpark and a retractable field with sliding glass panels as seen in Houston (Minute Maid Park) and Miami (Loandepot Park). Also, summertime in Vegas is also pool club season so I’ll call my shot …a Vegas A’s ballpark will include a resort style stadium swim club. If they can make it happen, the perfect site is the Vegas Festival Grounds by Circus Circus on the north end of the strip. In addition to possibly luring tourists to catch a game, the valley has a metro population of 2.2 million, 200K lower then Portland who I consider the only other competition in relocation currently but has had no talks with the A’s. But in Las Vegas, they’ll likely also draw road crowds from the Dodgers, Angels, Padres and Diamondbacks. IMO, there’s no question the A’s will be more successful in Vegas then in Oakland, stuck perennially in the shadow of the Giants in the City. The A’s are offering to fully fund construction of the waterfront ballpark if the city cleans up its infrastructure at Howard Terminal. And with the port/Schnitzer Steel opposing this along with the demands of local politicians, there’s no way I see the the July 20 city council vote going in their favor. Last weeks meetings revealed their simply too far apart to come to an agreement by July 20th. Interestingly enough, the A’s are due to visit Vegas for a 3rd time on July 21st, a day after the Oakland city council vote.
  2. So basically every MLB club’s All Star Game hat looks like an Astros hat. WOW, this is hilarious considering they’re the most hated team in baseball at the moment lol
  3. That’s overthinking it. The SF Giants don’t need to rip off of the Yomiuri Giants. If Nike really wants an SFG City Connect jersey to connect locally to SF and honor Asian heritage, a Dragon’s Gate themed design would do the trick. Even better, no one else has done it. That being said, I can’t see Nike being that creative. I think it’ll say Golden Gate and be themed after the bridge.
  4. Mike Fiers is also a journeyman who basically said the same thing. Logan Morrison has also said the same. It only became a story when fans like Jomboy investigated further. I don’t think it’s a non-story, I think baseball wants to sweep this scandal under the rug because they know a lot of teams are doing it and it would undermine the integrity of the league. And this is why Rob Manfred is a joke.
  5. Here we go with more electronic sign stealing shenanigans, this time the cheating involves the Dodgers & Rockies. Stop cheating you bums. Go Yanks!
  6. Looks like a tire tread pattern. Expect roadkill jokes any time they lose wearing this...
  7. While some of the Kickoff Creator shirts might have elements rumored to be in kits, are wee sure all of the shirts might be previews? IDK what to make of New England’s shirt. And Houston’s shirt has its new badge, but also a James Harden logo on the sleeve. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/adidas-mens-houston-dynamo-black-kickoff-creator-performance-t-shirt-20adimmlsdynmkckfhou/20adimmlsdynmkckfhou
  8. Same question I have. Previously has been leaked through the Super Bowl game day program so we should be seeing it soon, likely today.
  9. Disagree. I’m excited to see all this firepower on one court but I’m also concerned if Kyrie, Harden, & KD can all coexist on the same court together. KD’s played with multiple All-Stars before (GSW), but Harden’s a diva who never made it work with 3 stars Houston has paired him up with, and then there’s Kyrie ...we don’t even know where he (both head and body) is at? All 3 have player options after next season. It’s championship or bust for Joe Tsai & BK and I love them taking the risk but it could easily go bust. If it does, eeeee pobrecito. Houston controls BK drafts for the next 7 years, which could be devastating for the Nets in the long run if this grand gamble craps out. I hate giving up Allen to CLE. The Cavs got a young 5 to build around. Who’s playing defense for BK? Nash & D’Antoni should be used to all offense/no defense from their Suns days. Did that get them a ring tho? Liked what Indy did here too. If Oladipo wasn’t happy, move him before you lose him for nothing. LaVert is a good piece to pair with Brogdon and Sabonis. As for Houston, they got a godfather deal of pics to rebuild around, especially if it doesn’t work out in BK. And with his expiring contract, they also get a lemgthy trial period with Oladipo to decide if they want to keep him or let him walk, opening up a max slot. They did good. Really, no one loses in this deal, which I feel like is rare these days.
  10. Move the word mark outside of the hexagon, to the bottom. Then leave the monogram to stand alone. Works better that way IMO. Just look at it below... Maybe recolor one of the letters to Space City Blue so it’s more legible?
  11. Agreed. The hexagon monogram looks better on its own (see ball in left photo) Can someone do a mock-up of the hexagon monogram with two stars above (for their MLS Cups won)?
  12. They’ll be nicknamed Krakheads for sure. And Climate Pledge Arena becomes a Krakhouse.
  13. ‪The new wordmark features tails at the top. ‬ ‪Is that a subtle hint of the name being Washington Redtails? ‬
  14. Maybe the color we’re looking at is Mint Blue, a nod to both the Panthers and the banking industry. Mint Blue & Royal Purple. https://www.canva.com/colors/color-meanings/mint-blue/
  15. Today they’re teasing logo and colors. And it makes some sense. Based on what I see: Carolina Blue = a perfect primary color linking Charlotte MLS to the Carolina Panthers. Purple = a color used by royalty, a perfect trim color providing brand separation from the NFL club I’ll predict the name is Charlotte Town FC with the crown being prominently featured in the badge.
  16. Now that we have seen the Falcons, especially with a full gradient uniform, I’m going to make prediction given the gradient seen on the Ram horns: 1. New helmet will be blue with yellow to white gradient Ram horns. This should obviously be expected given the new LA logo. White face mask to match the white of the horn. 2. The Rams won’t go full gradient on the uniform like the Falcons did. But I’ll predict gradient Ram horns on the shoulder sleeves and gradients within the numerals to match.
  17. The orange doesn’t even match the shade of orange on the shirt. And this isn't an “Orange Out” if you’re in blue shirts. Houston Dynamo’s new primary is a complete Orange Out.
  18. Think about it. Why spend money to repurpose Globe Life Park to host maybe 5 XFL games max when Globe Life Field (across the street) will also be able to host football games? And as if that’s not enough football hosting venues, AT&T Stadium is in the next parking lot. I know Texas loves it’s football but that sounds extremely foolish. IMO, since Globe Life Field won’t be ready in time for kickoff to the XFL season, Globe Life Park is likely a temporary home for the XFL until next season. Then the Rangers will repurpose Globe Life Park into a mixed use development, team HOF and preserve the baseball field & office building. That would make much more sense.
  19. Well since you’re a local news reporter, maybe you can get the scoop by asking the team why they even have renders of Globe Life Field in a football setup as part of their marketing material?
  20. Thats what they’ve said for the inaugural season, which will be before the new park opens. But the Rangers are actively marketing the new park for the XFL, including renderings of the place in football setup.
  21. Not even close. For starters, that’s not Sport Green.
  22. Like the XFL. The Rangers are marketing the new ballpark as a future home. In the below tweet is a render of Globe Life Field in a football setup. Guess that means they’ll have artificial turf.
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